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  1. Adepticon Planetfall Display Board

    Beautiful table. I recognize a lot of the 4ground buildings but where did that tallest building come from? N-scale train stuff?
  2. new sales method - thoughts

    DW has hundreds of different models and a good ruleset. All models can be purchased at pretty reasonable prices. Your FLGS should still be able to special order smaller amounts for you (if I remember the blog post correctly). Would you rather they dump out truckloads of new **** every week (like GW) so you can't keep track of what works and what is obsolete? Let alone the cost and painting time. With the current DW line I could spend the next 10 years collecting and painting and gaming.
  3. first game tomorrow

    I will be bringing both fleets, trying to get some folks into the game. FSA vs RC.
  4. first game tomorrow

    First game is coming up tomorrow and I have a couple quick questions (my head is still spinning from the rulebook). Can a unit fire ack ack when it activates (at nearby fliers) and then fire ack ack again the same turn to defend against rockets, boarding actions etc? Also do medium airships have unlimited bombs or do they have to resupply on carriers? Thanks in advance.
  5. I just bought the DW 2.0 admiral edition rulebook and I feel like I'm trying to drink from a fire hydrant. The text is soooo dense and painful to read that it's been a struggle just to get to page 40. The complete specs document for a nuclear power plant would be less obtuse.
  6. I played DW when it first came out (mainly sea/air without land elements) but got busy with other games since then. I will be getting back into DW now that version 2.0 is out. I was wondering how well the land battle aspects have been integrated into the system? The one game we tried with land forces just had some units stranded on islands taking pot-shots at occasional ships. Can land/air/sea battles be well integrated into the system simultaneously? Thanks.

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