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  1. You, sir, are a gentleman. And quite the spiffy paint job to boot!
  2. That's some pretty ace printing. Have the models been smoothed after printing?
  3. Well, it won't hit for ****, but its damage comes from near inevitable drone waves that are very, very hard to counter without bringing a load of carriers or dedicated anti-air power. Park a Commodore there and you will bring down most targets through attrition. It's not the raw firepower and/or numbers other units will bring on its own, but it's definately a headache and cost me more than a dreadnought and heavy battleship that game.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the shout out! Happy to correct mistakes! What would you reckon the proper spelling would be? Manoeuvers?
  5. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing them used in action!
  6. Cards have been updated with Minor Nation Commodore abilities. I've checked out bridge card sizes, but it'd squash a lot of the text and that'd force me to split the source material out in two sets to keep both sets legible. Would the cards fit if you trim the sides a bit?
  7. I'm somewhat tempted to say this brings Jhasa carriers more in line with regular Assault Carriers. Admittedly they've been hit pretty hard, but for what you pay you still get a decent carrier and second-line combatant. It's still a pretty hard-hitting gun, they still have their forward secondary guns, and they have an obscene amount of AP. I'd say the lack of Troop Reinforcement hits them harder. One of my preferred tactics was advancing the Chanura followed closely by a Jhasa, boarding with the Chanura, replenishing AP with the Jhasa and boarding with the Chanura again. As a matter of fact I did. I've owned Prussians, Britannians, Blazing Sun, Indian Raj, Teutonic Order, Ottomans, Americans. The Indian Raj always felt quite powerful to me. Yeah, sorry, thought you meant the Indus heavy destroyers as those could previously link their turrets and broadsides. As far as I know, Devaks have never been able to link their turrets and broadsides. They still have very powerful guns though, and they have superb boarding capabilities. Admittedly this is a departure from 2.0, IDF has changed quite a lot around the board. Apart from the Raj other factions such as the Russians have had to adjust as well. No more stacking to hit modifiers either. I'll assume there will be more Spotter models in the ORBAT for the Raj to come, and that'll address this issue somewhat. I've met tournament lists with a Jhasa and 3 Canda's before though, and they're quite simply not too much fun to play against. How do you use the Chanura? It's at Prussian battleship level boarding capacity and brings enough firepower to cripple a cruiser squadron at RB3. Sure, the Monarch has more weapons, but they're usually weaker as a result. If linking all turrets at a target on RB3, the Monarch can bring bring 14 AD (no Piercing effect, as we're linking with weapons without piercing). Then there's 5 AD from the broadsides, and if you manage to line up fixed channel broadsides you'll have 7 AD from torpedoes which will most likely have to go through CC. This means your front torpedoes will be facing a different target, and most often you'll find yourself either aligning the front fixed channel or the p/s fixed channel, not both. In the same vein, The Chanura will face down a target with a 16 AD piercing attack and 5 AD broadside. So, you'd lose out on 2 AD and piercing on turrets and gain a hard-to-aim torpedo broadside. Also note that the Chanura will have a vastly easier time bringing all turrets to bear on the same target. RB2 we get an 18 AD strike from turrets, 8 AD torpedo broadside and 6 AD regular broadside. The Chanura will have an 18 AD Piercing strike from it's turrets and 7 AD regular broadsides. On paper the Monarch comes ahead, but the Chanura will again have an easier time bringing all guns on the same target. On crew: the Chanura has 2 additional AP and Terror Tactics (3), so if you have Elite crew on the Monarch it can attack with 8 AP rolling 8 AD on 3. The Chanura could attack with 10 AP rolling 13 AD on 3+, easily outclassing the Monarch in boarding. Sure, the Monarch is slightly faster if both vessels are turning, but the Monarch will _have_ to turn more to bring weapons to bear. The Chanura is easy to point to a target, then advance full speed ahead. Shield (3) vs Shield (2), sure. Wouldn't say that makes the Monarch vastly tougher. If you consider putting a Guardian on a Jhasa, escorting the Chanura and using the Time Flow of the Chanura, the Chanura suddenly becomes immensely scary when combined with it's long range boarding capacity. I've taken out dreadnoughts like this. On paper the Monarch might appear stronger, but I'd disagree with that assessment. I'm sorry you're disappointed, and hope the new ORBATs will be here soon as well. As Mike said in other threads, these are far from final stats and I'd suspect the Raj will get some decent loving in the next round of ORBAT updates.
  8. Yes, but it's also slightly cheaper and the Guardian version is unchanged. Not sure I agree with that. If you compare the Chanura to the Monarch HBB it has superior turrets, all facing forward and Piercing. Better aggressive crew, faster when moving in a straight line, about as durable if you take a shield generator or support for your advancing units (and the Chanura itself) if you take the timeflow generator. Compare it to the Kaiser Karl, and it's less durable but it has better turrets and crew. The Chanura is not necessarily the best heavy battleship in the game, but it's definately not one of the weaker ones. Indian Commodores can take the Perfect Plotting trait, negating the need for spotters for one unit per turn. Fixed channel is a mixed bag, I tend to enjoy forward fixed channels but sideways fixed channels mess me up a bit. Still, fixed forward does give you some additional options and not only restrictions. Sure you can! Why wouldn't you be able to? They're both simple secondary weapons.
  9. I have quite the bunch of capital ships who would disagree with this assessment.
  10. This utilises blue in the paint scheme, and I'd say it looks rather smashing. From the paint schemes you've presented number 3 looks most interesting. Curious to see how that'd look in practice!
  11. There's two sizes available for the cards: 2.5" x 3.5" which is roughly poker card size, and the size I've been using so far, and then there's 2.25" x 3.5" which is roughly bridge card size. I could always rig up another bunch of exports with card sizes at 2.25"x3.5".
  12. Ah, sorry to hear that. I'll look into making a gradient-free version as well, but that'll have to wait a couple of days I'm afraid.
  13. US Letter format, single sided. http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/CommodoreCards_USLetter_Frontsideonly.pdf US Letter format, double sided. http://thomasverkooijen.nl/files/CommodoreCards_USLetter_Doublesided.pdf Will update first post with new files as well. These have minor color as well, let me know if you prefer black & white. A JSON is a way to write information in a human-readable format. As an example, the JSON for the Reputation for Failure card looks like this: { "count": 1, "color": "SlateGray", "title": "Reputation for Failure", "icon": "expand", "icon_back": "", "contents": [ "subtitle | Persistent", "fill | 2", "text | This person does not inspire confidence in those around them. The Commodore reduces their Commodore Command Radius by half!", "fill | 2", "section | Command Trait |", "text | <span style='font-size: 1.5em; font-weight: bold'>1</span>", "" ], "tags": [ "command", "persistent" ] } For convenience and because I know there's a fair few developers out there playing Dystopian Wars I've put it up on Github so that even if I'm away for a bit others ccan easily fork their own version.
  14. Hang on a sec, I'll post them in letter format as well, both double-sided and single-sided. Give me a minute to whip 'm up.
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