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  1. Last but not least- Syndicate, Oroshan, Veydreth, Civil ships, stations and the Overseer stuff: Well, crud, I'm out of space. Sorry. In case anyone was thinking "Oh, well, he's not completely mad..." I have about 12 to 15 boxes somewhere amongst the debris of the move...
  2. Thank you, reddwarf! Now, some Hawker, Works Raptor and Ryushi:
  3. Now, If your good, and I survive another hornet attack while mowing, I will post the lesser races tomorrow. If I have enough MB left....
  4. And the Relthoza. As you can see, I have failed Spartan when it comes to the bug people.
  5. Yes I do......In my defense I supply ALL the starships for my playing group. The adults "don't have time to paint", and the kids can't afford ships and their video games. But wait! I'm not finished yet.....
  6. My small part of the Terran Armada. I blame E-Bay.
  7. Okay, I will try but be forewarned, 1) not real computer literate so I don't know how to post photos. 2) we just moved but i know where everything is. 3) and I wasn't trying to leave anyone hanging, just got the internet back on!
  8. All I can say is it's over 800 ships....
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