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  1. Nuck Fewton

    Making fake rocks for mining bases? [Terrain]

    honestly, you want some blue (or pink) insulation foam. Very lightweight and cheap to get a lot of. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1141169/great-stuff-foam-asteroids-cheap-and-simple
  2. Nuck Fewton

    Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

    looking good. I'd suggest some very fine grey drybrushing. You could use interdictor cruisers as shield cruisers maybe?
  3. Nuck Fewton

    Big_0's Armada Painting Log

    I believe it was a Corinthian club bonus
  4. Nuck Fewton

    Terran's and Allies

    I really like these but they come out a bit flat. Have you washed them at all?
  5. Nuck Fewton

    Let's Talk Aquan Ship Design Aesthetics

    very cool speculation Eater
  6. Nuck Fewton

    Pezhetairoi Fighters and such

    the dred looks great.
  7. Nuck Fewton

    Memorial Day Weekend 2017 - 1200 pts

    awesome write up Eater, the narrative writing always makes this stuff better. I had never run that station before and the fact that it dropped where it needed to while your carrier stayed out of the fight turned the tide in this battle. Take the station and your carrier out of the battle and suddenly it's a much closer game. We'll have to play a big fat 2000 point game sometime.
  8. Nuck Fewton

    Terran's and Allies

    I like to color scheme for the Terrans quite a bit, not one you see often
  9. last Monday was a holiday here in the states so the shop closed early. Next round is tomorrow.
  10. Nuck Fewton

    Bloodwings Armada Painting Log

    I love the paint job but it's a shame about the tape. Have you considered using masonite or plasticard? Great colors.
  11. Nuck Fewton

    Hey, it's my ship thread!

    excellent work.
  12. yeah I see this as a jump in and hit stuff in three/four directions kinda ship
  13. I'm pretty sure you can hit 19 AD with the upgraded fore gun, that sounds like a pretty big hit to me.
  14. Nuck Fewton

    Passing resemblance

    as a relthoza player, I take offense haha. I picture the space spiders as closer to romulans anyway.
  15. Nuck Fewton

    Introducing the Game to New Players

    Keeping it simple to start is never a bad idea. I would think that symmetrical is a good idea, use a smaller board but a fair amount of terrain. The core concept of Firestorm to me is maneuvering to bring the best firepower (ie odds) into your favor. None of the current missions are super great so I'd stick with the old fashioned killfest. TACs are used in almost every game so maybe let him pick one or two? that's just my two cents

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