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  1. Hive, though this would make your list no longer pure Rethloza (which would take a lot out of it), have you thought about allying the Trader's Fleet Battlestation as, at the moment, it seems to be outperforming it in everyway, even when paying the bonus costs.
  2. Ok I'm updating this to include multiple recent additions. We still need some marauder posts though.
  3. Hive, would you then advise taking mixed squadrons of heavy cruisers and cruisers?
  4. Personally, I do feel that, while on some points you are right, on others you are reading too deeply into it. For example I think they will probably end up making all marauder fleets compliant with the patrol fleet rules. Also I reckon that Terquai where designed as a bonus race, filling in the gaps, which the rest of the Alliance of Kurak had. For example the allies have few dreadnoughts and also no straight-up cruiser, so they created a race for those. Finally I feel that they have done a slightly better job than the others on the Marauders mainly, because of the demand but also so that they are a 3rd option which don't ally as easily as the Alliance or League cronies do. Also on a side note, when it comes to questions, can I ally Omnidyne onto STL like the Alliance and League members can between eachother or do I have to ally it, as if I was allying say Omnidyne to Dindrezi?
  5. Thalans from Galactic Civilisations 2 and 3. Especially 3. Sorry about the lack of pictures but I couldn't find any. But the principal is the same. Insectoid Hive Race who are rather shady and ulterior motives, though admittedly the Thalans are working to prevent an apocalypse instead of working for themselves.
  6. Congratulations. Moving onto the new rules the Corsairs have gotten, I feel they have come out rather well all in all. Firstly they have the potential for DR 6 and CR 8 Cruisers for 45 points! Sure, their only offensive weapon then are 5,5,4,4 starboard/port torpedoes, but no other T2 can be as tough as them. Also I don't think they work well as attack ships since they lose a lot of firepower as soon as they are hit. Their final option, to be an assault ship, is interesting, but it doesn't have anything to turn the tide in combat. I don't think I'll touch on the battle carrier. I think everyone is more than a little swamped for choice. Not having a rule book quite on hand I'm not certain about agile and disengage freight. Finally, their corvettes are neat when it comes to boarding. They aren't scythes but are still neat.
  7. Firstly, this topic is designed for adding to the store of knowledge rather than discussing it's label. As soon as it's more than half done, we can worry about this. Also you will get a greater say in the name, the more work you do as well as, the sooner we change the name. If you disagree create your own post and poll for the name of this topic, and I will look at it when the time comes. 1/4 of this post is dedicated to the name of it. Thats too much. This is final.
  8. I feel the Carrier, the Naegleria class, is still worth a mention. It can bring the best value biohazard on the board as well as some other neat stuff. As a side note, can Pathogen SRS assault on the turn they bomb their foes?
  9. Just to note, I think we have a new battle station worth fielding. While it may, admittedly, fill the same role as a cheap dreadnought, the Reformer station of the Traders League is still a battle station which can move 6" with 3 shields and sector shielding for 250 (270) points excluding SRS costs, while still maintaining all the bells and whistles you normally expect from a space station (launch tubes, bigger batteries). You can ally it onto any race, but with a 20 point increase for ZL. On a final note it also has tractor beams making it a god scary boarder, when combined with the ability to FSA in, AP 10, launch tubes and perhaps second assault if you want to drop either shields or 2" movement.
  10. Moving on from stake, could I request a tactica for this race, for Universal tactica project? Secondly I think that the Syndicate, while suffering with the whole of STL from slightly sub-par cruisers, has got some pretty awesome ships, with a Battleship on par with the Aquan Hydra(?) and frigates with an eyebrow raising quantity of firepower. I think though that we will be seeing more of these as allies, sadly.
  11. Firstly I have returned after a week's internet silence. Sorry about that everyone who has been working on this. Secondly with the new release of the Marauders of the Rift (though those rules which are online may not be final), could we have some people working on them to create tacticas like those done before. Finally, we are still missing some of the other posts, so either please let me know your progress or whether you wish to take part.
  12. By the way, FYI, this discussion is going in the official chat for the Veydreth. I hate to be a killjoy but please, please, please, search prior to posting. Also they seem to have a more animalistic design this time around with eyes and everything.
  13. Sweet. Personally I don't like the battleship because it's looks like it has a hitchhiking ship beneath it but the corvettes look really cool. I don't think we will have too many battleships being played as it is though but still it is more detailed than most models around. Thankfully, the Destroyers and gunships look very good aswell. I feel that while the old models were good, the new ones are pretty neat too. I agree that the cruisers are a mix but I don't think it's a good one. Otherwise. I'm curious to see the assault ships. Summararilly, I think they have come out well, and their creature-like design with eyes on some ships, nicely sets them apart from other races. On a side note, with this impending release could someone make a tactica for this race. Or else I shall have to make an adequate place holder.
  14. Infestation I'm betting is a souped-up version of biohazard with a chance of converting foes, as biohazard is inapplicable to it. Looks slightly weak so I think it will be better than that. Also the (6) has me interested as well as the stem small class. I think as a boarding ship it should be interesting. May I also put out a request which will be probably echoed, for the Syndicate to be next for a sneak peak.
  15. Is this a week or so , or a week or so . Yes it does make and there is a difference.
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