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  1. They are classed as Medium Capital.
  2. To encourage players to familiarize themselves with the system I'm writing a series of texts about the universe. Now I try to describe the rules of creating the fleet, but I find lack the background, a some justification for the need to take into the fleet all particular classes of ships. Are you ever wondered on this issue? Why fleet can not consist of only frigates, or only cruisers ? Why we have to be fulfilled specific requirements to create a fleet? Of course, the universe Firestorm fleet of just a tier I would be inefficient, but what is the background justification for such a solution? I see it: Large Capital ships - only those ships have sufficient space for the "unnecessary" equipment as transmitters for subspace communication with headquarters or central coordination of communication activities of the fleet. It is a kind of nerve center of the activities of the fleet, to provide adequate conditions for the work of the admiral and his staff. More space is sturdier hull gives better protection fleet commander. The commander located on the frigate could die even from one accidentally hit an enemy destroyer, which negatively affect the coordination of the activities of the fleet. Medium Capital ships - if capital ships we consider the nervous system of the fleet, the medium can be described as muscles. They provide a good balance of durability and frepower at a lower cost which makes this class the most common on the battlefield. Armoured worse than tier I, the ships do not need have "unnecessary" equipment, which allows them not only to better speed, but above all reduces the cost of the war. Small ships - sometimes on the battlefield important is the speed, whether it is for the use of loopholes in the defense of the enemy and attacking him from the flank, or in securing their own backs. Developed for these tasks frigates and corvettes. Featuring too weak weapons to threaten one bigger ships, specialized in the wolf pack tactics, relying more on the agility and speed rather than armor. An important role of these ships is scouting, especially in places inaccessible to larger ships as asteroid field or gas nebula.
  3. I want to pull some new guys to FSA, but they want only play in scenario. The main problem is that I only have a Storm Zone camaping which races are "feeling" as boring to them. Anyone could help and give me some Return of Overseers scenarios with fleet list to play with them?
  4. I want to use Halo plastic to proxy FSA resin. I more want to show the rich of tactical diversity in FSA races using Halo ships that showing the mechanics of move, so the diffrence in size of bases will do not matter for that purpose.
  5. I only want to confirm scale and I'm more a returning player, check for example Rethloza threat to find my topics http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/forum/35-the-relthoza/&page=2
  6. Still wait for my halo Ground Command... ;/

  7. My local communitiny see no problem if the scale is right. So I ask my question in other way I do not have my FSA models if Halo Fleet Battles models will fit in the same scale as the FSA?
  8. Can i proxy Firestorm Armada ships by using the halo Fleet Battles ships?
  9. Anyone thought how hard can be implement this https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/7/22/the-corellian-conflict/ into Firestorm Armada?
  10. I do not need to know when exacly will be each of box I rather want to know which box with which content I can expect. For example, if knew before that Commanders update pack will be released I won't be taking core update box for HFB. For Halo Ground Command I was interesed in diffrent vehicles for both factions, so if for example tank box for UNSC will be relased I want to know in advance that for 2 month players will get combined box with more types of vehicles. Knowing, what will be in each box and having estimated time will much help in my choices what I want to buy. When I buy something and mont later I saw better option I feel that I do not made the best choice.
  11. Because I need to plan my expenses? When I know when and what will be available I can more rationally spent my money. By the way there will be more factions.
  12. What about make something like this http://www.totellstories.com/40k/ for Firestorm Community? What questions should be asked to players?
  13. firstyfor races who use much corrosive as Rethloza or Directoriate this will be matter. Secondly it will add more choices when you attact models with corrosive, like make 2 separate attack to try to put 2 additional tokens etc.
  14. New rule for disorder, which make game more tactical Once a ship receives it's 5th Disorder Marker you remove them and replace it with 1HP Damage. I also recomend use Carnage Damage Table rule of mitigate the effects of Damage Markers by removing only 1 Success for every 2 Damage Markers present. Carnage Damage Table http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Carnage-Damage-Table.pdf
  15. I have an appeal to both the Spartan Games and members of the community please not ignore Board Game Geek. I do not want to duplicate topics on the forum and BGG, I mean more promotional activities on BGG. In my country some people have approach if the game is not on BGG does not exist. I know that the games of Spartan Games are games real wargames and not board game, but the lack of promotion on BGG difficult to find someone to play with. At the last tournament in my area X -Wing was 40 players, Star Wars Armada 14 players. Compare BGG sites of FFG games and with BGG sites of Spartan Games in case of videos (particularly with regard to known BGG reviewers), report pictures etc. The more well-known game, the more popular the easier it is to encourage someone to play. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/176936/halo-fleet-battles-fall-reach https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/37906/firestorm-armada https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/192394/firestorm-taskforce-starter-set-terran-alliance-vs https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/129364/dystopian-legions https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/85652/dystopian-wars Halo Ground Command - in progress Please add videos, battle reports, pictures and revievs also on BBG.
  16. Dear Spartan Games Please relase some schelude for Halo Ground Command with at least a month in advance and 3 months ahead so gamers will know what will be and in which order. This allow avoid problems and misunderstandings if for example there will be Battle box for each of the races.
  17. Rocy7

