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  1. I hate to be debbie downer, but this would heavily favor a torpedo faction. That said, still sounds like fun as long as no one purposely abuses it.
  2. I do have a works raptor patrol fleet, Pathogen... HA
  3. No, I got the bases through corsec itself (to match the ones I got off eBay previously). I've emailed them 3 times in the past two weeks, I'd think they'd reply by now...
  4. The pegs were standard 2 inch. I may have went shorter but I got a deal on some on eBay and wanted a uniform look so I ordered them to match. I believe it was an honest mistake but I can't get this manufactuer to reply to me. It's been two weeks, starting the day they came in wrong, and three emails and one Facebook post since. It's starting to feel like they're trying to not deal with my issue.
  5. A few weeks ago I decided to get some aftermarket bases for my fleet, and decided on the omni base system based on seeing it in use at adepticon, etc. Well my bases came in and they're rounds, not squares. I double checked my order, yep, square. I have the invoice of course. I've tried to contact corsec three times via their site, and once on their facebook page now. Anyone else have any ideas/experiences with this company?
  6. To clarify, Does that mean that if a squadron that is "strung out" to form a line for instance, the target of the say, torpedo attack must check command distance from itself to each model in its squadron, and if some are not in the targets command distance, they do not contribute?
  7. For those of you based here in America with me, there is a product available at dollar stores called "LA's totally awesome" Its a buck for a spray bottle full, or 3 bucks for a quart. It eats the hell out of acrylic paint and doesn't harm plastic, metal, or resin. Strips a model 70-90% in about 4 hours, with clean up brushing 100% obviously.
  8. This past weekend we got in 3 1v1 games in our group as we continue to perfect our understanding of the rule set, and just have a good time: I played Mezman24, Rabid Fox played Pathogen, and Saint played John (who I believe is not on the forum). My own game was the odd man out, we only played 600 points as Mez was low on time, but the others played 800. We played for fun, so lists are foggy, but I played my directorate and he his terran (we both play different armies for our "main" forces these days). I personally dislike boarding armies so I tend to play my directorate as a purely shooty force and therefore not very efficiently, and the terran torpedo onslaught was enough to bring me to the conclusion it was a slow but inevitable defeat in the making barring some dice shenanigans, so we called it there. Consider this just a blurb and we'll have details in the future for those interested parties, and to begin representing for warlog.
  9. Bad beats Hive, always sucks to lose that way, but we of course accept it at face value because its so rare. At least you got the satisfaction of knowing it came at the hands of a skilled opponent regardless. Grats to Ben's Terquai, nice to see Aquan sympathizers claiming victory!
  10. Can't wait to hear how this shakes out!
  11. Pathogen, we did play with the full rules! You folks just started your ships far enough up in your deployment zone that I could place them 12 from center and still make them unavoidable, bwah ha ha* (*or Murgle Gurrgle)
  12. See and I thought gravity weapons were only for throwing your opponents tier 1's into planets. I need to innovate! Mine came with a base, but admittedly it doesn't sit on it well (probably would if I glued it, but I'd dremel it deeper before I did that. Gonna try putting it up on a core-sec stand. I haven't played against a battlestation yet, only fielded one. I don't yet know the whole story, but if Ryjak says its better than its points, then it is. That in mind, I wonder how much better exactly. Essentially.. beyond patrol fleet level, is it "fair enough"?
  13. TIFI.. Stalked the boards like I was Veydreth, asked an esteemed member of the community to generously bust their hump doing something I think we'd all appreciate, ordered a new fleet, got my frontline gaming mat in, and primed some aquan models while I deliberated on the paint scheme for the thousandth time after my airbrush decided to spit all over my perfect 4 color fade work which then caused me to resort to hand painting my fleet.
  14. Dan is right on the money. Minefields can only be deployed up to 12 inches from center, so if you start further back, its trivial to avoid them, generally. massed minefields will still cause some issues for high turn radius ships perhaps, but consider starting your facings turned 45 left or right.
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