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  1. I agree that a double heavy helix would indeed be a sound replacement when dropping the firepower leviathan: more activations for a start. But don't overlook the other elements that can be taken in the leviathan helix: not just 2 Ka'Kun squadrons, but 2 FEARLESS Ka'Kun squadrons... If you dislike the model that much, you could always try finding a proxy you're happy with? P.
  2. +1 to the above comments. Also, perhaps try and use your 2 artillery markers to provide some area denial: with careful placement you might even be able to shepherd his units into the firing line of your heavies ... P.
  3. That's a rather sweeping statement. Worst in that it's too powerful, or worst in that it's not powerful enough? P.
  4. I hate this time of year in Edinburgh! Don't get me wrong, it's a great set of events, and they bring a lot of kudos, culture, money, etc. to the city, but I have to work bang in the middle of it all ... I don't play DW, but if I did, I'm not sure I'd be using that as a direct comparison as to whether or not I'd like Planetfall. Granted it may share similar game mechanics, but they are different games in their own right. I think you have to get a fair few games in before making any kind of decision. But I understand what you're saying re: getting an initial "feeling" for the game, but then I'm biased being a tester for it As for the models, well that's very much a personal thing, isn't it: they're a totally different aesthetic from the DW range. P.
  5. Ah, good man what one man posts and thinks reads fine, another will read and infer something completely different... I'd stay clear of the city just now anyway, what with the Festival and Fringe on at the moment, it's a bit of a bear pit all round. P.
  6. I think the Barrage MAR works just fine: it's not as if every weapon system has it. I can't imagine a building standing up too well to an orbitally-launched artillery barrage ... and the roof is probably the last thing you'll feel as it reduces you back to your constituent parts P.
  7. Liking this thread more and more with each successive post...top class job on the heavy. P.
  8. Feel somewhat blessed living in the UK at the moment (never thought I'd say that online!): it seems to be the centre of the gaming universe (sorry, bad pun ) these days with so many top games companies and manufacturers located here. P.
  9. No insult intended, just a friendly dig at our own expense I hear what you're saying about having a bricks and mortar place to go, can be frustrating waiting of the postman's knock ... I've used both of those traders too, both very good. I'm fortunate that there is a fairly new shop (6s2hit) in the centre of Edinburgh, just 10 minutes walk from work, that caters for all my Planetfall needs: it also has a dozen or so gaming tables and terrain that are free to use. If you ever get through to the capital then I recommend you check it out. P.
  10. Welcome aboard: it's nice to see another 'North Briton' on the forum. Have you tried Static Games in King St., Glasgow for Planetfall models, etc. Failing that, there are numerous online retailers offering decent discounts... P.
  11. Barrage weapons negate any Cover Shield Saves for units claiming such (i.e. Infantry cowering in a building...) P.
  12. Yes indeed: they also kind of mirror their FSA Gunship counterparts, which I also like. Oh, and I wouldn't really be phased by any incoming Pterodactyl models... P.
  13. It could have been worse, after the Leviathan (which I love by the way), I was convinced the Sorylians were going to end up with Pterodactyl-type fliers P.
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