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  1. At our group, we believe that the Directorate actually do have really good cyberdefense. We also think that their fleets are made up of ships from different corporations. As a result, they spend a great deal of time and energy spying on each other, trying to find out what the others are up to. The end result being that the firewalls are already under stress when the ships go into combat.
  2. Players: Barn0wl / (not on forum) Points Value: 600 Scenario: 1 Border Clash Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi / Aquan Battle Log Scores: 9 /-3
  3. I can't say i am. Mostly because I tend to be quite good losing things. In any case, the models look quite nice, and i look forward to seeing more about how the game plays. On a side note, anyone think that they will sell the core chassis for each ship separately in the online store?
  4. Well, to be fair to Protognome, he did shunt in his cruisers. Directly into the giant mine my cruiser left as they ran away. And one of the resulting critical hits was security in disarray, which was also never repaired.
  5. I actually like it. It may be ugly, but is likely the result of a crash program using captured robots from rival nations. For a first generation attempt, it seems to have turned out quite nicely. Also I think the backpack and the smile are nice touches. I look forward to seeing what it can do on the table.
  6. Personally, I would like the Russian Sky Fortress to have more of a support role, kind of like the FSA's New Orleans. Not as good a carrier as the Kostroma, and not as good at repairing things as a trio of Rudnisky repair vessels, but not as expensive as taking those models separately either. As for the fluff, well, there is a war on. Everyone is looking for new ways to catch their opponents off guard.
  7. I have found the humble suvorov cruisers are quite handy. I tend to use them as a layer of ablative armor for the rest of the fleet, sending them out to draw fire away from more vital vessels. And if they get ignored, well, not only are the shots at the targets behind them more difficult, but they can still unleash an epic beating.
  8. I have a question about our vesion of the Illustrious sky fortress. When it is a Kingdom of Britannia model, it has redoubtable primary turrets. And the only difference between the two versions in the stat blocks is who they work for, as the redoutable primaries things is a KoB universal rule. I am wondering if i missed something, or if the Australians just picked up the older Illustrious sky fortresses the KoB millitary was phasing out. Either way, they are great and i am happy to have them.
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