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  1. @Spartan Josh! And where is @Spartan Mike these days? Haven't heard from him in a while.
  2. it looks really great! Thanks for the rundown on the white. I might try it myself sometime, but for now I'm staying clear of white paint schemes.
  3. how did you get the white so clean? Nice contrast with my victorian black french fleet
  4. that orbat would be great @Spartan Mike and @Spartan Neil
  5. Thank you. Unfortunately I haven't been painting planetfall for a while now since the game died locally. Will wait and see what might happen in the future though.
  6. same here. I've got plenty of things to focus on while waiting for my DW kickstarter to arrive.
  7. well, I started with the Prussians. It does take a while before the start to understand the strengths of the fleet and in de beginning I really struggled against my KoB/Raj opponent. However, nowadays matches are pretty close indeed and our winrate is usually roughly the same.
  8. Keep in mind that Prussian ships are very fast and somewhat fragile compaired to ships from other nations. However our battleships and carriers are very though ships. Although the Prussian Navy is extremely potent at boarding, their firepower is not to be taken lightly. I usually board a few key vessels while shooting at the rest of the enemy fleet.
  9. Looking forward to the STO stats. With an Ice Maiden arriving soon I must have a proper STO fleet to support it!
  10. Owh well it did enable me to support the DW kickstarter at a high level and gave me time to focus on my other non Spartan Games.
  11. Well we never reached games that big u fortunately. With the current state I'm hesistant to invest heavily in Planetfall.
  12. Objectives are kind of pointless in Planetfall indeed.
  13. I for one would like to get the feeling of massive armies with massive warmachines fighting over critical objectives. Right now it is a slighlty balanced slugfest where the objectives don't matter. I think I want it to be a bit like the old Epic 40K (although I never played that myself, only saw it on the tabletop). The models are amazing for Planetfall, and that was the one thing that made me choose Planetfall over DZC.
  14. But but but it has a tesla cloaking field? Haven't you've gotten the memo from the boss man? ;-) No really always assumed it was a typo.
  15. Is this really intentional? That would make the Blucher pretty nice. Or do all tge dreadnoughts have this now?
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