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  1. This is about the game card "Risky Business". As a quick reminder: It's a reaction card that costs 2 CP and can double the CP of a card your opponent just played on a 3+. So far so useful. But there is also the following sentence which says "The Commander may then choose not to play the game card, this card is still played regardless. This last sentence makes Risky Business considerably unimpressive and also leaves a lot up to interpretation. Does your opponent lose the basic CP from playing the countered cardat all? Does he lose a higher amount due to Risky Business? There is also the question of power. The way I read this card it only delays your opponent for one turn. All that for the cost of a card and 2 CP, which only has a successrate of 66%. Also, since I'm in Extremor's gaming group, we play with a set of 5+ max cards (depending on if you bring a communications array or trade acard slots for one off CP). So the way this card is played is of somewhat great importance for our overall strategies. The way we see it, that last sentence should just be erased, making this card a solid defensive option with a 33% of failing and a high CP cost which can seriously ruin your opponents plans. If the sentence stays, it would be a card that sounds nice on paper but would fall to the wayside because of cards with much more power and utility you could take in your arsenal and is all around underwhelming. I would like to read your opinion on the card, whether your agree with my assessment or if I'm completely on the wrong track.
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