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  1. Hey there, Any word on when the Task Force rules will be released via PDF, or when the Armada faction ship stat conversions will be available? I'd like to start playing with my existing fleets ASAP. Thanks! ~J
  2. I suppose that is all true, so I guess I'll join the assault crews, cry havoc, and let loose the spider swarm! Aesthetically, I do wish the models looked a bit better, they seem sorta uninspired.
  3. Wow, that is true, I totally hadn't thought of the system network/Cloak for Stealth Systems. Guess they could serve as a cheap way of protecting a strong flanking force made up of a swarm of Frigates, especially with our new Commander.
  4. I'm not sure how it would protect other ships? and from what? Most Relthozan ships have adequate or good PD, and it has no weapons to protect the Fleets rear. As far as I can tell you can't take it as an Accompaniment , and that's a shame since it would be more useful than the Stinger. Guess it could work well as a Mine clearer, lol.
  5. That's certainly a fair assessment. However, I think paying the same amount of points (Or more) for a single Assault roll is a really bad investment. Considering you have only 8AD, a number of AD is not really enough to threaten anything that is worth assaulting, and how difficult it is to pull off an effective assault, this seems self defeating to me . If your assault fails, you now have a useless Frigate squadron, other than flying at your Opponents SRS tokens. As for Durable MAR, If your opponent is wasting his SRS tokens on attacking your frigates, then its probably good for you. My point is, my Drones can assault with the same amount of dice, AND they have guns, so they can fire every turn and kill things. The only thing I could possibly see them being useful for is to take/sit on Objectives, which they would be cheap and durable. However, that of course is situational depending on missions,etc. ~J -On a side note, since we are talking about assaulty stuff, Spartan should bump up the Stinger Frigates AP to 3 to make it useful. Considering it has no weapons, and their are other ships with better stats and firepower, AP2 for 15 pts is not worth taking in the least.
  6. What do you guys think of the new ships in general? New carrier might be useful, but very little firepower and our more versatile carrier with better accompaniments seems a much better choice for the slot. New assault Cruisers, meh. We have ships that can do basically the same thing with more firepower. And I honestly don't understand the logic behind our new frigate, though i am looking at it from a purely Armada point of view.
  7. She might be pretty handy, more frigates, a each with Biohazard MAR could be nasty for weakening an enemy before boarding with your capital ships (but not really sure how effective it would really be). Cheaper Corrosive is nice, but will only free up maybe 30 pts even in a corrosive heavy list (not complaining, just is what it is). Not sure how i feel on the TAC card limitation, but i dont usually SPAM assault boats.The other TACs are pretty useful, so having to pay for them (Drives to Maximum, Burn Thrusters, Battle Shunt, etc.) is kinda dicey to me. Are we getting any other CO's?
  8. Thanks All! Considering i have two large Relthozan and Dindrenzi fleets, and i mentioned using a Terran starter box, i hope they aren't too pissed at me for put up some alternate models (I don't think i'm promoting GZG per se'). At the end of the day i'm using (And loving) their ruleset, so i hope they dont go all GW on me! On side note, i think i will use the OSO Corsairs as my primary fleet with the Trader Escort cruiser Squadron as Allies. I could see that PD network down card as being brutal against two 5 strength Bomber tokens via my Escort Carriers in one activation! P.S- Don't tell anyone, but i'm using Ravenstar Studio models as my Corsair force! :-P ~J
  9. Here is part of my STL Trader Fleet, the 1rst Lyrian Flotilla. Basically they are a hodgepodge fleet of civilians and mercenary vessels outfitted for war. Raised and paid for by Eremic Heimendal, a Merchant who founded the fleet at his own expense after the initial assault of the Zenian League. T he Models are from Ground Zero Games with some custom turrets and such i added. They are pewter and smaller than Spartan models, but i think perfect for the 3 HP Cruisers and Escort carriers. I plan on putting together my Terran Starter box and using them as Allies, or as a Primary fleet with Syndicate allies:) Had alot of fun with these! Cruiser Squadron The Escort Carrier Squadron The "Sagramore's Son" The "Sea *****" Carrier Group with Frigates Cruiser Squadron, other side. Thanks! ~J
  10. Had a great game with my buddy playing Aquans last night in a Border Clash. Only got to turn three before we had to pack up an leave, (We started playing around 8pm), but it was a helluva fight. The Sharnak Cruisers debuted strikingly, putting 5 hull points on one of his Carrier in one round after coming in from reserve! The Dred also acquitted itself well, completely obliterating a Heavy Cruiser in one horrific salvo of death, though it took much punishment in return from the remaining cruisers and the rest of the fleet. Overall the inclusion of the Sharnaks was a good choice, their firepower is obscene! Range band 2- 14 AD Fore Scatter, 14 AD P/S Beams, and 14 AD FORE Torps (This is including pack hunters MAR). Just Brutal, and exactly what this fleet needs. My Battleline (My two Sharnak squadrons are in Reserve). His Battleline (2 Barracuda Squadrons in Reserve) Initial Setup Positions. Turn Two. Going into turn Three and how we ended it. (My first Sharnak squadron is off on the right Flank out of frame. Came in an decimated his Carrier and was prepping for a sweep). Conclusions: I took out 2 heavy Cruisers, and a frigate or two, and lost 3 frigates and my Dred took 5 points of damage. However, i also had 5 points of damage on his Carrier, 3 Point to his BB, and the rest of my ships were in perfect HP. If we had played it out, i would probably have Cloaked the Dred, and hope my opponent keeps firing at it to try and bring it down. That way my HC's and may Sharnaks can do the dirty work of beating on everything withing range. i dont think the Carrier and the BB would have been around much longer!
