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  1. New statistics: http://ohmcz.eu/dw/stats.php It has been quite a while, but there are 30 new more battles reported, we are just three battles short of 300! Most battles are from a big tournament in CZ (12 players, I think, including one infamous Scottish admiral ), but also a few from Sweden and France. I was trying to prepare something like a summary after one year of running this campaign, and it turns out that on most battlefields, the situation is pretty stable. In Far East, the Chinese and Japanese have pushed back the Grand Coalition forces a lot (from winning about 1/3 battles at the beginning to over 1/2 now), and the Russian coalition and Polish Commonwealth are slowly winninng the grand battle of Konigsburg. But everywhere else, the armies seem to be stuck in a stalemate. It will be interesting to see develepoment in new year, with so many exciting stuff being promised by the Spartan Games!
  2. Wow, nice! It is completely harmless, but still makes me want my own Tesla gun :-)
  3. I think other games than DW need new rules - Planetfall would probably deserve them the most...
  4. Hi all, it has been some time (very busy for our reporters), but finally new stats are available and a new issue of Swiss Times is being prepared as well. http://ohmcz.eu/dw/stats.php 1) we added new locations on both sides of Africa. Not many battles posted yet, but seems like the Imperial bond is doing pretty good there, despite that the Prussians have been beaten in both major two engagements. 2) There has been a tournament in Czech Republic, 14 players (one great guest from Scotland as well), 5 rounds, that means a lot of new battles posted. A lot of these new results are influenced by the tournament meta - top 4 places were taken by fleets with a dreadnought+1 or more Large and with quite a lot of SAS trays. The poor Russians are suffering by a quite new player who had the misfortune of being paired up versus some old veterans. But the the steady rise of Italians and Britannia is well deserved, many battles were reported also from France, Italy and Spain (none from UK, the mother of DW - shame on you! ). 3) I heard some feedback from people from other gaming clubs in CZ why they are not posting. Two excuses: They are just plain lazy - I get that, I am sometimes terribly lazy too They think some battles are not worthy reporting, only 'testing games ending after second turn' - well, report those too. Other people are reporting them, a game ending at 2nd turn is often already with a clear result, and can provide good source of narrative. Testing out a dreadbot, for example, or bombers lists, or submarine lists is a great and unusual thing, nice material for our reporters. Thanks to all of you posting battles and/or reading the Swiss Financial Times!
  5. 1) Fluff - I agree we need more fluff, but let me guys remind you of a year-long, Spartan-approved project of "Swiss Financial Times" , where new fluff is posted at least twice a month, based on players games reported from all over the place. Recently the Russian attack on the Prussian town of Kaliningrad, and heavy fighting in the Mediterranean, for example, are covered by at least 6 articles. 2) Offensive generators - please change those where you have to use them on a ship within 8" before movement 3) Precision strikes - anyone ever used them? 4) Activation spam - someone suggested that SAS and tiny models have to be launched in round 1 from the carriers and count as activated. You will get activation spam from turn two, but it is usually not so important then. Only spotters would be allowed to spot after launching. 5) please more scenarios 6) change somehow the meta, where everyone competititve takes as much Large as possible. Booooooring! 7) TAC cards - I think they are great, when most people opt out to go for 70% you can use them a lot to draw some points out from your opponent. 8) National commodore - yes please,but balanced 9) New Orbats, each faction has some units it never uses... 10) Dreadbots - I consider them betaversion. Some are just hopeless (Madame Liberte giving herself a crit every turn?), some are awesome, for all their shooty version is supergood compared to their boarding variant.
  6. Big ThankYou to the organizers, were funny event, great spirit, and edible prizes! EPIC!
  7. Great report, man! How do you find the scenario? I like very much the different rules for English and Prussian forces and that due to long range at the beginning, the game will last longer, but I think the Kill Commodore by end of turn 2 is impossible to achieve, and also the "disadvantage" of having mandatory Reserves is not a disadvantage at all - the ships would not play any role in turns 1 and 2 anyway, and being able to deploy from the whole table edge they might even be put into a better position than if they were in the deployment zone in Turn 1.
  8. On Friday evening we only go to the pub to eat and chat, than battles should be 9 to 18 on Saturday and 9 to 15 on Sunday. Is that what you needed to know?
  9. GanzeGurke (and others), would you please report your battles from the tournament and any practice to the DW campaign? We joined to the official SG campaign around Africa, your battles can be allocated to the African battlefields and I heard a special war correspondent was despatched to both East and West Africa...
