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  1. I'm seeing a lot of interesting things, but one which has me scratching my head. Why move to 4 range bands? Where is the need to complicate this pleasantly uncomplicated part of the rules?
  2. Anyone else feel like the new carrier model is just a bit... off? I've narrowed it down to the bridge. If I cover that with my finger, the rest of the hull looks perfectly fine, but with the bridge there's just something odd...
  3. Before you all launch into a rant: I had the opportunity to play two games with my Relthoza against the Sorylians with a slightly _more_ nerfed version of these changes, and we felt it evened the play quite substantially, with still maybe just an edge for the Relthoza in terms of power. The shorter ranges did make for more interesting play, and they were the first games that went to a third turn with us in quite a while. The loss of the lumbering MARs is a welcome little boost, especially with the narrowed arcs.
  4. Well, it had been said that core helixes for the allies would be a next step. But considering Spartan's history with announcements not panning out I wouldn't bet either way
  5. Nope, the effect does not stack.
  6. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when the new ORBATS come out, I can feel the whooshing of the nerfstick is being swung just above my head
  7. Don't get me wrong, the spiders need a decent sized nerf, I just hope the other units are toned down slightly less
  8. I dunno. Compared to a squad of Nyx (they seem like the closest match) the heavy spiders, when in drone nexus range (that would be the optimum situation, which if they survive for at least a turn is by no means a given) now have: Better - Movement (7/9 vs 4/8) - +3 CQB Equal - Total AD - Total DR Worse - +65 pts (!!) - +3 TV - Hard target -1 (vs -2 for the Nyx) - Quality one step lower (Normal vs Elite) - Not Fearless Weird - Recon Specialist (which they can't use since they always drop in, so not worth any points as of now) Again, this is within drone nexus range. Without that they have -2 CQB and a quality 2 steps lower (militia vs elite)
  9. Damn, the Relthoza heavy infantry was nerfed hard: +1TV, -1AD, -1DR and they lost Fearless. All that for the same points cost. I mean, they were good, but not _that_ good.
  10. Ahhh, I see what you did there! "TONIGHT! For one night only! Botfort VS Fortbot! The SLOWEST, most BRUTAL event ever witnessed from way back here where it's hopefully safe... right?"
  11. Matti

    Fluff, anyone?

    Ok, was new to me as a non-armada player
  12. http://www.spartangames.co.uk/history-of-the-relthoza
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