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  1. How do you ask feel about this boat? How would you run it? What would you pair it with? love the look and stats. I have 4 of them, but wish I had more. Not sure where they fit in for me yet, possibly alongside my Rostovs.
  2. This is mine... I'll be painting it soon
  3. Better pictures... https://imgur.com/gallery/swSE2
  4. I'll be there. It's still 1300pts? Hope so as I've built three different fleets now lol.
  5. What color did you use on your metal parts? The smokestakes and such?
  6. All of that did help. I am actually waiting for my full rulebook to come in. So we are using the quick play rules, unit cards, and any internet resources to get us by. USPS is slow to APO when you really want something. So we played the glacier rules dead wrong lol...and I kept popping out 2 a turn, and left them... ...ooops Yeah I played the Rostovs dead wrong and rushed them out. Do you prefer Tiksi, Tambov, or Suvarov more? Funny you should mention the Novgorods, as I like the look of them and was going to proxy them next battle, but...look what arrived!!! Now I have options. Thinking a Tunguska and Novgorods and not sure what else for our next game. Hmmm...
  7. I don't know where all the other replies went to, weird. Played another game my Russians vs His KoB (Same guy, proxied everything except the Battleship). Here are the Ships: We went lower pts, I think 550? Since thats all he could proxy out for the KoB. I dropped the Moskava in favor of Mortars...hmmm...we shall see if that was a good move or not. Here are our deployments: Game went good to start, I was knocking out some ships...but then all my rostovs died. I still for the life of me cannot figure out how to run them properly without dying. Any suggestions? I took out his KoB Battleship and then it came down to my BS and 3 of his tiny ships, we called it then. One quick question though...Glacier generator. It has a two behind it. Is that two glaciers each time, or total?
  8. Ah...................................so you HAVE to link your fire to stack the AD of a squadron. Don't know how that didn't make any sense or trigger for me. Thank you so much for that.
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