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    klarg1 reacted to terror in Relthoza vs RSN (pic heavy)   
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    klarg1 reacted to Pok in Revised Coaking idea   
    Why not give shielded ships two movement values? All those shields gotta put strain on systems! Oh, how bout ships can't move and fire in the same turn? I mean, those are some big guns!
    Seriously, the solution to "Sorylians have boring and short-ranged weapons" is "kick the relthoza in the face", not "make the guns more exciting"?
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    klarg1 reacted to Ryjak in Revised Coaking idea   
    I think the Cloak mechanic is fine as-is... The problem is, thematically, it sounds like a Scatter weapon would have some kind of counter-measure against a Cloaked target. Thinking about it, this should only apply at RB1 for the Scatter Weapon as well.
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    klarg1 reacted to NickH in Lego Flight Stands   
    I've just posted an entry to my blog describing my second generation Lego flight stands http://fenedgewargaming.co.uk/wp/?p=2533
    Of most interest to FSA players is probably the hybrid acrylic/Lego flight stands that I created using standard SG flight stands, note how the (thicker) Lego axles glint less than the normal acrylic stalks which act a bit like Cats' Eyes.

    I'll describe how I attach the models to the axles in my next blog entry.
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    klarg1 reacted to Jonto81 in New to firestorm armada - works raptor   
    Done to tabletop ready standard for tomorrow - I can pick out details at a later stage

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    klarg1 reacted to Jonto81 in New to firestorm armada - works raptor   
    A few more ships done

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    klarg1 reacted to Jonto81 in New to firestorm armada - works raptor   
    First ship finished to what I suppose I am going to have to call my tabletop standard as my painting at the minute looks like caveman finger painting (honestly I used to be able to paint a lot better)

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    klarg1 reacted to freakshow1966 in OOPS   
    well if you insist lol

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    klarg1 reacted to hahnc77 in Mega deal is quite the deal   
    - yes a really good deal, and since the last 8 Aquan models are on my painting desk, (the mediums and smalls from a second planetfall Guardian shoal)
    - I opted  for a relthoza fleet, which is basically the last missing fleet in our gaming Group. (one bvery slow painting Player has a patrol fleet, but mine will see battle earlier.
    - I also convinced my wife that a direcotate fleet would make a nice Christmas present even if it is a Little bit early.
    ;-) :D :D :D :D
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    klarg1 reacted to Duetzefix in Need advice - paint stripping   
    I got a PVC cleaner from the hardware store, works like a charm. It wasn't super cheap (8-10 EUR for a litre) and you have to be careful around varnished furniture because even a single drop makes a hole in the varnish (my poor kitchen table ). But as far as I can tell it doesn't hurt the resin at all: I left a model in there the whole night and it's none the worse for wear.
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    klarg1 reacted to Ryjak in Aquan Fleet by Awaken Realms   
    This is a fine example of what you can do with an airbrush when he really learn how to use it.
    I feel the battle cruisers have a little too much color shifting… But overall the orange/cyan really pops.
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    klarg1 reacted to Awaken Realms in Aquan Fleet by Awaken Realms   
    Hello there,
    We’ve had recently a nice commission at Awaken Realms – a good opportunity to break from usual Warhammer miniatures;) For some time we wished for Firestorm Fleet to dock in our studio, and finally the Aquans took refuge to gain a new paintjob;) Take a look at the photos to see if it’s fitting for them:

    How do you like our approach?
    Get your miniatures painted by us!
    Our Gallery
    Sign-up for our WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!
    Painting tutorials
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    klarg1 reacted to Big_0 in Gencon 2015   
    The next day we came back for open play. Four of us showed up, but sadly the organizers didn't. Toxic_Rat and I got a few tables and he and I decided to play a game, while my friend played against the aquan player from the previous day. It was a fun time and many people showed up asking about the game. Wish I had more but I had to head back to Columbus that evening so we didn't get to hang around the rest of the weekend (though we got to build and  try Halo the last two days). Hope to have more next year!



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    klarg1 reacted to Big_0 in Gencon 2015   
    My buddy and I made our third trip to Gencon. We were excited to participate in the Firestorm events this year. We signed up for Toxic_Rat's firestorm event Thursday and planned to play on the open gaming night Friday. It was a great time and getting to meet the Spartan team was awesome. Here are some photos. 

    We arrived Thursday evening and as we were setting up the Spartan crew came by to watch for a little bit (Spartan Neil is on the left, I sadly forget the names of the other two spartan guys in this photo, and the guy in the all red shirt is SeerK who ran the adepticon event). Two other spartan members were present. One played with us and the other, Spartan Chris, was a designer of the Terran and hawker mk2 ships, and also worked on the Covenant ship design for Halo. It was really cool getting to talk to all of them. Spartan Neil is hilarious and it was interesting to hear his backstory. They were pretty tired and hungry from demoing Halo all day, so they did not get to stay long. My friend and I met up with Spartan Neil the next day and he mentioned possible coming back on Friday and bringing his Works Raptor fleet to play a game against us, but he was a little too busy and didn't show up, but it would have been awesome! 