    2D terrain ideas

    On http://playmaty.pl/index.php?id_category=46&controller=category I found interesing 2d terrain idea. Maybe someone will use it as fast and cheap terrain
  18. Stats of Directoriate are online http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/Taskforce-Stat-Sheets-A5.pdf but for rulebook we will wait some time.
  19. I know that not many persons have knowlege about it but maybe someone from Spartan or Vanguards will help. At first I was really exited by Taskforce, but after some videos and reading the rulebook my initial enthusiasm subsided. After all , I hope that will be better . Where some important issues for me : 1 ) is there a chance that the rules will be improved ( other action disorder , more tactics ) 2 ) if the greater the scale of the battle affects positively on available tactical options? 3) when we can expect new ships and in which form they will be relased? As single models, as helixes in Taskforce, or as models pack as in Halo?
  20. Dann Bird wrote some FSA and FTF comparision Let's have a look at the tactics of FSA (bearing in mind I've played it a lot and come 2nd in two UK tournaments so got a fair idea) 1. Firing Solutions - to decide whether to 'link' or go for single shots. Why? Sometimes you can link to get the crit on big boys, or go single solutions to try and 'plink' away at smaller ships - Cruisers without shields etc. Does this still exist in TF? Yes - however you don't link, it combines. So you can still attempt to shoot individually or together. This can be very effective against Small ships. Not so much against big ships where you want to combine. 2. Positioning / Movement - Possibly the most tactical aspect of FSA and something which got changed a lot in TF to speed the game up. Now I don't mind the 45 degree pivot however I wish you could pivot a certain amount of times during your move instead of straight lines - this forces you to plan your movement a few turns ahead instead of on the fly as in FSA - it's less reactive. However in TF it's still very important. You need to plan your range bands, which you are best at, and then use terrain as cover on the way in. The loss of Fore Fixed weapons is what considerably speeds up the game IMO - those weapons add a huge 'depth' in that it simply slows the game down whilst you try and line up shots. 3. Activation - So in FSA you have the squadron alternating activation system. A massive part of the strategy involved in the game is what to activate, and when. This still applies in TF as it uses the same system. One of my favourite aspects of all of Spartans games is this as you don't feel so helpless! 4. MARS and Upgrades - Fleet building in FSA is a lot more complex due to upgrades and MARS. However most of that has gone in TF (And to be honest, a good portion of the FSA MARS are never used because they are rubbish) and there are no upgrades so this can definitely make it feel 'simple' and less tactical as you have less choice in fleet construction. However this doesn't really affect game play time because most of it's done before the game. MARS are a lot more simple, and fairly different so that can take some getting used to from playing FSA to TF. They are more in line with Planetfall, which has upset some of the FSA community. Understandably. 5. Battlelog / VP - The scoring is done fairly differently too. Gone is the Battlelog, in comes VPs from killing a certain Tier of ship. I would have preferred the Planetfall system here but alas, it is what it is. The Battlelog in FSA is very fun to use but quickly becomes apparent at what it isn't good at - scoring for appropriately powered Tier 1 ships. This leads to Battlecruisers, Carriers and Heavy Cruisers in 800 points to be fairly uncommon although you can have success with them. Last years Reading winning used Aquan Heavy Cruisers as his Tier 1 and won it. The year before I used Terran Battlecruiser and came 2nd. So you can make them work. There is less of this in TF because you can still put out incredible damage on the right roll.
  21. If Alliance Fleet will be allowed in Taskforce as they are in Firestorm Armada or Planetfall?
  22. What do you think about this http://miniwars.co.uk/ ?
  23. Totally agree this videos should be also pin to Board Game Geek site od these games. You could also sent Halo, Taskforce and Halo Ground Battles to Tom Vasel, Starlit Citadel and Board Game Closed to promote the game.
  24. Recently I try to spread the word about Spartan Games Halo Board Game Geek: - added some images in Halo - added info about wargamer finder - added info about Halo Ground Command Facebook Added some info on Facebook Halo Fan Groups about new models - put info about Halo Ground Command on some FB wargamers group Videos - sent my Halo starter set to one of well know video reviever in my country Firestorm Taskforce BGG - added some first thoughs about this system Facebook - put info about Taskforce on some Facebook Wargamers group
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