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  1. That is excatly what I said as I 1st bought the 1st edition Spur, either make it more tanky giving it 2 shields default without the ability to buy a 3rd or make it 2 ships size squadron, or and this is by far my favorite solution make it that it can be a mixed squadron with a gunship as escort instead of frigates thus giving it a unique gangster feel (big boss escorted by a bodyguard). As a single T1 ship it really is that bad as a shunt in its decent, but have a few bad dice rolls with it and suddenly your expensive tier 1 ship is torn to pieces by return fire when your opponents realize just how much of a glass cannon it really is. My fleet is usualy 1 phantom fully kitted with 2 escorts 1 spur fully kitted 2 escorts, 2 gunships extra shields and 2 squads of 2-3 frigates (depending on what upgrades I take and how much points I play ) I use the spur to secure 1 flank escorted by a squadron of frigates, or I shunt it in, I deployed it a couple of times against directorate and terrans, it got shot to shreds in 2,3 activativatons, so I dont do that any more. While it still stands as a most beautiful model of a starship I have ever seen, and thats primarily why I bought it, its stats are deceptfully high for a BC, untill you realize it cant really be played as a BC. Also what it primarly needs as a stat buff is speed 8 thus maybe it can be used as a frigate rush lead ship.
  2. Very well done, allthough I gotta admit, I like the star wars one better, this one is pretty nifty I might try and make one myself. Thank you for the idea.
  3. Ok I got really pissed off at a m8 of mine, do you measure a fore fixed arc as the entire width of the fore of the models flight stand or only the line from the peg??
  4. I been using them quite a lot these couple of months and here are my impressions: Phantom battleship PROS: good DR CR and can have 3 shields,good maneouvering ability with turn limit 1, also has 4 SRS capacity and can be upgraded to 6 (recomended) for me optimal setup is 2 interceptors and 4 bombers, when you get frigate escorts wich I strongly recomend this ships dishes out a lot of pain in a lot of directions, also has decent PD ability with this setup. CONS: no secondary weapons of any kind other then SRS, bit slow but its a BB its not supposed to get anywhere fast, range is kinda limited but as you close in things tend to get much better.Bad weapon upgrades with decimator beams and countermeasures, kinda low AP. Optimal firing range: 12"-16" Best used:Admiral ship, shunt entry, battle carrier Spur battlecruiser PROS:decent firepower for a BC, can carry up to 6 SRS making her a light battlecarrier, can get 2 frigate escorts wich upgrade her allready decent firepower, also decent DR and CR. CONS:Cant be in a squadron of 2 like most BCs wich is a huge drawback, slow for a BC without the speed upgrade, cant have more then 2 shields, draws a lot of fire due to the fact she is not as tanky as phantom and doesnt have the speed to shoot and scoot like most BCs.Bad weapon upgrades, with decimators and countermeasures, low AP. Optimal firing range:12"-16" Best used: shunt entry unit, auxiliary battle carrier Wraith gunship PROS:Good speed, good firepower, decent protection with 2 shields good CD DR and 5 hp, very decent PD for a tier 2, nice low turn limit. CONS:bad weapons upgrades and as with all syndicate ships no secondary weapons too speak of, low AP. Shadow frigate PROS:Good speed, excellent firepower in turrets no less, has shield CONS no secondary weapons Overall the syndicate fleet kinda gives me the impression of low range tier 2 brawlers wich needs to get into firing range as soon as humanly possible but you suffer greatly when boarded due to low AP. Firepower is very decent if you can get into combat intact, wich doesnt happend with many of your ships but can be done if you play smart and focus fire. I got only 3 real issues with them in this particular order 1st: the Spur BC, that ships really needs a bit of rebalancing, it really needs to go in pairs as Syndicate dont have Dreadnoughts these in pairs can be a good substitute, or increas its speed to make it a real BC hunter killer not a semi BB, being half way just doesnt work. 2nd Weapon upgrades are bloody horrible for Syndicate, they are allmost useless on any ship, other then a 5 10 point sink when you have spare points, other than that I allmost never buy them. Spartan should change at least their beam upgrade to High energy, corrosive, precision strike or something to make it actually worth while to get upgrades on ships. 3rd lack of secondary weapons is really felt in late game I know its their trademark but I think it can be worked around, its not unplayable but in my oppinion you could get an option to swap some maybe some weapons for torpedoes, maybe swap gunracks on phantom and spur for torps or something like that.