    We had six players show up Thursday. Toxic_rat made the planets and we got to take one with us once the event concluded. He was a nice guy and I got a game in with him on Friday. I ran my Hawker and I played a game with my buddy who was playing Dindrenzi. The other table had 2 new players, Toxic_rat, and the Spartan vanguard. It was an odd team of Terran and Dindrenzi vs Aquan/Directorate. Unholy alliances indeed. I am not sure how that match ended, but my friend and I ended in a draw after it went 8 turns. The last turn he almost pushed my Hawker carrier into the planet. 
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    klarg1 reacted to Zephyr Station in GenCon 2015 Firestorm Event   
    For those of you going to GenCon, there is now an official* event ID, along with space reserved for playing FA at the convention. Search for "Firestorm" in the GenCon event catalog for the details, or check it out here. Even if you don't get a ticket, drop by and say hello sometime during the event. We're playing Thursday night (July 30) at 7:00 PM.  We are playing with 800 point fleets.
    *I should note that the event is an official GenCon event, not an official Spartan Games event.  Registering with GenCon ensured that I had table space available.
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    klarg1 reacted to reddwarf in How free is SRS movement   
    You most certainly do not have to move in a simple straight line.  As you saw, all the rules say is that wings can move in any direction they like (no min turn radius, like models).  That's it.  Avoiding PD zones is a perfectly acceptable use.
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    klarg1 reacted to quiet01 in First Demo   
    It's just part of the syndrome. Once you realize that you have it, that is just the first step in curing it. So many of us have never fully recovered....
    I'm one of them. I have three core fleets and two support fleets(both are in various stages of painting).
    I'm not cured.
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    klarg1 reacted to Reeeeeen in Reeeeeen's Ryushi Fleet   
    Made the change to the engine block. 

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    klarg1 reacted to paintedgoblin in Firestorm Armada science questions   
    Or maybe they just like hitting people
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    klarg1 reacted to Pok in Firestorm Armada science questions   
    Honestly, internal logic is more important than trying to fit nigh-impossible concepts like FTL into actual IRL physics. If you make it too detailed, people will just continue to point the inconsitencies out. Make it vague but applicable through the entire setting, and most people will buy it.
    No one had problems with the Force in SW until that hack decided to make it into a tangible thing with the midichlorians, which instantly made the concept laughtable.
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    klarg1 reacted to Pok in Firestorm Armada science questions   
    Why do the Cserani feel the need to inbue their servant species with personality at all?
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    klarg1 reacted to Rocy7 in Asteroid base idea   
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    klarg1 reacted to Kurgan in interceptors....are they broken?   
    Interceptors ruin everybody's day as they are full defense assets. Directorate is not reliant on torpedoes, especially in the opening turns when everything is still together. From mid to late turns they became more useful as no matter what your opponent does he can't keep everything together due to different speeds, turning limits, firing arcs etc. Change your approach and use heavy hitter RB3 ships with strong beams like Nemesis, Deterrents and Anarchist to shatter his formation. Use cyber to either strip CP from his carriers (without crew they have to roll each activation or became disordered) or shut down engines to make it even harder for him to maintain fleet together. If your opponents are packing so many Interceptors then leave Drones back home. You can ponder with the idea of bringing some Dindrenzi if you have them as their long range firepower would come in handy.
    I don't know how much terrain you have, but be sure to fill the quarter of the table with it. Also make sure you play other scenarios than just Border Clash/Hold the Waypoints as the other scenarios require more board control and it's even harder to keep the fleet in one big blob.
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    klarg1 reacted to reddwarf in interceptors....are they broken?   
    It sounds like you've got your opponents trained to bring interceptors, which are useless if you are NOT bringing wings or torpedo heavy fleets of your own.  Time to bring the Directorate units that don't focus on those areas:  BB, destroyers, gunships, regular cheap cruiser spam, etc...A few games where their interceptors are wasted points and they won't bring so many.
    Directorate is a great fleet for changing up your own playstyle, and you don't HAVE to bring a bunch of torpedoes, boarding, and wings yourself.  Interceptors (like all the wings except fighters) are very specialized and very good at what they do, but you can make them useless simply by changing your own list.
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    klarg1 reacted to lightcavalier in PD and Boarding   
    If an interceptor enters the 4" bubble before it contacts the Assault token then it takes the PD first, if it reaches the 4" threshhold at the exact moment it touches the other SRS token (a very rare situation) then you would resolve each combat seperately in whichever order the players agree upon....i guess (its literally never happened to me)
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