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  1. Has there been any word about what we can expect by way of rules? Will Armoured Clash have the same basic rules as Dystopian Wars, adapted to 10mm scale, are the old AC rules going to be used, or will this be an entirely new game, with its own mechanics? Would any of the Warcradle Studios staff care to comment, within the parameters of any NDAs that may be in effect?
  2. I have done the same, Nicius. Since DW is the only Spartan or wargame I play, my survey answers revolved around it.
  3. Great colour scheme! Very well done.
  4. I, too, would be interested in hearing what the Covenant has on land.
  5. The question has been asked before, but will this mean the end of Armoured Clash?
  6. On the land side, I offer the Recke. The loss of the Attachment MAR between editions means you can't buy one to help screen and support squadrons with its infantry, Speerschleuder, and guardian generator. With the latest ORBAT, a squadron of three has gone from 240 points to 300, with a reduction in speed of 20% (8", down from its original 10"). Its primary weapon system, assault infantry, now has 25% less strength (AP 3, while all nations but the Covenant have 4 AP for their assault infantry). The loss of Combat Deployment, Rapid for the infantry means the troops disembark, and get to watch their target drive off, then massacre them, all before they get a chance to do anything. Note that the FSA has models that carry assault infantry, but they retain Rapid deployment. It went from being useful as both sheer boarding madness (once - you can't re-embark the troops for another go) and as an escort in land game (thank you, guardian generator) to being both too weak to be of use and too expensive to deploy anyway. The points are put to better use in Waltze, Sturmpanzer (you can get 2 for the same price), or a Seydiltz, plus change.
  7. Thanks for posting. Good to see some armour in action.
  8. An excellent report. Thank you for posting.
  9. Don't the Russians have a land dreadnaught already?
  10. First memory is of seeing the original four boxed sets at a steampunk convention that shall remain nameless. Best memory is of my best friend and I playing our first game. We forgot to bring a tape measure, so we were using our 1.0 rulebooks as a substitute ruler. The dimensions were close enough to use. "Pass the range band indicator, please."
  11. I thought the Recke was overpriced at 90. Between the additional cost and the assault infantry being hamstrung by reduced AP and standard deployment, it looks like a 'what's the point?' model now. Can't even do an attachment to get use out of the guardian generator with them anymore, that MAR was dropped between 1.1 and 2.0 I hate to make such a negative post, but that's the way I'm feeling at this. I looked, and with the exception of CoA, every other major nation retained 4 AP on their assault infantry.
  12. I have always received stellar customer service from Spartan Games, and their models are neato, to boot!
  13. The camo job on your Directorate forces is outstanding.
  14. Very cool! I like these a lot!
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