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  1. Obviously, I haven't been able to test things out, yet, but I am somewhat concerned that the light frigates have the same point cost as Widows, while also having reduced DR and substantially reduced primaries. The ability to take a squadron of 6 is nice, though, as is the inclusion of torpedoes (which obviously complement the systems network MAR better than anything the Widow has). Right now I'm going to reserve judgment, but that point cost does give me some pause.
  2. Looking forward to them being posted.
  3. They created a task force forum days ago.
  4. That template is . . . intriguing? I wonder if some form of template and tokens will come with the reinforcement groups.
  5. The fact that it uses the same models means that it won't split the player base, since you can't commit to one without committing to both.
  6. Going forward, my plan was to use Task Force as a demo tool for Armada, anyway. I know we're probably sounding like a broken record at this point, especially since we don't even really have the rules in hand, but Spartan have been doing a good job of making Task Force sound like it solves every problem.
  7. JorduSpeaks


    Maybe it's an anti mirror-match tool to get around self-repair MARs? I don't know. It's a bit of a stretch, since a Relthoza mirror match sounds prohibitively unpleasant, anyway.
  8. Personally, I think short range spacecraft are potent enough weapons that they ought to remain short range.
  9. Relthoza widow frigates have no forward firing weapons. I can assure you that they are impacted by the rules for turning.
  10. I noticed that this game will come with a new token sheet. Are there any plans for some acrylic tokens like you made for Planetfall and Armada? If so, I'd much prefer the square, lie-flat tokens to the standy-uppy kind!
  11. No offense was intended. I apologize if my tone was inappropriate (which it sounds like it was, based on your reaction). All I meant to convey was my belief that Chess is not the epitome of strategic gaming that some believe it is, while also pointing out that there is room for board games set in the Firestorm universe, as long as they don't try to recreate the feel of a miniatures game.
  12. The thing most people don't realize about chess is that it's just not a very good game by modern design standards. The fact that it has no randomness and no hidden information leads to a lack of excitement for many players. It also leads to its systems being gamed to hell, and play at the higher levels completely eschews tactically thinking on your feet in favor of simply memorizing other people's strategies and plugging them into situations where you already know they work. Also, if you wanted a board game set in the Firestorm universe, I could get behind that, but you can't have a board game that recreates the feel of a miniatures game. Board games are best at bringing to the universe elements that don't translate well to a miniatures game, such as economic and political considerations, or by expanding the scope from ship-to-ship combat to system-to-system warfare. Also realize that it's not uncommon for modern board games to last up to three hours, with some lasting up to twelve! So, that wouldn't necessarily solve game length concerns.
  13. Attack Wing used to have a following in my area. The ships weren't as detailed or nicely painted as x-wing, but there were a lot more of them right out of the gate. Part of the reason why it struggles is that WizKids partners with a terribly unreliable distributor that often fails to deliver tournament kits, or even product.
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