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  1. Last but not least- Syndicate, Oroshan, Veydreth, Civil ships, stations and the Overseer stuff: Well, crud, I'm out of space. Sorry. In case anyone was thinking "Oh, well, he's not completely mad..." I have about 12 to 15 boxes somewhere amongst the debris of the move...
  2. Thank you, reddwarf! Now, some Hawker, Works Raptor and Ryushi:
  3. Now, If your good, and I survive another hornet attack while mowing, I will post the lesser races tomorrow. If I have enough MB left....
  4. And the Relthoza. As you can see, I have failed Spartan when it comes to the bug people.
  5. Yes I do......In my defense I supply ALL the starships for my playing group. The adults "don't have time to paint", and the kids can't afford ships and their video games. But wait! I'm not finished yet.....
  6. My small part of the Terran Armada. I blame E-Bay.
  7. Okay, I will try but be forewarned, 1) not real computer literate so I don't know how to post photos. 2) we just moved but i know where everything is. 3) and I wasn't trying to leave anyone hanging, just got the internet back on!
  8. All I can say is it's over 800 ships....
  9. First thing, I'm going to admit I haven't read all the new previews, just breezed through them. But one thing that caught my eye was Kinetics and Shields. Dindrenzi are already considered OP in my little group and cutting the legs out from under the Terrans won't help this. I can see nobody in our circle being willing to play against them. That being said, we're a closed group and don't involve ourselves in tournaments, so we'll handle things by home rules if need be. My 2 cents.
  10. Glad to hear that you're feeling better, Neil. I'm in a quandary about the pre-order, so I sent you an e-mail.
  11. It's toxic here because a select few have their feelings hurt because Spartan won't listen to what they want,(and basically "who cares what anyone else wants"). Certain individuals over on the Firestorm Admirals page on Facebook continue to trash Spartan and gleefully predict it's demise. But on Facebook you can block them. Here you can't. Everyone I know except myself has stopped coming to the forums because they are tired of hearing it. Which leaves those select few to continue to make the atmosphere here toxic. Why should Spartan post anything on the forums when you can be sure that someone is going to find something negative to say?
  12. Command and Control – I'm not really sold on this. Somewhere deep in the back of my mind is the thought "Oh ****. I'm out of C & C points and now half the fleet can't shoot. An I'm not big on more record keeping or tokens. New Critical Table- Okay, I'm one of the few that miss the one shot kill of version one. There is joy in watching the opponents unscathed BB blow up just as he was going to drop the bomb on you. Has there been cursing when this happened in the past? Yes. But nobody in our group has stomped off and quit because of it. Removal of the AD-Degradation System – Can't say I'm big on the "power distribution" thing at all. Short Range Spacecraft - (Stand by for blasphemy) Do away with Interceptors. Just fighters and bombers. My 2 cents. Boarding – In version one we played this to capture ships, but as time went along somebody pointed out that we were launching marines from one tiny dot in space towards another tiny dot in space. Now, while to a bunch of ex-Army guys it was considered acceptable to do this to marines, we pretty much decided "This is a space battle. They're not shooting from one hill to the next. So we set the ranges at 100,000 miles to the inch. That's 400,000 miles if you launch boarders when they come into range. At a ship, under power that, let's face it, could run off and leave you while your floating over. We stopped boarding unless assaulters were used. For whatever reason we just don't use targeted strikes. Personally, I'd move assaulters to the boarding portion and take them out of wings. Just my thoughts on the matter, and I don't expect them to be used. We're just a small group, and we don't go to conventions, play competition, or even play with outsiders.
  13. Can you still buy the ships? I see them on the Spartan web site. Contrary to popular belief you don't have to be on the forums to play the game.
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