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  1. The MK II cruisers do look kind of star destroyer-y. Honestly I think the new design for 3.0 looks sufficiently futuristic and unique. Shut up and take my money, Spartan. Keep cranking out awesome looking models!
  2. That's legit, but the new design, were it to be a new model, does look nice. I would never say to someone "no you can't bring your old school razorthorn." I just want a sleek new toy and a terran fleet that all looks new and shwanky.
  3. Someone mentioned on the facebook group that it was just a render for funsies but man I'd be real happy if Spartan would stick to a singular design scheme for the terrans. So if it turned out to be say an Apollo MK III or new battlecruiser design I'd be over joyed to shell out cash for it.
  4. What Bessemer said. I think shunt escaping Tier 1s is a very important tactic. Their loss to the enemy is so much worse than them just leaving. To me it's been the difference between a tie and a total loss or victory.
  5. Man I just love that works raptor color scheme!
  6. Yowza I am not a fan of the battle carrier. I think it just needs to be longer, or maybe in person it won't look so squat and odd. either way I may get one to cannibalize for parts and add them to my Hawker Frankenship since it lacks obvious hangers.
  7. You mentioned a fondness for trolling tactics, have you considered joining the corporate ranks of OmniDyne? There is nothing quite as satisfying as explaining the barrage of biohazard torpedoes and ART cyber weapons from the Dreadnought as "How do you want to use your PD? Stop the torpedoes that will kill crew? Or stop the torpedoes that will also kill crew?" Bonus, the ships have a unique look in FSA with the engine rings.
  8. I just want to write some fiction in a setting I love and share it with people who have not been exposed to it. :\
  9. Sadly that is an option and one I'm prepared to do. I do want to publish in order to sell which is why I want to go through the proper channels to get permission and all that jazz. But to not even be told no is what I find a little frustrating. I assume it's because I'm not a known quantity in the publishing world, which does make sense. Writing a manuscript is pretty easy to do and anyone can do it with enough time.
  10. Hey all, Okay so I don't want to go into a whole lot of detail here, but suffice it to say I have been working on a manuscript and have a finished outline for something I would like to eventually publish. It's set in the Firestorm universe but isn't a story revolving around massive set pieces or advancing the primarily story line. It's more like a ghost ship horror novel set aboard a derelict ship found by salvagers praying upon the remains of battles. Long story short, I have made several attempts to reach out individually to Spartan personnel and I have been (I feel) ignored. I know I'm not some named or published author but I think the lack of response compared to the usual customer service experience is kind of jarring, but I get it, Spartan is a business after all. Does anyone here, or would anyone from Spartan please fill me in on how I can go about requesting to publish a story set in their universe? This is kind of the last I'm going to make of it before I just edit factions, names, etc out and seek publication in my own universe and not Spartan's IP. Thanks all
  11. The only time I think I've ever seen interceptors shooting down torpedoes in sci-fi was from a video game called Star Lancer, the predecessor to Freelancer. It was a tedious thing that the player was required to do all too often, to boot.
  12. Those are absolutely great. Where did you get the excess bits like the fourth defense platform to use?
  13. It will work if you take the time to hold it while it's drying. I did glue mine to its base and I added another peg behind the two main pegs. I'll post a picture. Because I didn't trust the glue to hold. The only other thing would be using widgets that force it to sit upright? I don't use widgets or anything and don't mind gluing my models to their pegs since my foam is deep enough to sit my models upright and carry them without worry. Clearly I need to clean the base a bit. But yeah; This is how I got my Foundry to keep from wobbling.
  14. It really depends on the fleet. Dreadnoughts are big investments in points and you need to weigh your needs. Could you get two Tier 2 squadrons for the price of one tricked out Dreadnought? Do you want more activations or fewer tougher ships? What do you intend on accomplishing with a dreadnought? Could you accomplish that goal by using fewer points in a single activation? These are the questions you may want to ask yourself when you consider a dreadnought. Personally I think the dreadnoughts vary pretty wildly in relative power. I don't even own a Directorate dreadnought because I think it is kind of an oddity in the Directorate fleet and I'd rather use more toys than tougher ships. But I never go anywhere without my OmniDyne dreadnought when I field an OSO fleet. Really it just comes down to preference.
  15. Hey Spartan Neil,

    would you mind if I ask you a couple of questions regarding making battle reports for youtube and writing a book set in the FSA universe?

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