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  1. Yeah, pretty much this. The cloak rule works ok, and the Relthoza are entirely built around it. I'd avoid massive, sweeping changes.
  2. Looking very sharp there! I may steal the idea of adding glow effects to the destroyer "intakes". My only criticism is that your wing tokens might disappear on a black play surface. They are kinda dark, and aren't set off by a flight stand.
  3. klarg1


    With a little blade work, you might be able to fit the center section of a Dindrenzi cruiser hull between the two halves of a Directorate cruiser hull. (Sorta the way the RotO Gunship fits together). That would give you one heck of a unique conversion.
  4. "Mixed Cruiser Squadrons", page 40 in my downloaded rulebook.
  5. I have heard that very long term soaking in simple green, or similar cleaners, can have a negative effect on resins, but I haven't tried it. (I regularly use simple green for metal.) For acrylic paints, I have found that high strength isopropyl "rubbing alcohol" is very effective at stripping paint. You can find it in strengths up to 99% if you search hard enough. Try pouring a little on and wiping off the paint with a cloth of some kind.
  6. I have also converted over to Hawk Widgets. I actually use two per ship: One on the model, and one on the base. It allows me to break down the stand and pack it away into a very small space.
  7. The paint looks wonderful. You put together and executed a beautiful scheme, on a huge fleet. The only part that seems a touch odd to me are the tails on the Orca BCs. Are those standard?
  8. Thanks for stopping by! We don't have a regularly scheduled game day for Firestorm, but we do play when we can. As Zak said, more players are always welcome, if you're local. Also, as a long time miniatures hoarder gamer, I don't understand this thing you call "one fleet"
  9. OSL is largely about blending your light color into the base color underneath it. You can do that with patient glazing using thin paints. You can do it much faster with an airbrush, but (IMO), you have to use somewhat translucent pigments to get it to look right. I would also recommend applying the glow effect using a slightly darker color than your brightest light effect. It brings out the engine as the light source, and makes the light cast on the hull look more like cast illumination than source light. It's a tricky effect to do well, but you're starting out well, and asking the right questions. Keep it up!
  10. Very nicely done! I am definitely going to steal your lighting pattern for the R&D compressor beams when I get around to painting them.
  11. Thanks for the clarification, Alex. I can imagine that things are more than a little busy over at Spartan with the Halo launch.
  12. If you're an experienced player, you can also come by to play a quick demo-level game, or just say 'hello'.
  13. Hello all, I've been partially out of the loop for a few weeks, so I may have missed the answer to this, but: Were the statistics for the Aquan and Directorate ships from the RotO box set ever posted as PDFs? I looked in the downloads section, but didn't spot them anywhere.
  14. It plainly doesn't include other starships, so I'd say you're good on dust.
  15. Wait, what? Does that mean that star systems in the Firestorm Universe do not move relative to each other? If I were to come to a full stop with respect to Earth or the Sun and then instantly jump to another star, I would probably come out moving with considerable speed relative to object near my destination. I had assumed that coming to a full stop had more to do with the effect of object near your point of departure and their possible effects than anything at the destination.
  16. Omnidyne count as natural allies. You don't need to lose any cards. I heartily agree that the Foundry is a monster and an amazingly tough nut to crack. It may do very well for you, if you need a large center piece to control part of the board. How are you using ARTs / Cyberwarfare? Dindrenzi are somewhat resistant to it, but a successful hit can cripple their engines, which makes their main kinetic batteries almost useless. (Not turning means no lining up a fixed-fore shot.)
  17. I noticed that. Two Castras with a full buckler accompaniment would be an interesting tier-2 choice, if a little short ranged for the Dindrenzi. Using the Legion as a substitute carrier is interesting. It almost rises to the level of a battle carrier, but it depends on boarding for a lot of it's offensive potential. It's hard for me to judge.
  18. Personally, I think my favorite part is the detail work you did on the machinery / city / whatever parts of the ship. Keep it up!
  19. She looks fantastic. Your concept and look work wonderfully on the Oroshan hull design!
  20. I quite like it. I think my only criticism is that I would like to see the engine color repeated some place (running lights, hangars, windows, etc.), to draw the eye around the model, rather than locking it on one detail.
  21. This works amazingly well. If you have a widget at each end, you can dismantle the base completely for transport; It takes up remarkably little space with the base and stem separated.
  22. If you look at the sample paint schemes shown in each fleet section, the caption includes the name of the ship pictured, including prefix. Prior to the arrival of the fleet manuals, I had guessed "DFS" (Dindenzi Federation Ship) for the Dindrenzi, but have since standardized on "DNS" (Domain Name Service ).
  23. I seriously like the look of the new Assault carrier.
  24. klarg1

    The Anarchist

    That's a very pretty ship. Well done!
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