  11. I think Hidden Setup markers really depend on the scenario, and the ship in hidden setup. Maneuverable is a must in my opinion. Sending my men on suicide missions isn't usually a great thing to do given the points swing when your Destroyers pop, but holding up the enemy or forcing them to deal with your forces on an objective might pay dividends. Whatever the case, i feel like they are subjective and situational. Aside from that, I actually usually avoid the Ganak since its a brick and hard to kill, so its interesting to hear otherwise about it. I suppose if the entire Dindrenzi list focused on it for a two turn or so it would be hurting pretty badly. Has anyone really fiddled around with High Energy MAR and stacking Hazard tokens on a target? I've done it once with mixed results.
  12. I think the standard cruisers will do well in the list i posted above considering i am going to try and shunt them in just when the HCs and Dred are making contact with the enemy. With Weapon Shielding and Pack Hunters, the cruisers should have enough firepower to hurt whoever they are firing at, even when heavily damaged, (Including Frigates). Also, I'm banking on forcing my opponent to make a decision on whether to turn and face the new threat, or continue into the teeth of the battle-line. I personally love the Ba'kash Heavy Cruiser, its firepower is obscene, but I'm hesitant to leave out the standard cruisers considering their bang for the buck, at least in this list.
  13. I completely agree. Shunting Carriers and Cruisers are all great, but they always seem to take up a good points chunk. Also, i feel like none of them can really deliver the heavy blows needed to whittle down the Tarakian mediums. Usually the Tarakians with their high HP can absorb and then counter effectively. Guess i could try them however and see what happens! Maybe a single Shunt cruiser squadron would work, but I have been looking elsewhere, such as the Ba'Kash to solve some of my Tarakian problems. They seem to cover a few bases that the spiders dance around.
  14. Yep, 1200pts, and getting them into the fight (Hopefully behind or the sides) is the plan. I should be facing Aquans or Directorate. We always roll a random scenario, but i'll try and post up a battle report when its finished. Aside from that, the Ba'Kash seem like an excellent list choice for us spider folk. The cruisers are excellent since they dont suffer from being crippled as easily as our ships, and they are more of a point and shoot vessel that has much versatility. The HC's are almost if not just as good as ours, albeit for different reasons, and the Assault carrier is an interesting option to explore as well. I'm not exactly sure how or why the Destroyer option would be effective, given the only real difference between them and a standard cruiser is they have is Side Scatter weapons and decent AP. However, No Mines, Second Assault, Maneuverable, or Weapons Shielding options and only having two of them in a squadron seems to take any advantages they may have away. Thoughts?
  15. Thanks for all the input, all of it is very relevant. I want to add that I dont always lose against the Tarakians, I just think they and the Grav weapons can be more balanced. While they are basically a one trick pony, its a helluva big pony! I play Dindrenzi and Relthozan, and my Dindrenzi can often times neuter/destroy a squadron of Sulans within two-three rounds. However, sometimes it takes all the firepower of my fleet (2 squadrons of Cruisers, 1 squadron of HCs, Praetorian BB and 3 Hammer Frigates squadrons (2 In reserve) concentrating on a single squadron to do that (especially given terrain,bad rolling, etc.). When i play Relthozans, unless i play heavies, its very difficult fighting the Tarakians in general. Stealth is excellent, but I think i'd have to tailor my fleet to fight the the Taraks just to compete with them (Add in a BC squadron for assault, etc). My mediums usually get torn apart or crippled so badly they become useless. My main advantage (Cloaking Fields) is essentially completely negated. Staying out of a Sulan squadrons Fixed Fore armament in most missions (Especially given they have 1"TL), when their weapons ignore LoS and have good range, is basically impossible. So saying that and actually doing it in game, is a whole different matter. You are left with the "Kill the Sulans before they kill you" option, which is not hard for the Drenzi, but is incredibly difficult for the Relthozans who have no Firepower at long range other than Torps. Generally I suppose I may just have to adjust the way i play to fight the Tarakians and try to take advantage of their weaknesses (lack of Mines, low AP). Every game is a learning (if frustrating) experience. Thanks again for all the suggestions/comments:)
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