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  1. I have a hunch it has more to do with squadron placement/moving multiple models than just simply adding fire arcs...
  2. Why update, when you can expand? Unfortunately so far I prefer the more grounded versions, but if I know myself well enough, my opinion will change after I see the models in person Until that time, I'm waiting for the 6th of May. I wonder if the date is intentionally that close to may the 4th........ :D
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I really appreciate it! Even the initial looks of the beta is kind of vital, as people who are interested in the game will have access to it, and I have seen judged based on this premature state. Naturallly I'm willing to wait as long as necessary, but these small tidbits of communication are really vital for the community. Again, thank you for this. If I can try and pry some additional info out of you: how does the release of the FSA beta relate to the (final) release of DW? Any connection?
  4. This is becoming a bit of a... volatile situation. Both parties want Warcradle to succeed, but the same situation looks real different from the two different perspectives. Warcradle is doing it’s best to make a game able to support itself, and I can understand why they are trying to play it as safe as possible: they are trying to avoid every misstep Spartan has made (even if it means avoiding some great steps along the way). They are also relying on the same facilities for creating the new Dystopian Wars models, and we all know how critical a launch can be for a game. If the stocks are low, it can spell doom for a system no matter how good. I think patience is still something that Warcradle can ask for, and it is for the good of both of FSA’s and DW’s future. Richard has stated (multiple times?) on facebook (more on that later), that the announcement will happen if everything is ready and not before, because they want to avoid an unsuccessful launch. The fans on the other hand are waiting, and to be honest, this close to the release the amount of fanfare is significantly smaller than it was when the IP was acquired. Without insider insight we are free to interpret this however we like, and it is easy to expect the worst (such is human nature), and become impatient. Most of the people interested in this thread are also trying to support the company with their wallets, and even though most can understand the causes behind a delayed delivery, there were plenty “IOU”s under the Christmas tree this year, and it can make people bitter and disappointed (even though I know we shouldn’t forget that the existence of the classics range is something to be celebrated, I won’t be less disheartened by this). Another sad fact is that these forums are not the forefront for communication, and even if facebook is reaching a wider audience, this platform is still the official platform for everything Warcradle, and neglecting it is probably not the best thing Warcradle can do. In my personal opinion the same patience and understanding is necessary from Warcradle’s part as well, and as everyone is getting more impatient, measures harsher than necessary can create backlashes everyone wants to avoid. I know, we cannot realistically expect Warcradle Richard to make weekly reports of the development or when a new batch of KoB escorts is coming, but something that is not a PR sculpted newsletter would make most people more content. And lastly a strictly personal opinion, that might sound controversial, but I have no intent to start a flamewar, so if it is too much, feel free to ignore this. The new DW is not going to make everyone happy, and nor we nor Warcradle should act like it will. Probably the intent was more sugarcoated than it should have been. I personally don’t blame Warcradle for this (who would want to alienate every old fan of the IP from the getgo?), but it’s happening with DW, and it will happen with FSA. Nobody owes the other party anything. We can ask, we can give our honest feedback, and in the end we can vote with our wallet. I’m not happy about this, but that won’t change anything. When (and if) the FSA beta comes, I’ll make sure to give as much feedback as humanly possible (as that system was and is closer to my heart), but for me the DW ship of old times has sailed (And with this marvellous pun, I’ll see myself out).
  5. The beta would be a really really really nice present, alas Warcradle is most probably focusing on the release of Dystopian Wars. Supposedly there are separate teams working on each title, so it's moving forwards, but I assume the developement structure is not that strict, and if there is something that needs to get done, than all hands will be on that side of the deck. The silence however is rather deep. Yes, we have seen concepts and tinylittleminor hints about the fluff, but on the rules front the last thing was that we have heard was the beta will start after the DW beta has concluded. Technicly I haven't heard an announcement that it has officially concluded (only that the last revision is out), but technically the earth will be consumed by the sun after the DW beta is over. Just not for a while yet (hopefully O.o ). Sooooo... 2020 Q1? Q2? Any updetes/hints @Warcradle Richard @Warcradle Stuart ? Maybe for christmas? Pretty please?
