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  1. Sorry to hear Adam West dying. I am in my mid 50's so he and William Shatner were King back the.

  2. where lare these for sale?

    thanks adam

    1. adamwest



      Search for firestorm planetfall and they will all be there! Good luck! Or 2011adam857 is my seller profile.

  3. Hello! No I couldn't get them to look right. I think planetfall minis don't suit my block style painting plus with the lack of updates and the future of the game been uncertain I decided to cut my losses. Shame cos the minis are amazing.
  4. Update! Infantry done, click on the link in the first post to view. Still haven't plucked up the courage to highlight! Next up is the directorate heavy armour helix. Cheers!
  5. Update! Aquan infantry finished! Click the link in the first post to view!
  6. Hello all I'm in need of some new brushes and I'm wondering what does everybody use? I've tried the new games workshop ones and it frayed in under a month. The army painter ones have been pretty good. Are the winsor and newton series 7 as good as everybody says they are and worth the money? I predominantly paint 6mm/10mm? Thanks!
  7. Your minis looked really nice and I would have loved to look at them closer but a message from Google popped up saying I've won a prize from a Nigerian prince and all I have to do is send them my bank details so I'm off to do that!
  8. Yep I'm on with them at the minute. I've painted hundreds of 6mm historical infantry and I've really enjoyed them but for some reason these are a chore! Nothing to do with the sculpts mind, maybe it's because I can't get them to look how id imagine futuristic infantry to look. I'll battle on though!
  9. Thanks guys. I know I really should highlight them but I'm a bit scared I'm going to make a mess of them!
  10. I got my stock clearance planetfall stuff the week after. No complaints from me!
  11. Hello all I thought Ithat about time I showed my (amateur) efforts at painting. Slowly working my way through the aquans helices (mainly so I can get to the dindrenzi and terrans! Not sure if my block painting suits spartan minis but It's too late to change now! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/izd0yko3da6yvmi/AADbmB_3RIRXsjXs8dNyQKiYa?dl=0
  12. Hello all I thought Ithat about time I showed my (amateur) efforts at painting. I have all the helices for the directorate apart from the assault one. Not sure if my block painting suits spartan minis but It's too late now! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ya28wyyw0jmbcas/AAAFLSDilzHqx5YWoZkRRjSQa?dl=0
  13. Aquans, dindrenzi and terrans. Did extremely well to restrain myself from getting relthoza and sorylians. My girlfriend didn't quite see it like that.........
  14. Mine came yesterday, going to be busy over Christmas!
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