  10. Guys, some big news! 1) we have 249 battles reported so c! Who will be the 250th victor? A quarter of a thousand, not bad, folks. Now some stats can be really counted solid - for example, it seems that 1000 pts is by large the most popular size of a battle, with 1250 the next most popular. Also the trend for which armies are winners and which loosers is pretty stable since the last update of rules. The meta has settled, apparently (or people are lazy to come up with new builds and tactics) 2) We have added new locations to support the latest Spartan Games campaign in Africa! You can now report to Gulf of Guinea and East Africa - Madagascar. We already have the first battle reported, a bloody attempt of Chinese trying to seize some foothold for them selves in Somalia. The Prussians, surprised by the action of their supposed ally, had to defend their territory (or at least what they claim as their territory) with force. Who knows where this incident may lead... In addition to reporting battles to SG, feel free to submit your battles our form here: http://ohmcz.eu/dw/reportc.php EDITED: 3) we are seeing some very heavy fighting in the Mediterranean. The fellows in Italy particularly have contributed a lot recently and we may see the balance shifting soon. Clearly a sign that the Suez path to Africa is becoming more and more important. Our field corresponents are frantically preparing reports for you, stay tuned!
  11. New stats uploaded! http://ohmcz.eu/dw/stats.php
  12. New statistics available: http://ohmcz.eu/dw/stats.php Seems like everyone is on summer vacation - but lets wait for the stormy seas of autumn, I hear there should be a few event comming in, including a themed tournament in Prague, naval and land siege of Konigberg. In the meantime, check out the nations that need most improvement accordin to our statistics - Black Wolf, Kingdom of Britain (!) and Chinese Federation lose statistically almost every battle.
  13. And finally also the new stats are ready! Thanks for the Limerick tournament reports and to all others! http://ohmcz.eu/dw/stats.php
  14. I am mostly facing Terrans, sometimes Dindrendzi or Directorate, and I always use the close combat option. I usually get blasted to pieces, but thanks to Recon, I always win on objectives. I must say we use a relatively lot of los-blocks, like hilss and buildings, so my tactics works. In forest or on open ground, my Borkas and other short range units would die before even getting to fire a single shot.
  15. If anyone makes it to Prague airport / central bus station / my appartment, I can take him to the tournament by car :-) So, transportation should not be such a big issue :-) Take your family for a trip to Prague and/or Pardubice and quietly slip away for a "a few games" :-)
  16. And to all, please keep posting - we almost thought this project is slowly going to die, since less and less people were posting but having ~15 new battles reported in a week is a great boost to our morale :-)
  17. Oml, Chancer, I don't think I have received any results. Last battle from user OML is from February. If you guys think that filling the battles into our online form is too slow for reporting the whole tournament, just email them to me, post them here, send a pigeon / raven or whatever is easiest for you :-)
  18. Thyps, thanks a lot as well! I can see five new 1500 pts battles posted, sweet!
  19. Guzziug, thanks a lot! I somehow completely missed that post. I have everything I need for the fleet stats, if any of the players participating wants to link is nick to one of the fleets, that would be even better (but it is only useful for knowing how many players are actually playing, we are not ranking players in any way). I will upload the data to our database over the weekend.
  20. New stats are available, after a month. Unfortunately, non of the big recent tournaments results were reported. But it while it seems the Northern hemisphere seems on holiday, Kiwi and Aussie admirals are reporting battle after battle: Here are some first reports telegraphed to the Swiss Financial Times office this last morning. Our reporters will verify and provide more details soon: Crushing Victory for CoA vs RF, 1000 pts: "Dreadnought naval ships fought and both survived, but the Russian navy could not cope with the long range damage from the COA fleet" Crushing Victory for RF vs RoF, 1140 pts: "The RC Khatanga sealed the victory once it moved into range of the squishy French ships." Crushing Victory for Rof vs Roayal Australia, 1000 pts: "1 turn teleported a Victoria Monitor of the board with a double crit. Magazine explosion to a French Dieppe blowing it up only causing 1 damage to sister ships. Later a Dieppe Crusier was boarded and taken over by the Aussies before being blown up by the Saul Polo. Game came down to Pocket battleships destroyed by heat lances in range band 1. "
  21. I have been wondering for a long time - France has so many expert spotters everywhere, and only the poor Epaulards and one weapon on St Malo to use them. Are we being trolled? :-)
  22. By any chance, does someone here have the full listing of battles? Who played against who and with what result?
  23. If enough people move from DW to Fleet Action, we can change both statistics and the Swiss Financial Times to reflect that...
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