  6. Fishing for a strike no.2? Not nice, @RuleBritannia, not nice at all On the other hand this is a topic I'm also following with interest, as I also have ships waiting to be moulded. I really want to show that there's still interest in FSA (trying to vote with my wallet), but on the other hand I know, that I'm not really the target audience, so I don't really expect my personal preferences to be taken into consideration (weird huh? Giving someone your money to show that you care, while not expecting that they will care? I'm sure that there's a word for that mental state ). Anyway. All I think I can do is wait. Wait for my ships, wait for the beta, trying to give my feedback for the future generations to enjoy the product, that is probably not designed to appeal to me. But maybe a christmas miracle is about to happen! It's not like warcradle is struggling to meet the demands of holiday orders for their more financiallly sensible lines or trying to build stock for next years Dystopian wars release... oh wait. Sigh. This post turnet out to be a bit of a downer, but there are interesting things just over the horizon! I'm sure a teaser from the new rules would elevate the dreadful winter mood here (hint-hint wink-wink to Big Brother who is always watching)!
  7. This would be rather... unfortunate. I can understand the benefits of having a lower (monetary) point of entry, but when someone asks on the forums to make an informed decision, the community will quickly make it obvious, that this is not the "real" starting point. We all have seen it, before The real question is that how will the smaller ships be distributed. If they will be single blisters, Everything will be fine. If they will be squadrons... Well. Spartan tried this method, and as I remember it, it was not fun for the fans... On the bright side: after giving in to fan pressure, the second generation Spartan starter boxes (especially the Dystopian wars boxes) became unbeatable in value. It won't help rebooting the new DW setting, but if the same lesson is learned, the 2nd generation Warcradle starterboxes will be awesome! (... in 3 years... if the game survives)
  8. My thoughts exactly. Not saying it's an easy task, but the relthoza design previews for example hinted at that maybe FSA is departing from the functional looking design (as well). Ther is a place for over the top cartoony stuff, and they declared the Dystopian World to be be such place. I'm still waiting to see, if FSA will go in that direction, because there were hints (albeit in the early design stages) that it will take a more... grounded(?) approach in terms of rules. If it's so, the visual designs should reinforce that aspect. My only... one of my questions is, that where Warcradle is imagining the new FSA fanchise relative to it's competition? Logically there's still an opening where it's predecessor placed itself - without naming the competition, I think it would be less grounded than the one centered on warfare above a planet's surface, but more grounded than the lightsabre wielding and the grimdark variety space operas. I don't think it can (or should) compete with the latter two on common terms (at least in it's fledgeling state). It obviously can change, as there were hints for novels set in the new FSA universe by acclaimed authors (again at the early stages), but even than catching up wouldn't be realistic. This is why I'm hoping they won't depart too much from the late Spartan era, as even that that was creeping into the "over the top" territory of the big boys (even if one of them isn't currently active). Of course I don't mean that "everything MUST stay the same". I will welcome new designs as any good resin junkie out there. I just hope that FSA won't be centered around space whale torpedoes and the likes. We had enough problems with those pesky aquans in tha past (And if that's not the case, I have an advantage over newbies, as my collection features time tried designs with which I know I'm comfortable with, I just have to make sure I remove the designs I might not like from the oposing side of the table asap )
  9. Soooooooooo... DW Beta is coming to a close at end of June. Anyone care to speculate about the timeline? Anyone hoping for Q3? Or will the finalisation of the actual DW profiles take much more time and developer resources? Do you guys think that the FSA beta can be similar to the DW in that can be concluded without seeing actual profiles for the fleets, or the distinction between them will require stats closer to the intended final versions (Shunting, shields, cloaks, Cyberwarfare etc.)? Too early to speculate? Shall I wait a few more months? Ok ok. Patience. I know. I'll see myself out.
  10. I'd rather keep the discount for the naked ships, but at this point it all comes down to personal taste to be honest Ask your group, if they are ok with your proposed changes, and go for it! The official fleet manuals and FSA 2.0 in general is not going to change. Warcradle preserved it, but it's like an insect in amber, it's not going to go anywhere. It's glorious form is available to be witnessed in it's dying agony until Warcradle uses it to clone their dinosaurs from it's belly.
