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  1. I'm sure Chancer has said he'll post the expo ones when he gets time. I know some of the results but not all. Chancer, if you read this, if you just want to E-mail the stuff to me I don't mind filling in the bat rep results. cheers
  2. Hey Bratr Games expo coming up in the uk, and there's the event in Ireland this month. I'm sure we can arrange both to be added to the site. I've heard (rumour) that the league in north-east England will be starting up soon again too (it's been in hiatus since the turn of the year). As seen in other posts, DW just feels a bit flat right now but hopefully the aforementioned will kick start things again as it is a game I enjoy
  3. One of these days you're going to make a mistake and I'll buy the biggest sombrero I can find for you to eat!
  4. There's the ottoman dreadnought too, and the emperor for Prussia, although they are tesla/ normal broadsides so easier to differentiate
  5. The robot dragon is a bit weak when it's used in navel games, however, if you gave it area bombardment in the land game (as its a land model technically) it might push it too far the other way. AA is generally less on tanks etc. Might just be what Spartan have had to go to balance it across the two theatres. I do agree with amiral X mind, the Chinese are very balanced and effective as they stand, especially with the 3 different battleships now
  6. Pg115. Attacks against sas. You can shoot within 8" of your ship...and they can do nothing back
  7. It probably depends on which fleet you end up going for as to whether to go for 1st or 2nd edition, and how much extra you want to pay on top of the box. In general, you will want a carrier so if you buy a first edition box you're already looking at £15 on top of your box. Look through the pdf's and see which models you like the stats of, while perusing the store to see what they look like. The forum has a nice section on hobby if you're looking for inspiration too. Presidente does make some valid points, but there are uses for 1.0 boxes too as the Capt and Seb have pointed out. If you're anything like me you'll end up with some of everything by the end anyway so it might not make a difference which you get in the end lol
  8. The question more likely is where does it say a movement tray is a base? I personally think the answer is in the question...it's a movement tray. As long as both sides do the same I don't suppose it matters, like a lot of the discussions that are had on here. I do tend to measure from the saw itself though, particularly when wishing to rearm etc as potentially the one saw that is in range of the carrier could be killed so no rearming or replenishing.
  9. I'd like this to be correct...and would be willing to use it for less ambiguity...but the actual wording just mentions picking a turning point to move the model around. It could be any feature really. Front turret, rear turret, bridge
  10. You're making some good points Seb but I can't see any orbat changes in the foreseeable future. The CoA went from being in the top 3 nations to languishing near the bottom. A lot of the alliance nations are ahead of them now in terms of general points for performance value. I'll be honest, mine haven't been on the table for a year. It was way before the latest round of orbat changes but they did nothing to want me to pick them up soon. Everything above is just my opinion of course
  11. There's no reason but it would become an instant weapons magnet sitting on the surface by itself
  12. The one caveat to this is the Cherbourg can 'hide' behind terrain so not as many ships can target it. The Rousseau although obscured can be targeted by everything in range. Extra activation is a big plus though
  13. It's got the same hull points as all the other battle cruisers...if you want glass cannon look at the Italian one. At least you can negate boarding attempts etc. I think the Cherbourg is fine the way it is. Redoubtable weapons are great in this game
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