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  1. I've forgotten about that! The monitor! Any picture of an advanced model?
  2. FSA's fighters are terrible. A few squadrons of other nation's fighters should soften up the bombers enough to reduce their strenght
  3. While a more varied force in terms of size and units is the best strategy, truth to be told, I have yet to find some use for the springfields, and I own a score of the little fellows. for the same amount of points, I'll take a revere (or shields if it's a posibility) anytime
  4. What would you include in the "wolf pack"?
  5. An all-air FSA is not only feasable, but actually quite interesting to play. I'd recommend a Saratoga as naval compliment and a cheap way to get even greater air power in the form of SAS
  6. Thanks! The look was ok, as for the boat... well, I'm somehow optimistic and eager to try it. The bombard is a great idea for a long range unit. The stats themselves are not impressive, but I field the guilfords everytime I can and gunnery is way more effective than rockets. The extra cost is a bummer, but reasonable. The one thing I don't like is the fixed channel, which can be tricky to use.
  7. So, what do you think of the new heavy destroyer? And, by the way, is there any image of it somwhere on the web?
  8. Great report! As an FSA player, I know how tough the Russians can be. You have to keep your distance and use your gunnery to soften them up before they got to close. One trick that really works for me is deploying sideways, that way you get to keep the enemy at bay, while using your rear guns. This came handy against russians, prussians and other close quarter brawlers. One other thing: The destroyers are quite lethal, but they should be keep at RB 3 and hitting with to linked attacks of 10 dice, to minimize the effect of the AA
  9. Amazing!! I'll try it on my next game this weekend. Nucreum, you rock!!
  10. I've been using the DWABO is a great tool to keep score of the victory points. Every time a ship got sink, I put it in the generator, and I use it to keep score of the victory points. However, this is not perfect because it doesn't take into account the strategic value of each ship and the points for a prized one. It's just an idea, but if it's feasible, it could be really usefull :-)
  11. +1, I have way too many partial squads... and I won't buy a full box to get a model
  12. I love this app, and while I use it all the time to build my fleet, I've discovered that it's also quite handy in keeping track of the VP. Any chance of getting a specialized app, with TAC cards and strategic value? I know I might be asking for too much, since you already gave us an amazing tool, but something like that would be priceless.
  13. Other than not having the models, I don't understand why the FSA didn't take full squadrons. 4 Gulfords are far more effective than 3, for example. The Lee's and princetons I can understand, giving their price. And while the Revere's are amazing, the Augustas do have their place, if you can manouver them they pack one hell of a punch. But yeah, overall the Revere is the superior ship.
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