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  1. The Accoster is the battle robot in the Assault Helix. Strangely, though it's called the Accosted in the web store description, the Directorate stats PDF calls it the Nemesis.
  2. Oh, I've been thinking about this! I'd really love a Pathogen ground force, because I think they're actually a really awesome idea. Close enough to the Flood to carry the whole terrifying infection vibe, but unique enough to not be basically the same thing. I've always thought that their infantry would be a lot like the Relthozan infantry, in that they're actually a whole bunch of smaller weaker infantrymen. They should have high CQB stats but low armour. Then maybe some infected Terran mechs for the heavy hitters. I feel like they should utilize lots of aircraft, and they should be really gross and tentacly. Their heavy vehicles should be primarily used for inserting Pathogen infantry deep into enemy lines. Their lighter vehicles should be very fast and maneuverable, to get their weaponry into position to hit the enemy in vulnerable areas. I feel like their ground vehicles ought to be mostly fast skimmers with pretty good firing arcs. They should have very powerful close-ranged weaponry with excellent CQB guns, but they should also have average DR/CR stats and no shields or other defensive measures but the hard target stuff that all skimmers get. Actually, that should be true for every Pathogen vehicle. They should also make use of lots of skydrops, but very little artillery. And finally: each time Pathogen infantry defeat a vehicle in CQB, it should be replaced by a "captured" large medium or small.
  3. How many of you folks use the Battle Orb (Callimachus Beta) on a regular basis? Personally, I love the model, and it fits my template-laying playstyle perfectly. I am rightly feared by our local Italian player for my ruthless use of particle accelerators and the Battle Orb. But I find that other Covenant players prefer to field the Time Orb, if they field an orb at all.
  4. I had a very similar experience with my first game using the new ORBATS against Denmark. One poor roll after another. Although the Triglav performed admirably, I feel it is worth mentioning, and kept my commodore safe all game while being about the only thing on the tabletop doling out reliable damage.
  5. Well, for starters, the PA on the Coeus is a tertiary weapon. Second of all, that Rearing Expulsion rule states "Nominate one model within the flying height band" which would seem to mean that we can indeed target them within range band one. Which does make sense, given that it's essentially rearing its head directly upwards.
  6. I want to see rapid-insertion dropships capable of carrying infantry or even light vehicles. I would also like to see a variant of the Leviathan capable of delivering huge, devastating cyber attacks.
  7. 1. Coeus, without a doubt. Slanted armour to help deflect shells, a nice low center of gravity, and the way it fights is a pretty awesome concept. 2. Windsor. It's got nice big feet so that it won't sink into the ground, and four of them. Those cannons are very big and would likely carry plenty of kickback, but it looks like this squat robot could handle it. And, is it just me, or does it seem like it should have the Sharpshooter MAR? 3. The FSA robot whos name escapes me. Mostly because it looks like Liberty Prime. 4. The Hochmeister. Now, I'm not a big fan of the traditional giant robot design. It's got a high center of gravity, it would get knocked over easily, and if it ever tried to walk into the sea it's smaller feet would cause it to sink right into the mud. But I like this one mostly because of the knight-in-shining-armour vibe. 5. Madame Liberte. I'm sorry, but I really don't like the idea of the statue of liberty turned into a big war machine, being ferried around on a hoverpad. It just... really doesn't look good. 6. Svarog. It's simply an ugly looking model in my opinion, and is plagued by the issues of giant robots I mentioned above. 7. That... Samurai. This is the single most unlikeable thing Spartan has ever produced (in my humble opinion). Not only is it plagued by the aforementioned issues with giants, but this one would have them even more, to the point where it may sink through the dirt on solid ground. I would like to draw your attention to the great number of absurd samurai decorations. Not only are the things like the armour-skirt and flags and other such decor a waste of resources, but they also serve no practical purpose and they only add to the weight of the thing! A solid hit would send it tipping over, and it would be so heavy that it may well sink right through a patch of loose dirt with those skinny feet.
  8. I use only one ally with my Covenant. And that is the Black Wolf. I've become a bit known for it by now. I've actually done it less recently thanks to the groans from the other end of the table whenever I bring out the Death Bringer. Regardless, that submarine is a truly brutal monster, and it's extra awesome when helped by some of the Covenant's generators. Then there was that time recently that I ran it alongside the Coeus for that extra guardian shield support. They still aren't speaking to me... But trust me when I say that the Death Bringer and a squad of Furies are a welcome addition to any Covenant fleet.
  9. The models are there. Collecting dust on our shelves, perhaps, or merely on display. Almost everyone has models that go mostly unused. I wanted to know: what are your elephants on the shelf, and why? Which models do you actively avoid using? My elephants are the Daedalus and Icarus. Mostly because there are much better options with much greater symmetry in my fleet.
  10. Thanks. I like the Bunker Complex. It's a fun and useful tool, especially in a fluffier game.
  11. A very good point, Thamoz. I forgot about the torpedoes automatically cancelling exploding shield dice. What else should the torpedoes have? Maybe pinpoint? Also, you're right about the hunter. Should it be Hunter (submerged, 2+) or Hunter (submerged and deep diving 1+)?
  12. I may have considered the Kepler and the swap to Fresnels, but I've loaned some of my models to a pal, trying to draw him in. As for the Prometheus, it stays. I'll be needing a nice big castle of a model.
  13. Well, also keep in mind that that's only a 15 dice attack against bigger things. This thing is more designed to deliver a killing blow against weakened ships. Maybe a points increase would be justified, but let's see what the others think.
  14. I'll just reduce it by one torpedo shot. I felt that three might be too powerful, I kept on mulling it over. I thought it would be more flavourful to make the torps have sturginium rounds. I suppose it could do with one less CR taking into account the shield. I just thought that a lower DR but higher CR was a good idea. Easier to chip away at, y'know?
  15. I'm quite happy that it's called the Arbiter. I'm also happy that it's very good. It comes with my two favorite Directorate toys: cloaking and cyberwarfare. I recently made a list incorporating this and two ground attack aerial helixes. That gave me a grand total of 7 artillery sites and 11 nexus designators. }:-)
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