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  1. you'very faced my poles and French, my royal aussies are itching for some exercises against their raj allies. who better to help me assess my australian/raj joint ship projects
  2. the games I played in this selection were fun. this guy is a real gent so enjoy his bat reps
  3. I want a French modular battleship, maybe something with either a pair of heat lances or powerful mortars to take advantage of our expert spotters
  4. that bombard ship makes me want a brittania fleet
  5. I love the idea of a little ships charging round with little heat lances burning holes in everything. our smalls are currently so weak compared to everyone else. it would also make excellent use of the piercing effect of the lances as the bigger lances usually get crits on their own, a squadron of 3 smalls maybe with a 7/7/3 Lance 14 dice is a fairly nasty big shot, but 7+7+7 could potentially stick loads of crit effect markers on a squadron
  6. I have seen some love lately for the Danish fafnir, on paper it doesn't look all that great to me. A 4/6 unshielded cruiser hull reminds me a lot of my french light aircraft or light cruisers which usually don't survive a stiff breeze. they have a lot of toys, but 100pts a pop seems like handing the enemy easy VP
  7. thanks for those bits CDR_G making myself a carrier based on the australian Cerberus hull so need to make sure I order the right drop on
  8. that would be really handy, I do still need the measurements if possible please
  9. the fact that me and my club mates found the game in 2.0
  10. I love taking the marseilles and also almas with a gne la rochelle. can really motor across the table. might be handy for objective based missions
  11. I really like that list and the epulards are one of my favourite units (can't wait for the larger version) always find it hard to squeeze them in though.
  12. if I had a way of reliably stripping crew that would be awesome, but 10 elite crew just seems quite a task, particularly if I need 14 hits with guns to crit and hope for hard pounding results. would love to steal a moskva though and start smashing the enemy to bits with close range guns I am surprised you think aussies will work aussies I find them very good, but in competitive lists they seem to struggle. with regards what I own, I own at least 1 squadron of everything except the vauban and the aerial fleet box
  13. please can someone give me the measurements of these 3 deck drop ons. the length and width of the deck and also the width of the supporting structures. marked in blue. thanks in advance
  14. by the sounds of the blog, the voltaire will also have the advantage of being able to go stratospheric to stay safe before it pounces on its target which makes it just as hard to hit as a small in the aerial height level, but much tougher.
  15. I will be attending a 1000pt tourney in January and know I will be facing some nasty lists (dual moskva and tri-glittewolfe spring to mind) after ruling out my poles and unfortunately my Australians (my favourites) on the grounds of not being tough enough. I have decided to take my french. I would like to tips on competitive lists, I have written a list based on my favourite French models, but I am open to suggestions. I don't currently have a tourbillon and to be honest can't really see why everyone loves them so much, but am hoping for a French aerial box for Christmas so it's a possibility my current list +++ 1000 rof (Dystopian Wars 2.0 v7) (980pts) +++ ++ Open (République of France v14) (980pts) ++ + Large/Massive (415pts) + ····Couronne Class Assault Carrier (175pts) [Cloud, Ecuyer Attachment] ····La Rochelle Class Heavy Skimming Battleship (240pts) [Cloud, Nullification, RoF Commodore] + Medium (465pts) + ····Attached Ecuyer (70pts) [Ecuyer] ····Cherbourg Class Battle Cruiser (125pts) [Nullification] ····Toulon Class Armoured Cruiser (270pts) [Toulon, Toulon, Toulon] + Small (100pts) + ····Lyon Class Frigate (100pts) [4x Lyon]
  16. yeah the real thing look like this because I wanted to use the raj HBB rules, but the rear Generator and top turret could easily be swapped and I am still holding out for a genuine aussie HBB
  17. it's a shame so many people are just jumping on the core factions that already have so many options. I would like to see the sub factions get some love. For me personally it would be an australian heavy battleship, something like this and with these rules It might be a bit bland compared to some ideas, but not everything has to be wacky would also like to see an australian cruiser around the 60 point mark. both the raj and aussies could do with replacing the rubbish British air power they are stuck with too
  18. I never saw that, hopefully that kind of thing will be sorted in the next version. have chatted to one of my main opponents and he thinks we should just make infantry buyable which sounds good too me, will need trialing for balance. but the 6mm polish hussar cavalry i have will make a beautiful mounted (mechanised) assault infantry line
  19. I am struggling to see any way that the Polish armoured battle group can be taken. it requires 2x line infantry, 2x assault infantry and 1x Recon infantry. I can bring 2x assault infantry with the perun mobile airfield. but there is nothing in the battle group that can take line infantry. the only options are the land fortress, sky fortress and bunkers which can take them. even harder is the Recon infantry. as far as I can see there is literally no way to take Recon infantry in the Polish list? is that correct? am i correct in thinking there is no way to change the infantry type that come as part of the combat deployment or squadron support?
  20. pathogen have tempted me, but the whole capturing thing just seems a lot of book keeping lol
  21. which of the fleets would be better as a an assault based fleet. corsairs - lots of boarding but no really nasty pools of dice and ships that can't stand up to being in brawling range dindrenzi - lots of tough ships thay can be species toward boarding and lots of launch tubes, but again no really large pools, even the mighty legion maxes at 10 directorate - can decrew a ship fast to make it easier to board, decent but not great boarding pools on tough ships, but boarding vessels are really slow sorylian - can get some really big boarding pools with their big squadrons and have access to the admiral who turns up the thermostat and rips of the dial. ships are naturally good at brawling, but very limited access to things like second assault and boarding tubes ships wise my favourites are the lizards and the newer dindrenzi models, the directorate just don't do it for me
  22. dreads are awesome, but I think their costs do balance them out, some of them are the price of two battleships, which is often a much better way to go. they do make cool centerpiece models though, I love my xelocian dread but the battleship is better value for points
  23. I have decided to proxy it before I try, am going to buy a heavy, leviathan, command, assault and interceptor helix so I have one of each then go from there, thay will take me around 6k. it's the locatu rather than the sakatar in the heavy helix, so it does have the range, nasty little things with 15 dice pinpoint 2 out to 40 inches. the sakatar is part of the assault helix and is a beautiful short range tank, 21 Terror causing dice is just nasty, but the 16 inch range might make them vulerable
  24. am really tempted to go war of the worlds dual leviathan dual assault helix however, the heavy helix looks pretty tasty (less interested in the command helix) how do the Walker all fare? am I spending 2600 pts on duff units? I love them all, but on paper the heavy helix looks like it would be better value.
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