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  1. Just wondered as down her in the South East it's a bit empty of events compared to the North
  2. I think the only reason that I take the Sokotsu over the Kaiju is cost... I find that the Kaiju can stand by itself without too much support - the RB3 rockets can be a pain as it limits the RB4 damage potential but I like the 2 idential turret and rocket volleys which mean you can stomp big things or really mess up a whole squadron. Example - on Tues my Kaiju was able to engage and mess up a RC squadron of cruisers, then smash up an assualt carrier with 2 turret shots, 1 rocket shot and a broadside and then go for a battle cruiser with 2 turret shots, 2 rocket shot and a broadside. Personally I'd take the Kaiju over the Haichman even... Interesting discussion though
  3. Just saw a thread on the FA pages for faction dice: What say you DW community? I say AYE!!! Make it so Spartan give us DW faction dice!!!
  4. Yes please right here! Yep yep... Now please... Please Spartan...
  5. Teneki baby! Never lost one yet and for 5pts less than the kiyohime they last longer. The only issue I have is that our carriers leak carrier points - it is quite easy to nick hp off them one at a time.
  6. When I first started up eotbs I thought they were utter junk but now they may well be my favourite squadron. Beware though their job is hunting smalls and lighter mediums if you get into a crotch punching contest with another fleets mediums you will likely come out worse. They do a little bit of everything really well and are cheap as chips. Recently they have save my butt more than once against my mates KoB as the have a reasonable torpedo volley and can out manoeuvre most regular medium ships. The other must have IMHO is the Mizuchi. That thing is a bad ass mofo! I always flank with it because the thought of it appearing is so distracting for my opponent it really opens doors in terms of game winning opportunities. Always combine it with the add d3+1 hull points tac card and either your opponent is giving up 60 odd victory points or the Mizuchi is coming back to the fight ready to open a can of whoop ass on something again Ta PvD
  7. 10pts isn't much to spend if you are using up bits and bobs at the end of a list but not sure I'd go out of my way to shoe horn them in. Be interested if anyone builds air lists with them in mind... HEC aces are a must surely
  8. Sounds basic but my friend and I usually agree a hard stop time for a game - usually works. At the mo we are playing some smaller 600pts games and we agree a 2hr limit including all set up for the game and that really seems to help. The other thing that will always slow you down is hunting around for rules in the big book o' rules so any quick play sheet or reference sheet you can put together really helps
  9. Hmmm interesting.... Thanks guys - loving the Asterix by the way
  10. Ok so most Nations will have a naming convention for warships so naming them is not much of a problem - my EotBS fleet uses the WW2 conventions and seems pretty cool My BW are a different story - I was thinking historical Merc companies like: The Catalan, The White, Etc... Any one else tried this or similar?
  11. I'm thinking of running the MKII Magenta with a heat lance or a EotBS Kaiju with Node Projector
  12. Whoa whoa whoa... Chill dudes! This thread is about the Nemisis & Manticore... In the words of Michael Winner - calm down dear
  13. Thanks guys - seems like an interesting topic I looked at the Manticore with no main turret and I does scream no fire power - even with the rockets. I play eotbs too so I do loves me some rocketry but 9 dice is a bit pants considering that 3 Nakatsu have 10 combined at rb4 Thinking that guardian gen is the way forward on the cruisers but the dilation gen give 1/2 ad to anyone shooting through the template? No mileage there at all as that seems pretty strong
  14. Hi Guys, What do people run on the Manticores and Cruisers? I'm thinking dilation generators on the Manticores and Guardians on the cruisers - not sure that the rockets are much cop Thanks Dunc
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