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  1. Well the memorial holiday weekend here in the US gave me a chance to bang out the rest of the flying tokens I picked up. Now I have more than I will ever need and hopefully not need to paint another token. Switching to another job here soon and might not have a lot of time to paint large batches like this.
  2. A tad bit more work completed, work is slow since I am switching jobs in two weeks and will be very busy wrapping stuff up at my current job. I finished the second coat and did some preshading and ink washing. I also managed to make a test scenic base for my ships. Thinking that I might make the base bigger and with more "water ripple" next time, smoothing out the effect at the edges. I also finished up a few details on my carrier.
  3. Thanks, I might have to look into doing that. Right now the big update has been that I worked a little more on the "Medical Ship" and can say its coming along nicely. Second coats of paint will be applied tonight and then a wash followed by highlights and detail work.
  4. Just a bit more done last night, but the big part is that I received the new Bombardment group, a blister of flying tokens, two Rhine class carriers and another battle group as a little present from my wife. So I have more models to add to the pile I already have waiting. Not to mention more flying tokens that will need painted up.
  5. Well after a bit of a break, I have managed to come back around to this project. I did manage to completely re-strip the bad primer from the model and re-prime a few this weekend. As you can see This time around its a lot smoother and I cannot wait to finish this one up. I also finished the movement trays for my flying tokens. Since I was in a painting mood this weekend I decided to start work on a medical relief ship.
  6. Yeah I did but thanks for the reminder as sometimes I do forget. Found out it's the paint I was using. The can just had a bad batch of paint mix. It happens from time to time. We'll here is where I am at with the repaint. Blocking out the main colors and will hit details and larger areas with some details and weathering.
  7. So here is the damage, which appears much worse than I thought. Every model had paint coming off where the primer did not adhere properly. Good news is that now its fixed and I have primed the models again which already looks 10x better. I also am replacing my GW/Vallego paints with some Army Builder warpaints to match the primer that I have been using for years. So now I can match the primer perfectly if needed.
  8. Sad news I did have to strip the models. So I'm back to re-painting after his weekend. But I was able to get my workspace in order. Recently built a new top for it, I built the legs today and am waiting for stain to dry.
  9. We'll looks like I might not need to strip them and re-prime them. But I will see, are all the models rough in certain areas? I wanted to try out the red/white landing lines. Really like the look and should come out ok.
  10. Not sure as I don't like to do camo/disruption patterns at this scale. Might wait until I get more paint on it to see what I feel like doing. Thanks! So this morning before heading to work I took another look at the carrier and noticed that the primer is a bit grainy. I should have waited to prime as I believe that the humidity was still to high last night and affected the primer. Tonight I will see if I can fix it with a soft brush to knock off the roughness. If not then I will have to strip it down and start over.
  11. Thanks again guys and I will look into it. So tonight's progress. I figured I would go ahead and put magnets in all the turrets so they are capable of moving during game play. So tonight I drilled the holes out and glued them in. What tour seeing is a blurry picture of the putty before sanding. I also started painting the carrier as we'll. I managed to get out to prime a bit tonight right after it rained. I should have waited but we have bad humidity of late. I was surprised how easy it is to pick out the details on the model. I wanted to do more but ran out of time. It's funny how quickly the time gets away from you.
  12. Awesome so I can pretty much just worry about putting magnets on the larger ships then, Battleships and such. Thanks, I will look as I might have some magnets sitting around that I can use. I like your idea of using the hole punch to make steel disc to use. I downloaded the updated ships specs for 2.0 and was trying to read thru them to get some idea of what I was looking at. Hoping that the 2.0 rules at-least have some pictures to help me out. Hopefully tonight I will be able to prime the ships and finish the flyer tokens. I also started eyeing some litko tokens as I see people using them to mark misses and hits. Is this something that is pretty standard and a good idea? Just to clear things up my 10 year old wants to play as well so we will most likely play some "training" exercises against each other. When we play other games I try to teach him to get into a habit of doing things slowly and making sure not to miss steps or jump to "shooting stuff" as he calls it. (Let me just say that my gaming buddies know when they play him that he will not let them go back and do something they missed when playing him because I don't let him do it.) If you guys would recommend getting some markers how many would we need? 5-10, 10-20, or more.....
  13. So quick question here tonight. I put the wash on and am waiting for it to dry. But I started cleaning up the ships and weapons that came with the box. My question is what are what weapons. I plan on magnets for everything but just want some ideas here. The parts store doesn't really help and I am waiting on the new rule book. Is there a anywhere that shows diagrams or assembly instructions? Sorry if it's a stupid question and if it's located somewhere please direct me to where it is. Tonight's progress here below.
  14. Yeah, I happened to find some nice deals around that I couldn't pass up and recently have been cleaning out my hobby room so I had some extra cash. Thanks I wasnt sure what to do about the whole squad leader thing but after looking at a few other peoples painted up models it seemed the right thing. I was actually wondering if I should get some flyers just to have them done in case I expand in the future. I hate matching paint jobs later down the road and not having everything semi-coordinated. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I have the Prussians covered for sure, but if I missed something let me know. I still need to get the new rule-book and make sure I don't screw something up. I have a copy of the 1.1 rules that I picked up when I bought all this. Got it for 20 bucks with all the authors signatures(or so I was told) mostly for fluff and idea of how the game plays. With all this positive feedback I guess I should keep going then. Tonight hopefully I will have some more pictures to post up of them almost 99% done. Also if anyone knows of a gaming group in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA please let me know. I might be close enough to them to attend some gaming.
  15. So I saw Big Mac post over on ammobunker and then found his blog which then brought me here. So I bought into the game with a couple box sets and no idea of the game other than it looked cool. Here's where I'm at after a weekend of playing around. I decided to paint all the flying tokens first to get the worst part done. So far I'm at this point of prewash and final highlights. Yes I pulled every flying token out from the boxes and painted them up. After this it will be one box at a time built and painted. I plan on posting most of my updates on my blog but will try to keep an active presence on here. Right now I know of no one who plays so I will probably have to build two fleets to get my local gaming group into it. And to Big Mac if you see this post my wife wants to thank the person responsible for getting me to try another game system.
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