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  1. Hmm.... this list makes me uncomfortable. I believe it is the distinct lack of frigates. I'm not really familiar with the small squids so the idea that you're only running what is essentially two squads of smalls (and not even a full one of corvettes!) scares me. I'd swap out mediums for some smalls. It looks really vulnerable to the Kill all Smalls or Kill all Larges orders. The Kaiju is really tough though so that might save you there.
  2. The Ika is probably my favorite EotBS model. Here is how I understood robot boarding as described. When the Ika makes a boarding attempt, the ship may defensive AA. However that AA does -not- go against the Ika's AP but rather goes against the Ika's DR. After that, the Ika rolls it's boarding attack. The Ika does not lose AP except through critical results (I believe) because the AP doesn't actually represent marines, it represents the robots ability to brawl with something.
  3. This list is actually pretty similar to what I ran recently at 1500 points, minus the inari and with some change ups in the smalls. i tend to run very small heavy fleets, so this is a bit different for me. If the fliers aren't much of a boon, would you suggest dropping the Tenkei and Inari for something else? Say a squad of Nakatsu and a Sokotsu? I considered running a two Sokotsu or multiple Ika list, but I kind of want the Kaiju's disruption node projector. I would be running a second set of Honshu with a mk3 if I had the models :/ I have something like half a dozen squid models, a pair of battleships, and a dreadnaught in addition to the larges on the list. I do have a terror ship but I'm reluctant to use it.
  4. I'm going to be starting a 1750 point game this week versus a French fleet. Here's my intended list: Kaiju (215) Shield (2) (10) Elite (15) Kitsune x3 (90) 330 Ika (115) Tenkei (150) Kitsune x3 (90) 240 Tanuki x3 (255) Inari x3 (240) Honshu MK2 x2 (140) Honshu Mk3 (70) 210 Uwatsu x4 (120) Uwatsu x4 (120) Uwatsu x4 (120) 1750 I was hoping those of you with a bit more experience could help me out with advice. Are the disruption nodes good against the French or would I be better off swapping those out? I'm a little worried about the redoubtable AA and the effect it'll have on SAS. If it's a big problem, then I may want to swap out the Tenkei for something else. I have a pretty good selection of naval models from the old starter boxes but I don't have many air models besides what's on the list already. I also have a Shadowhunter box but none of the other new models.
  5. I personally ran 3 mk1s in the last game I played. Honestly if I'd had the models I probably just would have run 3 nakatsu and put the point savings into something else. Granted, I can't really say is they did much- my opponent had Kill all Mediums and he sunk them pretty quickly. They never really got in range to board anything though I think their rockets did perform alright. I think the first time I ran them I ran a squad of mk2s, but I don't recall their performance being stellar. So far I'm fairly underwhelmed by the Honshu. That may just be me not playing them to their strengths though. But at this point, unless I want the disruption nodes, I think I'd rather run Nakatsu than Honshu of any mark.
  6. CAP doesn't link in for anti-rocket AA? Very interesting... that's good to know.
  7. At 3000 points I played versus a KoB fleet with two carriers and I myself didn't take any carriers, so I only had two wings. I left them both as fighters and simply used them to threaten the dive bombers swarming around the table. The fighters are, for me, the best EoBS air support, followed by torpedo bombers. If I take a carrier, I usually field those as torpedo bombers to help take care of submersibles though I'm not sure it's really the best idea (they haven't been effective yet). Unfortunately, bombers of either kind are pretty much one hit wonders- they can't get to a target, drop bombs, and get back to the carrier fast enough to do more than one attack run in a game that only lasts 3-4 turns. I hadn't thought to split the fighters into wings of three. That's actually a pretty awesome idea if the other side doesn't have carriers but I'd worry that it wouldn't throw enough dice to wipe out the wing and prevent it from getting replenished from a carrier.
  8. The mediums for that list might be okay, but there's only 1 large in that list so someone who draws kill all larges isn't going to have too hard a time. Also, I wouldn't run the Uwatsu in less than full squadrons personally :/ However, being above the clouds makes the Tenkei fairly safe. I'd drop the kitsunes and one of the medium options for a second large.
  9. Personally I think that's a pretty good list. I had a tenkei in my last game and while my flyers never got to reload, it was nice points denial (it stayed nthe clouds until the final turn taking pot-shots at whatever was in range) and did a fair amount of damage. It would have been a vital part of my last turn strategy and might have allowed me to tie the game, but I messed up my movement and couldn't get close enough to board with it.
  10. I'd love to see a bit more in depth about synergy between squads. Thank you so much for the wiki write ups by the way, they're very informative.
  11. Personally I'd drop the Kaiju for a second Sokotsu or drop the Sokotsu completely and use some of the leftover points for more smalls- I wouldn't run the frigates in less than a full squad personally. I'd go Sokotsu 180 Sokotsu 180 Tanuki x3 255 Nakatsu x3 165 Uwatsu x4 120 Fujin x5 100 or Uwatsu x 3 90 or Kitsune x3 90 (split among your battleships, leaves you ten points shy) Or maybe Kaiju 215 + Reckless 15 Tanuki x3 255 + Arashi 80 Nakatsu x3 165 Uwatsu x4 120 Uwatsu x4 120 Kitsune x1 30 Granted, I only have one and a half games under my belt in this edition. Since I personally don't have any Arashi, I'd probably replace it with a squad of corvettes and either run them in a squad of four or try and wrangle the twenty points out of somewhere else to get a full squad.
  12. I'm in a similar boat, bearsoldier. I'm in the midst of my second game in this addition and I'll admit, my grasp of tactics is... lacking. Right now I have an idea to try and run squads of Nakatsu paired with squads of corvettes in advanced to provide a cheap way to quickly throw some damage/sweep some AP off ships and just try and cause havoc, but I'm not sure it's a viable idea or what else to put in the list, haha.
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