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  1. Can't wait for the Firestorm Armada releases!
  2. Xaltius


    I have no burning desire to see any new content rushed out. I just want Armada to get a pulse back and to see product being manufactured again. I managed to get a hold of most of the ships I wanted in the week after Spartan's closure, but I'm still missing a few squadrons. I'd rather things go "right" than "fast".
  3. Liked for the quoted part. Exactly how I feel about both Armada and Planetfall. I'm still buying Armada product because it's a wonderfully playable game as-is, albeit with a few quirks that could use attention. I waited on Planetfall to see how things developed, and I'm glad that I did. I could still be convinced to start, if things pick up for it.
  4. Except my preferred online retailer in the states (miniature market) never has what I want in stock. I've had a Dindrenzi Destroyers and Gunships, and Directorate Battlecruisers on my "email me when back in stock" wishlist continuously for 18 months now.
  5. Xaltius

    Xaltius -- Other

    Odds and Ends images needed for posts
  6. Indeed, I also want to know when we have to sign up for the new year.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Could it be that most of my issue is that the first OSL layer is too dark, and the second is too bright? If I were to mix them up a little (make the dark brighter and the bright darker), it would improve the contrast between the base paint / first OSL layer and the white / second OSL layer. I'm a little hesitant to just "add more paint" to the models, because my airbrush doesn't give me as much control as I'd like... If I had a nice dual action gravity feed, by all means... Maybe I should just add that to the ever-growing hobby shopping list. I'll give it a try on the next batch of models... might chase after my Dindrenzi engines this way too... I did manage to mess up the gun turrets on the Anarchist since taking the above pictures, so they'll have to be redone. Going to stick to the previous method for now, just for the sake of consistency on the model.
  8. Got some work done tonight. First try on 'real' glow effects with the airbrush. Maybe I was too conservative?
  9. I'll get some close pictures of the Dagon up (since it's the only *finished* ship in the fleet), but I might be a few days. Busy time in the lab with the semester approaching. My Aquans have not been sealed yet. That particular color is glossy by nature (Testor's Grape). The blue on the noses of the models is flat though. EDIT: I had pictures in my galleries:
  10. Because that's, unfortunately, not how the internet works. These two are probably going to rail at each other until kingdom come, because urmagurd, someone else is wrong on the internet. Edit: the following is not directed at Ryjak, but rather the Predator/Falx discussion This community has worked out plenty of ways to be successful with Sorylians, the Falx included. I've tried the methods myself and can vouch for them. Is the Falx a superawesomemegadeathship like the Hydra or Anarchist? No. But it is a workable piece of equipment if you treat it right. Hell, in this case, I think the Falx's situation is more an indictment of ships like the Anarchist and Hydra than itself. Power creep is a thing. We can only hope that Sorylians get theirs when they get a 2-player box and/or 3.0 drops. Also note, that internal balance (i.e., balance within the Sorylian fleet) is a thing. What Sorylians lack in T1 is made up for in the T2 and T3 slots. The solutions, therefore, are thus: - Give constructive feedback to Spartan - Ask the community for help in understanding how to use your assets to their fullest - Be patient and wait for the updates/changes coming down the pipe - Pick a new T1 to use in the meantime - Shelve the Sorylians in favor of those "better" factions for the meantime Ignore any/all of this to your own peril. /rant
  11. Since we occasionally see requests for help in finding some of the older models, I thought I'd get it out there that I was in Spokane last weekend and the Gamer's Haven has these available: Mk1 Patrol Fleets: Dindrenzi Directorate Relthoza Blisters: Oroshan Dreadnaught Directorate Dreadnaught RSN Dreadnaught Omnidyne Dreadnaught ( and a v1.5 rulebook -- the one with the medusa on the cover ) Their online store only deals in magic cards, it seems, but who knows what a polite phone call can do? EDIT: and btw, judging by the layer of dust on the boxes, you may even be able to talk them down on the prices. But you didn't hear that from me.
  12. Was the first post on the new forum. I think I messed up storing the picture in my galleries. Should be working now?
  13. New Directorate Progress. Hoping to make even more headway over the weekend.
  14. The Legion rocks. It's a really powerful activation if you can pull off everything in its arsenal. 1. Bombing run (18 dice with bombers, 12 with Fighters) 2. Kinetic gun something (13 dice linked, or 2x9) 3. Gun rack something else (13 dice) 4. Board a third something (10 dice) That's a veritable bucket of dice. Note too, that the Legion has access to the Decurion as an escort now too... meh, plain old Retarii are probably better... The wings are resistant to damage (deck crews), and AP doesn't degrade with damage. But the best part is that it has the speed and durability to get where it needs to be. The only downside is that it's a costly squadron, a whopping 300 points after all the fun bits are taken. That's as much as a tricked out Praetorian!
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