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  1. Specky

    Shunting Carriers and SRS Tokens

    I think for 3.0 rules bombers could maybe given no PD or maybe work like a friendly model in a squad, halving their PD contribution. If their range got pulled down to 8" then that would also make them less useful. Just ideas.
  2. Specky

    Shunting Carriers and SRS Tokens

    Unless you have quick launch, 12" range on the bombers can be frustrating. 18" for the fighters makes them more useful. You can use the fighters to run out and clean up Bomber or Assault boat tokens pretty easily. Unlike wit interceptors a full 6 wings of fighters with 12AD is awesome against most targets. If you have other tools for dealing with Tier 1s, 18AD from bombers isnt a must have. i always lean towards bombers tho. With the Terran Ares i just take 6 of fighters and bombers.
  3. Specky

    Mixed Cruiser Squadrons

    Could someone please clarify for me: if i play terrans am I limited to upgrading my light cruisers to one vanila cruiser or could shield and assault cruisers also be used as an upgrade? Seems only the regular cruiser type from the wording but wanted to check.
  4. Specky

    The Assualt Helix

    What bugs me about the Loki is that its right arm should be a whole new weapon as clearly it isn't a grenade launcher. The Terran Leviathan has body mounted raptor grenade launchers that don't really show up at all. The Directorate one had two ranged weapons and the Lev CQB so it wouldn't be alone. Directorate robot even has cloak! Jealous? Yes. Yes I am.
  5. One of the best tricks is trying to cut a squad in half down 2 arcs, say fore and Starboard, to double the shot output. It can be tricky to line this up on the same squad if you shunt. That's why energy transfer is great for if you only can get one arc working. I find the cruisrs can suffer pretty badly from torpedoes. Especially if you botch a shunt and end up disordered Definitely use the shunts to be unpredictable. Leap over asteroids and such. Jump into rear arcs. Upgrade to beams for cruisers to give you extra reach and re-roll the RB1 shots.
  6. Specky

    Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Veydreth

    I recently got a box of Veydreth Gunships cause they were on sale at a local store. I love the models, but playing mostly games at 800pts, I find it hard to put them in a list as they are Tier 1s. How do people run theirs at 800pts or is it not worth the battle log liability?
  7. Specky

    The Assualt Helix

    Yeh, I haven't played them because I don't own any. I don't intend to buy any. I'd rather the Command helix which kinda does a similar role.
  8. I'm pretty sure the difference is deliberate. Within the core factions there are slight differences like that. For example Soryllians gunships are Tier 2 at patrol fleet but for Terrans they are Tier 1. ...or something. I don't have it in front of me.
  9. Specky

    Alternative Assault Helix - Ideas in a Hat

    My feeling is that the right arm was originally supposed to be another weapon, like the Directorate AH, but somewhere along the way after the model was designed, they decided to get rid of it and hence the Raptor launcher was the only alternative. I wish it had another gun like the Directorate one. I'd take this over the mega regular CQB. Kinda got decent CQB all over the place.
  10. Specky

    The Assualt Helix

    What's also confusing is Spartan are notorious for making typos and errors all over the place in their documents. So I look at the swapped CQB and have to decide if it's supposed to be that way or if it's a mistake. Same for the dual command element for the AH. Error after error has erroded my confidence in the stats to the point that I assume it's an error rather than something whackadoo and different.
  11. Specky

    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    With that said, I do enjoy the tactical depth of FSA and am excited that there is now the taskforce rules which suggests we won't see the 3.0 rules being dumbed down.
  12. Specky

    Firestorm Armada 3.0 headed our way?

    One of the things I've been struggling with is the similarity yet subtlety different rules between Planetfall and Firestorm. I assume Distopian Wars would have similarities again. For an example if you need higher than 6s to hit a target in FSA it caps at 6s but in PF you have the unitial pool. Seeing as we are looking to redo the FSA and PF rule sets at virtually the same time, there is an opportunity to streamline the two systems. I'm not suggesting that the games play the same, simply that some of the common mechanics be streamlined for players who jump between systems.
  13. Specky

    Determining Aft or Flank

    I moved house last week. Can't find my laser line. So, so sad.
  14. Specky

    CQB from buildings

    We always do it as players choice for casualties. Agree with the above
  15. Specky

    TAC Cards

    Otherwise an opposed tactics test I guess. Or if you are sticklers write it down on a piece of paper to make up your mind before you flip. We usually throw the card down next to the unit. But yeh I guess if you throw down before your opponent he/she might guess what you're doing

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