  5. Either way you imagine it, they suck as an upgrade compared to other weapon upgrades:( wich is a shame cause the name is really cool
  6. And lets not forget they are fast buggers. And have torps in both port and starboard, I kinda basicaly just plow straight with them, blasting with torps on both sides, try to get some shots from beams at half AD and look for something my BCs have softened up so I can bring it home, things like tyrant and stuff like that come to mind:)
  7. Hmm, tbh really hard to say. Rather depends on game size for me, 1200 pt games I stoped bringing Spur to the table even though its one of the models that actually got me into FSA even shunted people just kinda turn all their guns to that little single BC and get free BL points for it, so while it makes me sad, Spur is kinda reserved for low points games until she gets some love in the form of improved fixed movement stat or until she gets her rightfull place among other BCs and gets a 2 model squadron size in larger then 801 pt games. In my directorate I kinda stopped bringing regular cruisers to the table and switched my tier 2 choices to destroyers and heavy cruisers. Allthough I dont find the regular cruisers bad I just find the destroyer heavy cruiser combo much more to my playstyle and it complements better my cloaked carrier. In the corsair list I run I dont bring many brigand cruisers, usualy maybe 1 full squadron with assault abilite, I run frigate zerg and max out my battlecarrier, not saying brigands are bad, they are really good and can be moified to do most things, but they lack range so I dont bring them to the table usuly I shunt them, and they do fine when they enter the table via shunt or by flanking.
  8. Compared to most other games, I really like battle log, keeps things simple clean cut not too much math, I like it so I will stick with it.
  9. Few game I played with it Omnidyne dread, it is stupdly tanky and doesnt lose much AD with damage due to a ton of torps and arts and SRS it carries even though it is a costly bugger, followed close by directorate BCs. In my Syndicate fleet gunships proved to be a real pain in the butt to most opponents followed by syndicate frigates with 6 AD on turrets no less those things can easly hurt bigger ships. For my corsair favorites I would say again corsair frigates with a crapload of mines, good speed and decent firepower and not to mention large squadron size they are really worth buying a full squadron with mines upgrade just to see the look on your opponents face when you drop a mine in the middle or in the rear of his cruisers.
  10. Had quite a few these last few games, but this last game, 3 Syndicate frigates crit a terran BC roll double 1 kill the bugger, explosion damages its squadron mate it crits again and double 1 again, this time terran BC goes to 1 HP and the blast also kills one of tyrants escorts reducing its formidable PD. All this from frigates, I love FSA
  11. Of all the board and miniature games I have ever played and I own a boardgame and hobby store, FSA is by far the most fun and most balanced game I have played in a looooooong time. I might be space combat freak but, the sheer scale, all the non linear thinking, and the allmost RTS movie like feel,and all high tech options make FSA to me currently the best board game on the market. Thank you spartan games you are the best.
  12. Ok so how does FT value work with marauders who can bring a mish mash of every marauder faction on to the table? Do you keep your main fleet value or use the lowest since there are corsairs with 3 omni with 1 and sydicate with 2 and they are all basicaly 1 faction???
  13. My admiral is Commander Thaddeus Lucius Kane, the infamous Black Scorpion, leader of the black scorpion pirates, the most well equiped pirate gang in the sector. He is a former directorate fleet commander who managed to hijack an entire sectorial fleet under his command, now former directorate ships are painted red with the red scorpion mark on them and he fights against pretty much everyone out there for personal gain (he is robin hood and blackbeard in one) and trying atone for the horrible crimes he was ordered to commit while he was on directorate payroll by saving directorate prisoners from their captives when ever he is able to achieve it . He is a ruthless mercenary and has aquired through trade a lot of ships from both omnidyne and syndicate and has a loose alliance with Captain Lorna Skyree whose corsair ships acompany his fleet on allmost regular basis, rumors are that Capt Skyree a fiery redhead is Kanes mistress and is known to command the BC Frigga when her own fleet is not acompaniying the Black Scorpions. Captain Skyree is a daring individual and she exels at entering the battle through shunts and daring flanking maneouvers, wich more often then not are known to send the enemy in disaray and turn the tide of battle. His flagship is the Phantom class BB Wrath of Odin in his fleet there are also the sister BB Phantom class Rage of Thor, the Spur class BCs Freya and Frigga (wich will one day be able to be together in a squadron), the syndicate gunships Heimdall and Valkiry and omnidyne gunships Hel and Loki. The frigate squadrons Mjolnir and Gungnir are the scouts of and recon units of the pirate fleet. The bought and payed for Omnidyne DN Fenrir is used by the combined pirate fleet when Kanes spies and informants bring him news of larger fleets trying to corner, aprehend or kill him. Im sorry for any mistakes english is not my native language. More on my captain in this forum in this tread http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12490-short-story-or-long-not-sure-oppinions/
  14. With a rate of fire of 6000 shells per minute you bet your ass it pulverizes incoming missiles.
  15. While I could see it as an idea, the stands for it should be smaller then for frigates and cruisers, or the sections of the ship itself could maybe be detachable, but tbh it seems a bit unpractical.
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