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  1. Hi, Do you dilute the Cleen Green before dipping or use the concentration as it comes straight out of the bottle? (And if you do dilute it, what do you use?) Cheers, GZ
  2. Superb stuff on the Monarch, but have to draw special attention to the shading done where the front of the engine pontoon joins the hull. Very crisp and well executed!
  3. True. But I'm looking for the recent developments that the SH story describes rather than the map that's been available since DW's release.
  4. Hi there, I don't have the SH starter set and heard a rumour about South America being crucial to the plot - maybe as a location for an EotBS base, I don't know? I really like the background because it seems to be ongoing and developing, and since I'm very, very interested in the Socialist Union of South America I want to know what the fluff in the SH booklet says. Could anyone give me a description (the more detail the better, please ) Cheers all, GZ
  5. My reservations about the giant mechs is purely aesthetic. Looking at the Terran mech legs, they seem very thin for the upper body and their surface seems to be very blocky. They look more like a mock-up by a brilliant scratch builder than a finished (am I right that they use CAD exclusively?) SG mini. DW has some beautifully characterful models so it's not about talent. The metal 40k Epic Warlord was a classic model because it looked like it had weight to its appearance; it's running gear (no pun intended) was massive, thick pistons and so on. I just think the current big mechs need a bit of a re-design before I'd want to by one. BUT!! I think the Terran command centre looks amazing - solid, relentless - a moving fortress. So there is some beautiful stuff here but if the mechs are going to be centrepieces I think they are not up to SG's usual standard. It's hard to be critical without being negative but it looks like it's shaping up to be a great looking game. GZ
  6. What did you use to shade the white? Was it a black wash and which manufacturer makes it?
  7. Are you talking about a KoB wolf pack? I can't wait to see what you do in that direction. To your airbrush, sir! GZ
  8. These are great! Did you use wet-blending on the hulls? Great choice in colour shades too. GZ
  9. Ohhh...very nice, sir! You can totally imagine them adopting the appearance of a fearsome animal like Nikonov's Black Wolves and what better than a Bengal Tiger! Beautifully executed too. I'd love to see some more close ups, especially the airship. GZ
  10. No worries Pip-Boy! A character I have very fond memories of
  11. I'm afraid you've found me out and you didn't even need to look under your bed to find this red, to paraphrase that 50's slogan! I love the DW "flying hussars" of the Polish-Lithuanians and as a fan of history always felt the Poles are somewhat sidelined in world history, but that's just my opinion Spot on on the Zhukov reference but I'm afraid I can't restrain my inner pedant from saying that the picture is indeed of Mr Zhukov - don't you recognise his adorably dimpled chin - an not the steel-toothed Rokossovski…please know I feel suitably ashamed of such pedantry Once we know more about the allies I'd love the low down on them too. God damn but those ottomans demand a good painting As ever, I am indebted to you Gentlemen (and perhaps Ladies?) of the board, GZ
  12. This is brilliant guys, thanks! I went few a few pages of topics to see if it had come up but couldn't find anything recent where it was all collected together. Thanks again. GZ
  13. Hi all, Now that 2.0 is out I'm getting into DW. I've read all the background for the factions but really have no idea how they play in terms of mechanics as I'm still getting to grips with reading the rules. I know that the Prussians have giant robots but are they tough/fragile, close/long range etc? So for EXAMPLE if you were to ask me how Chaos played in Battlefeet Gothic I'd say they have faster ships who should stay at longer range where they have an advantage in beam type weapons. I'm looking for that kind of thing and hope you guys can help Cheers all, GZ
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