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  1. Looking forward to this as well. Taskforce has a lot of potential and I'd hate for this delay to stymie this ruleset's growth.
  2. Wait, what's this? Phaedros is not dead?!?! Impossibru!!! Yes, yes, I know, I know, I've been gone for quite awhile, but sometimes life really does get in the way of our hobbies (or other hobbies end up sidetracking us.) In any case, I wanted to remind folks that the North American (NA) Planetfall Community Facebook Group is still a thing! So be sure to check it out!
  3. Just an update. I won't be coming out to GenX today, I'm down with a sinus infection unfortunately. -.-
  4. Sunday is tabletop day at GenX, I met someone who plays PF through the BattleTech group that meets there, and they're pretty open to trying/playing new things from what I've gathered from my first impression, but yes, Sunday will probably be the norm.
  5. Thanks, Neil. I put in my join request and hopefully we can get some games in at some point given that Dallas has become a shorter drive.
  6. I haven't expanded yet, unfortunately, but the real question is do you want to win by objective or by elimination? I personally prefer taking ground, but (theoretically) always bring enough firepower to make the other option viable as well.
  7. Heyo everyone, Phaedros here. I thought I would start this thread in the hopes of finding more folks in the DFW area and for organizing local games. To kick this off, I will be up at Generation X Comics and Games in Bedford on Sunday, December 13th at around Noon. I believe a couple other locals will be meeting up there as well. =)
  8. Great episode, but there's a correction to be made. The minimum for a Core Helix is as follows: One Heavy Squadron (1+ Heavies) One Medium Squadron (2+ Mediums) One Light Recon Squadron (3+ Light Recons) A Core Helix box contains the minimum requirements plus many extras, such as the option to max your Medium and Light Recon Squadrons, specialist elements, 2 min/1 max Infantry Cadre(s), etc. Carry on.
  9. Just wondering if someone has made a guide for drilling out and cleaning up the area underneath the legs of the Relthozan Lights?
  10. @BrotherZaah: Yeah, I've been meaning to pick up some matte varnish for awhile now, and I think both the models and bases could use a highlight, especially the Desolator and Trojans as I got a little crazy with washing. I personally am not a fan of clean paint jobs for tanks and such as you can see.
  11. OP and 1st Reply updated with pics! (Been done for awhile, however life has been quite hectic. -.-)
  12. That's unfortunate Zeph, at least he's retroactively correct now.
  13. Why would you need another 10 buggies? We get 8 Patriots, yes they all have to dogpile on the same objective, but at least they're hyper aggressive and riding in style thanks to the Haunter. (Why do I always picture the Pokémon Haunter?! O.o?)
  14. By the numbers, a Leviathan is worth the weight and then some of an entire Core Helix... Honestly, I don't expect the Wraith to weigh more than a Desolator, the Hyperion/Odin may weigh 1.5 times a Heavy. Even so, that's not seeming correct.
  15. The £55 price tag seems way off... Core Helix Contents: 1 Heavy 3 Mediums 4-5 Lights 3-5 Support Elements 6 Infantry Stands Price = £40 Leviathan Helix Contents: 1 Leviathan 0-10 Lights 0-8 Infantry Price = £55? Not seeing the value here, Spartans, some explanation is required here...
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