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  1. BigG35

    Cas's Veydreth

    Love the scheme you've chosen for these! I have the majority of my fleet base coated and washed (going for a grimey/dirty look for my fleet) and need to crack on.
  2. It still says that it's fire arcs are f/l/a is this correct? Gary
  3. So as I read it the new heavy gunship has a second scatter cannon with a f/l/a fire arc but it is supposed to be a precision missile with a f/r/a fire arc? I thought I was misreading it when I first saw it!
  4. These are fantastic! Really useful and I love the layout! Gary
  5. I emailed them last night but I wasn't sure if it was the correct email address. Fingers crossed I'll get a reply on Monday. Cheers, Gary
  6. I have recently purchased a Sorylian core helix for planetfall. Upon it being delivered I have commenced constructing the various components I have found that I am missing one of the light infantry troops and two of the heavy infantry troops meaning I only have three heavy infantry and four light infantry bases and not what is supposed to be in the box. Is there anyone who knows who to contact or is there anyone on the forums who can help with this. Thanks in advance, Gary
  7. I have asked for the Veydreth Patrol fleet boxed set and some more Veydreth cruisers (I know my wife has listened to my hint dropping since September) lol. I also dropped hints about the new Sorylians for Planetfall but I don't think those hints/wishes were listened too (will have to wait till the new year and buy those myself)!! Gary
  8. I'm looking into the not too distant future and investing into some alliance allies for my veydreth fleet. I have seen people say that they ally easily with sorylians and that tarakians also complement them but I'm just wondering what are peoples opinions on either fleet as an ally. By the way I love the looks of both fleets! Gary
  9. Zaknafn nice use of the eldar water slide transfers by the way!
  10. I've stocked up on the old mould destroyers (6) and gunships (3) but have invested in the new assault cruisers for my starting fleet. I am going to use 3 destroyers in a destroyer squad and the other 3 will be corvettes to fulfil my required tier 3 squadron until I invest in the fleet box. The fleet comes in nicely at 795 points and not everything has ambush.
  11. I have recently started a veydreth fleet purely on the prowler gunship. The rules are an afterthought for me in that case.
  12. I like the black/grey but would look at replacing the red with blue possibly. Hope you don't mind but I have saved that pic for future reference. Will post pics once they are done. Gary
  13. Hi all, I am considering a potential colour scheme for my new veydreth ships and I am considering a dark/black colour scheme to tie in with the ambush special rules. Does anyone have any ideas/hints/existing minis for further inspiration? Gary
  14. Are there any fs:a players in Merseyside area of the UK? I'm just getting back into firestorm and have started to build a veydreth fleet and I'm looking for any players out there. Gary
  15. So do Veydreth players intend to go gunship/cruiser/destroyer heavy in their lists then rather than take the points sink that is the battleship??
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