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  1. Im struggling for childcare....perhaps we can look at the date again??
  2. Echo the above.....perhaps too little too late for me, promise the world and 8 months later its another new project
  3. Because they have systematically annihilated most things they play....yes they can be beaten...like most fleets, and Mr Guz has beaten the french, however even on a bad day the french can often still win. Alot of French lists lve seen are sub optimal, which is fine in a non tournament setting, but french can out activate, have awesome firepower and be rugged...all at the same time.
  4. Why?? Each nation has its strengths......Frankly, I see two fleet carriers for the FSA and I see easy points for my french, there frankly shite compared to a Tourbillon. I dont agree that every nation should have every type of unit, but I can see a small point about some are able to abuse what they have to create things which harm the game, such as activation spam
  5. Im 100% in agreement and i think Presedente will be too Our group of 6 wont play DW outside of the Uk league in Teeside every 2 or 3 months, because its just not fun anymore.....same stale game with the same broken units, my French were virtually undefeated in tournaments, presedentes french are about the same....yawn. In the last year we have seen in the UK two venues which Ran DW tournaments effectively close, one of which the last event they ran everyone apart from the 4 of us who drove down failed to turn up. I hope spartan gets a hell of a payoff from Halo...i mean it, because...ok i dont have figures, but going off the decline on the forum and lack of anything around the country....they have systematically destroyed the support of a good chunk of core gamers across DW and FSA.....you know...the ones who recommend the games to others. Halo might look like a nice shiny which will get X box gamers into tabletop (which i believe to be utter bollocks as most xbox gamers are lazy like me) but its so limited as a game....two factions....yeah if thats not repetative after two games then what is. Im not saying its a bad game, its not, just ive seen companies go after the short term sales for an IP which is in the mainstream, then watch it fail after the hype dies down *cough* Gw LOTR Problem is.....Halo had its day......10 years ago.......scary!
  6. I think that should be the ultimate aim for any game....however its the pinnacle which is hard to ever achieve, other games dont manage it, but what i would say is the orbats have far far too.many "deadwood" units which offer very little or are sub optimal
  7. Frankly from what we have seen make it to the table some of the playtesters need shot, there are huge imbalances in the game between fleets that just make certain units unviable....Orbat changes bring wierd changes that dont make sense half the time or just break more than they fix. Tried going down the play testing route 6 months ago.....still waiting for the call.... If by majority you.mean "Neil" then no nothing will change. Ive heard about how the FSA playtesting is done.....frankly it chills me to the core. Sounds more like a kangaroo court than anything with structure.
  8. You get to pay to be a member of a club....what more do you want?
  9. Problem is....how long can a game go without anything new, no rules, no models, no campaign , no forum presence, no updates..... Oh there is that 2 player box set with "some" rules and stats after two years....this game is stale, not many new people are playing (in our area) and people are learning that the scatter gun approach doesnt work. Yes im bitter, yes im sore about it But Frankly spartan have only got themselves to blame
  10. Spartan dont have the employees to support the games they have , let alone new ones As far as I'm aware, there isnt much of a playtesting group anymore, and what is there doesnt have much contact with anyone at spartan I believe Derek has overview of DW........ but hes part time, and has other projects to look at. DW is not Mature. It has a rule book and models......very little of anything else, no campaigns, no scenarios, nothing......... granted we as a community could create our own as James Did, or use Ironclad scenarios Frankly i think the state that DW has been left in is nothing more than sheer lazyness, and this scattergun approach to gaming systems is hurting the established games. I want Quality, not hoards of part finished games
  11. DW is good because of variation FA is ok but suffers from big scale problems that the models are too big and clunky Halo makes money.....thats about the only good thing ill say i know were the focus is atm
  12. Im afraid spartan have left it too late any action wouldnt bring back alot of gamers who have been burned in the last two years
  13. Truth be told, this game is going to the dogs The game itself is great, but poor marketing, ideas (or lack thereof) poor decision making have really hurt the game in the past 12 - 18 months to the point that Stores are removing as much of their stock as they can Fleets are being spammed on Ebay for prices sometime 30 or 40 % RRP The forums are almost dead Not many people globally are playing The lore was something that could have had real focus, instead it has stagnated over the past 3 years due to short attention spans Ive been DW's biggest advocate over the last 2 years, had real excitement for the game..........all of that has almost erroded to the point that I dont really care, If not for the League that gets ran up in the north east I wouldnt have played a single game this year, and wouldnt really be bothered If that doesnt speak volumes Spartan.........then I guess you dont really deserve Dystopian wars.......
  14. Yes...I can see the timeline shifting where basically all the nations of the world combine and have peace for years...until an alien race called the covenant attack, and humanity is threatened by these giant rings, then again that could just be DW dissapearing and Halo taking over....
  15. would love to , but at the guild ball uk championships the weekend before and you know, theres the evil dragon wife and baby to stop me
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