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  1. what is your method on the decking? I've been priming mine black and painting each individual board to leave the black between boards. yours is the first I've seen I like that is just painting the entire deck that I like. please if you don't mind outline your colors and method if you would be so kind.
  2. lets start an international dystopian wars club with the aim of supporting tournaments with prize packages supported by its member through a deal we broker with spartan games?
  3. the enemy of my enemy is my friend!! chinese seem to have lots of flyers but other than that I don't see them bringing anything to the table that your eotbs doesn't bring better.
  4. pretty... always always pretty. the better you play area and ships look the more eyes you're going to catch. i agree with the small sink the Bismark idea...or alternately if you are secure in your grasp of the rules take one battle box versus another but leave out some of the advanced rules.
  5. well i've only been playing for a few months so still believe I'm a newbie... with my local tourney coming up on the 30th I've been play testing different ships to see if they make the cut. The battle cruiser.... can anybody explain why i would take this ship. I just don't see the cost to benefit ratio in it.
  6. I don't know the IBS Kaiju has a ring to it
  7. due to being small and elusive they are wonderfully survivable. now once they surface unless the enemy have a better target it is over with but they should handle a medium or couple smalls easily.
  8. oh never mind you're saying they don't lol.
  9. where does it say that cc and Ack-ack use combined fire? just wondering for couldn't find that in 2.0 so our group has been using them as linked.
  10. you had me at make my boyfriend cry *clap clap clap*
  11. AA can only be used once per activation so no.
  12. I keep in my basement....oh wait I can't tell on myself like that just about to start on my green blazing sun fleet look forward to seeing them on the water
  13. yes it must lead a counter attack to defend itself...if it defends against that attack. there is nothing that says it HAS to defend itself in which case it would be free to link with another ship being attacked. so in a three ship squadron ships A B and C..... 9 dice rocket against A 6 dice rocket against B and 6 dice rocket against C. Ship A being attacked by the 9 dice attack defends itself. Both ships B and C let the 6 dice attacks through without defending against them so there for can link with Ship A to defend against the 9 dice attack. now if any ship fires against the two smaller attacks then yes the ship being targeted would have to defend itself but if they are let through without defensive fire then ships B and C are free to link with ship A who is defending itself.
  14. they can link their AA to defend the big one. They have to defend themselves if they defend against that volley but they don't have to defend against the volley.
  15. the AA question... from my understanding if you defend against that particular rocket attack yes you have to defend yourself but you also can ignore that attack and link to defend a squadron mate. but if you did fire AA at a particular rocket attack that rocket attacks target does have to defend itself.
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