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  1. This so much! I think I've only played one or two games where the old BB wasn't still alive and dealing good damage in turn 4, they're tough as all get out, and with weapon shielding are generally awesome. The battlecruisers are pretty good too, but given the choice the BB is my admiral's ship of choice.
  2. I don't know if it helps or not, but reflecting back on the last scenario, I know my game ( from what duckbird says her too) most people played defensively. maybe opening the bracket for reserves to a higher percent or some kind of deployment for smalls closer to the objective would help.
  3. don't question the best looking carrier, it's the best looking carrier, you can always get a gen1 which is the more traditional "blob in space" if you want something that looks like everyone elses
  4. veydreth, all ambush markers exactly 8 inches away from the front of their ships, shunt everything else in.
  5. don't you crush my dreams, if it was bigger I want it to be a dread-a-carrier! Also it'd be neat ( but unlikely) that it has two separate small flight stands since it's so darn wide, there should be a dead zone in between the rails.
  6. I'm inclined to say all the new fleets are supposed to be planetfall tie in ships, but I would love it if those door-drums are retractable plating. yay bonus defense while I have to fly in!
  7. I'm still torn on this, I'm down with the mega assault, but I'm still in the assault shouldn't be your main attack boat. so I'd still lean more towards dropping the Vey BB and taking cruisers instead of destroyers. Also if you do want to go the huge assault route, upgrade the Soy BB to be an assault horse, take some escorts and use the escorts' assault to force your opponents pd away from the BB's assault. The assault carrier is cool on paper but that is a mix of two words that have never impressed me on the board. Unless it's prefaced with directorate, and supported by robo-torpedo-drones. Frigates without pack hunter are just scoutless corvettes, so I still would suggest shifting one to corvettes for the scout or find a way to bump the frigates up to PH. Sorry to come across as super critical, but the jiist of your fleet here is just all stuff that's always let me down. It might work really well for you, so give it a shot, but I think you'll be in the same boat as me after a while. I still found that what worked best for my soys when I branched in to allies was taking something like the terqui, their ships provide super armored long range support to an already strong short range fleet. instead of the veys which either leaves mines (which are counterintuitive for a short range fleet) or minimally beef up an already strong front line. It doesn't help your surplus of veydreth ships, problem.
  8. So, maybe I'm just naive about this but firestorm was the first game for which I got into the online community. Having just gotten in to another game by another company (and on their forums as well), I'm surprised how little that games moderators are involved with their community. So high fives for Alex for setting the bar high.
  9. I've mentioned it before but I'm just not a big fan of the veydreth, so grain of salt here, but what's your plan of attack? I'm assuming it's shunt most of those bigs in and carefully fly the smalls? Also, if you're not going to bump them up to pack hunters, take a squad of corvettes over the frigates, scout is pretty cool and still cost you 100 pts for the squad with basically the same guns and one less crit (I think).
  10. yeah as a lizard I think it's maybe one of the best racial boons, "what's that? you're trying to swarm me, Ka-blowie! You just ran out of swarm ships." And I know for a fact that you, Ryjak, field fewer smalls playing against my lizards for just that reason.
  11. I'm late, but welcome to FSA! And, yarp, all of this, I'm always surprised how long my BB stays effective, and Cruisers are just the bee's knees, when you shunt them in, and is my general best advice, get good at putting cruisers places where they can blast all arcs, for a turn or two (they probably won't last longer than that). Generally I'm leaning towards using a few allies over the gunships for long range support, just because there are so many good allied ships that do long range better (IMO). But they aren't a bad take if you want to go straight Soys. Assaulting is pretty cool except like WWX says, it is not an end all attack, you can get some pretty good hits and effects out of it, but it's not going to be what wins the game. I usually don't go eith a full assault kit just because it's a lot of points for a one(/two) shot gun, However paying for extra AP on the bigs is totally worth it just to A) intimidate, and defend against assaults.
  12. That seems like a question of semantics, I would think a player conceding happens after irreparable damage is done to the BL and playing the rest of the game out is just delaying the inevitable maximum win for the opponent.
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