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  1. The Phantom got packaged with SRS only couple months ago. Any blister produced before that come without. So if You didn't find any SRS, it was old stock. Only the third one I bought had SRS.
  2. Basically what You have summerized, with the following modification: Dindrenzi carrier is not so good, buy instead RSN carrier (natural allies of dindrenzi) If You look for allies, Works Raptors Patrol Fleet for Directorate and Bakash Cruisers for Relthoza are solid. On the Kurak side, the natural allies are not that necessary. Ryushi and Tarakians though would give some extra abilities to any of them. Hawker is great, but offers little extra to Terrans.
  3. I have two successful fleets. @Patrol fleet: Ryushi core with Tarakian battleship @Battle fleet: Hawker core with Tarakian cruisers or Xelocian dreadnought. Ryushi corvettes to fill points
  4. Kedorian cruisers or Relthoza carrier with shunt cruisers give you the ability to jump behind the enemy squadrons. Not exactly the expected behaviour from Directorate. Dindrenzi cruisers (or even a battleship) could give you long range fire support, while the other squadrons move up.
  5. I, too, think the Resolute is not in line with the battleship (design-wise). I never thought of modifying the BB, instead, I am making the Resolute "thinner". But Your work is absolute stunning and straight forward.
  6. Side piece. If You magnetize, You can have two battleships or a dreadnought, as required.
  7. I never thought of them as useless. Quite the opposite, but they needed some skill to use. As in where to move them, so the other squadrons will still benefit after their move respectively. Anyway, I like the option of them being an upgrade to normal cruisers. It also would increase the cruiser squadron size to 4 ships.
  8. I already pre-ordered. On the one hand side, I am interested in the engine, that's why I do buy almost any space fleet game. On the other side, I will use the small ships in FSA as corvettes (aquan and dindrenzi respectively).
  9. Resolving grav weapons have their own list, which does not include shield savings. The damage is resolved as normal
  10. Coming to think about it, the Ops Center option for Hawker might be intentional for the Regroup card. For extra 5 points and 1 BL (and one less activation, oc), you can solve the too expensive frigates problem.
  11. Unfortunately, Allies and Natural Allies as rules (e.g. excemptions for fleet building) are not defined in the base rulebook, even though the Marauders book references to it in terms of more general rules. They are always in the Fleet building rules section of a race. Hence, in the Terran one, the following is stated (p.13. Kurak Alliance book): reg Alliance Fleets: "(...) Finally, an Alliance Fleet cannot take Tactical Ability Cards listed as 'Terran Alliance Only', only General or Alliance of Kurak cards may be used. (...)" reg Natural Alliance: "(...) Additionally, if a Terran Fleet contains only Terran Alliance and Hawker Industries models, 'Terran Alliance Only' TACs may be chosen and used by all Squadrons in the Fleet." Not looking at the fact, that Marauders were published way after the Terran Manual (and one could argue about SG just forgot to update the Natural Allies section), the referenced rules so far would RAW allow Kurak Alliance TACs with Syndicate. Now the Marauders manual is unfortunately a mess in terms of rules. Sections which would belong together (especially regarding fleet building) are spread out in 3-4 different paragraphs. Here, I would like to point out the following: reg Important Note (p.2): " Any Mercenaries taken fill the same ‘quarter’ of your Maximum Fleet Value as allied models. You cannot spend one quarter on Allied Squadrons, one quarter on Mercenary Squadrons and one quarter on Natural Allies, instead you can field up to one quarter Allied and Mercenary Squadrons, up to one quarter Natural Allies and must field at least one half of the MFV from your main fleet. " -> This one indicates, that Mercenaries fill the Allies slot, and are separate from the Natural Allies one. reg Syndicate: " The STL are also Natural Allies with the Terran Alliance, and up to 50% of your MFV..." -> this we knew already reg Mercenaries (p.2): "In any other fleet, you may spend up to one quarter of your MFV (...) Finally, if you take Mercenaries in your Fleet, only General TACs amy be used." -> here we go! As we estabilished, Syndicate are Natural Allies, not Mercenaries, the paragraph about General TACs is irrelevant. QED Oobviously, if I wanted, I could have presented You with a logic with quite the opposite result. Summary: - rules for allies, natural allies and mercenaries belong to the main Rulebook - fleet manuals should only say, who is natural ally It should also be noted, that Kurak Alliance support fleet section should have a paragraph about Hawker and STL together, as they are both Natural Allies to Terrans. (and yes, I know, they work well with Terrans, but not each other etc)
  12. Devil's advocate here: for Terrans, Syndicate are Natural Allies not Mercenaries. Yes, I know they are in the Marauder book, but they have a different status.
  13. I will dig up a usable picture of it and post later on. Found it:
  14. Thanks, we had. While the guys were playing, I was finishing some additional terrain in the other room. I really expect 9-10 players next time around. Let's hope for 9 and I can play, too :-)
  15. Hello all! We have a lots of FSA players in Hungary, so we decided in our gaming club to hold a tournament series. We aimed low, this one being one of the first (if not the first) FSA tournament here, so we maxed the participants to 10 for the first one. We can put up 5 tables in our club rooms (basement). Later on, if we need to put up more tables, we can always go to the school, where we held our WFB tournaments, back in the days. We had 8 people seriously considering, but only 6 played. So there is space to improve. On the other hand, we had a new player who doubled his number of games by this, and also a lost one (who hasn't played for almost a year now). As the TO, I had lists (1-1 kurak/zenian) to jump in, or to even the number of players. These were the tables we prepared, below. I couldn't decide, if it was enough terrain, or if we should have put the extra not used on the other tables, too. It was like 17-19% of the table The 6 players brought: - 2 Directorate - 2 Dindrenzi - 1 Aquan - 1 Terran Turn 1 we had Border clash, with the deployment of Escalating Engagement. Turn 2 was Hold the waypoints After that it all came down to an Ambush! with Dindrenzi and Aquans going for the win. Winning admiral was the aquan one, with almost full DT fleet And the compulsory group photo at the end. From an organisational point of view, it was fairly easy, with not many questions. The more experienced players even managed some 6-7 turns during the 2,5 hours. On the other hand we had to many places where we communicated with potential players and one mistake on FB resulted in a mix-up. This also had effect 2 players not coming in the end. But we learn from that. Next turn will be 900 points with Adepticon missions.
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