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  1. I have used both with my Ottoman, I had great success with a couple of fresnels and some thales,.
  2. I have a La rochelle painted up for my Black wolf, seems to work nice
  3. I got it, I used the Gne the last game I played, but the whole feel of I should only be using half of my available fleet, determined by which internal faction just seems wrong own so many levels. I will also admit, I am not a fan of the mines at all right now in the game. Have never had any real luck with them since 1.1, and we all know they where just silly then.
  4. They all used to be really good or overpowered, but then got hammered into the ground when they nerfed the drones.
  5. I have played a few games with the latest rules stats, and the fleet is just kinda in a wacky spot right now, The Fettah, are amazing at 60 points, the best buy in the fleet by far. The Mizrak are a good buy for there points, there are a few frigates that are better and some that are a lot worse. Now the rest of the fleet Kanumi= I am kinda torn on this ship, it seems to be okay for its points, but I will need some more play with it. BB= This is one of the biggest problems with the fleet for me. This ship just seems really bad to me for its points. I feel like I need to take the dread every game instead of trying to include this, which is hard because of the points. Sinops= This ship and the dread are what got me playing Ottomans originally, and I just feel it is way below par for 100 pts each. Part of the problem may be the fettah is just so good, it makes including this tough. I know when I see other fleets ships in this spot, I just wish it was a little less or had like two more ad for each broadside or two more bombards. Just seems to pale in comparison to Fresnals, and Toulains and such. It could use some more AA, and CC. Avci= This ship is in a weird spot also, for 160 pts you can get 21 dice @ range band 1, and 18 @ range band 2, does seem really nice. Untill I have some one with good frigates get in close and for 100 pts do 18 dice, which is what happened to me on Sunday. So I am withholding judgement on this ship for now. The last thing I did not like at all, was the reduction of movement on our TIny Bombers and Torpedo Bombers. This was our big trick with these units and that 2 inches of movement, I have really missed. I keep hearing we are getting a fleet carrier, I just wish they would allow the Hisar to be part of a normal naval fleet, until then. Just my two cents.
  6. I still don't understand the people on this forum. We as Coa players have access to the most carriers, so that would tell me that they are building the fleet around our Carriers and drones. It is okay if we have the best SAS in the game, some body has to. Now we no longer have the best SaS, and are stuck with all these carriers that got nerfed themselves. It is kinda ironic that a lot of Coa players got what they wanted.
  7. Don't expect any sympthany from James, His main fleet is French, and it is kinda funny, since they have been considered the strongest fleet in the game for a long time,yet they never seem to be brought down like certain other nations.
  8. James, As somebody who play tested these new rules, they are just bad. There was no reason to hit the drones with three Nerf hammers at once. You hit the carriers themselves, you lowered their speed, and you killed their durability. I don't understand why you guys constantly over nerf things. This is the same thing you guys did to the Ottomans going into Version 2. Most reasonable people wanted to see certain models brought down(dioph), and to see the ability to field the Aristotle over all the carriers as viable. The drones where a viable tactic, they are no longer unless you are playing against someone with no carriers or a lot less carriers, and as the nation with the most carriers That just Sucks!
  9. Rufus, They where not tested well, I play with a test group and when we played the changes it was so obvious that the new drone rules where to much, the -2 movement is huge. The Coa player can not be offensive with his drones, 50% was to much, plenty of people said getting back on a 3+ was better, especially with all the other huge changes to the Coa fleet. This is no different to what happened to the Ottomans going into edition 2. Yes the Ottoman mine rules where broken in 1.1, so lets hammer the whole fleet. Thyphs we must really be playing different games, I see SaS squads getting back and resuppling with 1 counter a lot, and then you get them all back. Hell playing testing the new rules, the Coa hardly ever finished off a SaS squad, just because of the movement, they where hardly ever able to dictate tempo with the drones.
  10. I would have to say small changes is the biggest understatement of the year. Once again you guys go to far! Lets nerf how drones recycle, lets nerf the movement, which is a huge nerf in of itself, and lets raise the cost and effectiveness of all most all of the carriers. Great Job Spartan. You could of fixed the drone problems with almost any of the above, but instead, you just do them all.
  11. Ottoman wth Black wolf Vs French MV for French 2000 pt game, felt like the Ottoman brought a knife to a canon fight, half the fleet went away in turn 2.
  12. You have hit the COA on the head, the answer most players have gone with is to use Drone spam. Do not get to use to it, because the playtesters are in the process of hitting the drones with a Massive Nerf bat, as well as bringing down the diophantus.. I have long felt that way about the PA, while I have had mine do so amazing stuff from time to time, it is hard to count on anything that hits on 5,6 on a consistent basis. If they do not have to many you can always use a combined fire with boarding, we don't do it great but we have a couple of squardans that are okay at it.
  13. Anyone fielded a Navy List with two Hisars? And what else did you put in the list?
  14. I generally prefer the Toulan to the Dieppe, but the Dieppe is great vs torp heavy fleets. .
  15. Nazduruk_Bugzappa, I hate be a doubting nancy, but most of the efforts we see come from Spartan and the playtesters lately is to overreact to something, and completely hammer it into the ground. So if you guys nerf the hell out of drones, and don't fix the other large and massives then you will have made the fleet terrible to play. I would bet that is what is going to happen. Everytime we have a good ship or something that works, you guys keep chipping away at it. Most of the last update you did for COA made no sense. Plutarch going up, Fresnels getting a price increase and less ad, Fleet Carrier cost raised so much no wants to field it. The real question is once you nerf the drones, are you going to take some of the ships that went up in cost back down. I would bet the answer is No.
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