  11. Two (1 internal and 1 external balance related) reasons: 1.) Not to step on the toes of the banes. If both would be 65 pts fully kitted out, the 6/6/6/0 beams with pack hunters of the gunships would be a much safer bet for the harasser role, as banes have to be much closer to reach their full potential (without the aid of the improved shunt matrix). 2.) The interaction between pack hunters and cloaked is a bit on the stronger side (not too much, but helps a lot on injured and cloaked ships) Plus I wouldn't compare with either of the above factions - funnily enough for the opposite reason, aquans leaning heavily over to the stronger side of the balance line, and sorylians needing all the help they can get. Also huuuuuge disclaimer: I'm really not a game designer, so my opinion is just that: an opinion
  12. There has been a lengthy discussion about the virulence when the rules were tested/were fresh, and it is indeed in a weird spot. It shouldn't invalidate nor the Banes, nor the standard cruisers and while you can only take them in limited quantities, it is in the most contesed tier (also raising the price significantly could make them compete with the heavy cruisers, and there's no question which of the two is more worth it ). My (possibly deeply flawed) thinking about fixing these gunships looked something like this: They were intended as a disruption unit, able to remove a cruiser a turn if the stars align, and they (sometimes) worked for me as such (although as I own only one squadron of them, they vere mostly on light cruiser duty, as it worked waaaaay better then the gunships... for me at least). Currently they are neither a cheap disruption peace (not enough staying power when they meet with dedicated attention), nor a good one (not enough AD). I think stealth is absolutely necessary for them to function, and they get it as a hard point for 0 pts with an alternative I have never once considered. What I'd do is the following: -reduce the power of the beam weapon to 5/5/5/0 (-maybe loose the fixed restriction) -give them baseline stealth -drop the price to 50 pts/ship What we get is a cheap(er) harasser not worth the dedicated firepower, but you'll probably still feel those beams and torps on your tier 2, and they share a hull with the cheap light cruisers anyway. -give them hardpoint (2) -erease the stealth hardpoint (no longer needed) -give an upgrade for the beams to 6/6/6/0 or energy transfer (beams 1) hardpoint for 10 pts (we're here currently) -pack hunters hardpoint for 10 pts -leave the additional dice for the improved shunt matrix -take away the corrosive torpedoes option to leave something fun for the banes, to keep their identity. Fully kitted out they are 70 or 75 pts each (counting in the precision strike I have also never considered), which is a hefty sum for one weapon arc, but they are suddenly reliable, and add the long range punch to your force that was missing (discounting allies of course).
  13. Thank you for commenting on these, it really means a lot (to me ) True, it isn't a lot, basicly nothing if you are starting from scratch (although it might imply things regarding the proportion of the changes from the old system on which the speculation already started in my head ). The manufacturing side is bound to be a monumental task, rebuilding the entire line will also require significant resources (even from just the CAD point of view), and I'm really really rooting for you so you will see your investment come to fruition, it's in everyones best interest! I get that, and it is why there are so many of us eager to get into the beta. I might even risk to state, that there were some betas in which I participated, and had as much or more fun during it as when I was playing the final product (even with the tedious bookkeeping part). I get that part. What I was struggling with a bit is that... How much the FSA IP is really worht? I really adore the fluff, as much as most of the people here, but outside this handful of fans even most wargamers probably know about it in the neighborhood of "It's about spaceships I guess". There's no 40k, Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica behind it... Is there so much power in the word "REBOOT" our age of nostalgia? On the other hand, if the Spartan IPs were divided, multiple companies could have started using some variant of the spartan rules/mechanics, and when they come out with their Dystopic Battles or Lightningstorm Armadas alongside the single IP they purchased claiming to their Spartan heritage as well, it could hurt Warcradle directly stepping on their toe... But I think I have gone too far again in my speculations that nobody really cares about, so I better stop rambling
  14. Indeed not much solid info on FSA (other than Warcradle would like it to scale fairly well, and they won’t run parallel betas, so most likely no beta until DW is finished or close to finish), but some deduction can be made. Even if it’s wrong, what’s harm in it right? The fact that the blanket answer to my (admittedly rather specific) questions about both background and basic game concepts was “We don’t know” rather than “We can’t tell you yet” is interesting (the word choice was 100% deliberate, and there’s no chance that they didn’t want to answer it in depth, so let’s build whole theories on it The whole studio fell into my clever trap!). Another thing is the recent job opening for a new Lead Games Developer. This makes it look like now, more than a year after the acquisition of the IP they have taken a few steps back and might even be reevaluating some of the things they thought they want to do initially. A few things I’ve been wondering, probably it doesn’t make any sense, so feel free to ignore it.
  15. There's a Q&A on the 31th of January. I tried to submit some basic questions in high hopes for some info droplets, but we'll see Of course if you have something for us @Warcradle Stuart it will be indeed much appreciated *hint-hint*
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