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  1. I can handle using count as ships for my aussies and frequently use my raj conversions as allies (pictured below next to their actual model). there is just a couple of things that aussies could really do with, even a simple naval expansion with a carrier, some cruisers and destroyers.
  2. these look amazing, nice work spartan. am worried about the it's got this... and this... and this...and this vibe from the blog. seems a bit too many flashy toys, really interested to see the end product though
  3. My aussies want to elbow their way to the front of that queue, they have no land units either, and also no unique air units. the australians have precisely 5 models if you include the little assault subs. I want some australian air forces and some land, it's a large country that has recently had a civil war, they probably have some tanks lying about
  4. as much as I am sad the French got stuck with an escort that we already had rules for instead of something new. absolutely love the sub and gunship and as everyone knows a single sub in a box means 2 on the battlefield
  5. at the moment is can get a 13 ad and a 12 ad attack which is fairly reliable for a pair of hits with associated fires and piercing rolls with pinpoint, and if the dice gods are feeling generous 1 of them might give you a crit (or both depending on number of kittens sacrificed) good way to plink heavy shIpswich and rack up some damage tokens. a moskva is much less scary if you can get a cheeky weapon damaged result on it.
  6. the US army were until recently experimenting with this guy until they dropped it and a civilian company took it up so airships are still on their radar
  7. the prussian glitterwolfe is really undercosted in my opinion, it's basically a flying battleship for the cost of a battlecruiser so for value I would say that is the best. the brittanian airships are ridiculously agile for their size and that can be really useful. sub wise, the british ones are probably the better ones as they can remain fully effective whilst under water, the others all need to surface in order to fire at least one weapon system (I can't think of any atm that can fire everything under water) most nations sky fortresses are on a par with each other, the tourbillon is considered a really powerful vessel, as is the Polish zamiec
  8. I am going to meet my dealer I'm a dark alley asap to get him to score me a couple of hits of Gascony. going to get some testing done when it arrives
  9. it seems like the crew of the mk2 will be looking at the Cherbourgs weapon load out with envy
  10. It is screaming out for a specialist squadron of mk1 + 2/3 Lyon frigates
  11. can the volley gun on the eucyer link with the raised turret and BS of the mk1? between 9 linked heavy AA (maybe 2x6) and all that high angle firepower, could really help rule the skies
  12. I think in the description though it does make it sound like this is newly acquired technology in a recent campaign, rather than a smaller version of what the French have been using for years. "a concentrated blasting heat shockwave capable of incinerating enemy vessels that dare tread too close" seems much more dramatic than a piddling little 6ad heat lance. maybe I just looked at all the new toys that other fleets were getting and hoped for too much
  13. i have been thinking, seeing as the heat broadside was 'reverse engineered from Antarctica tech' is it maybe meant to be fired like a particle accelerator, just with heat instead of whatever the penguins use? because at the moment we just have a smaller french heat lance which has nothing to do with any weapons the penguins have.
  14. I was really hoping that the new 'reverse engineered Antarctica technology' broadside would be something more special than a little heat lance, particularly from the description. i am hoping that there is a missing rule of the bottom to say the broadside fires in the same was a particle accelerator using the heat lance rules. but that's probably wishful thinking. if not it is a decent but really uninspiring ship, if I want a tough large Hunter I will take the larochelle, a nimble heat lance boat will be the Cherbourg. the mk2 looks like it will wade in, hurt something bad but then false to bits with both vulnerable and fuel reserves as negative MARs. I quite like the mk1, we never had much options for hunting subs so I like the torps. it's a bit weird and schizophrenic but I think it has enough dice to hurt most targets and throwing the 2 lots of torps separately can help bypass cc a bit.
  15. the French one still had cloud, both cloud and null on the mk1 and cloud+fury on the mk2
  16. look really good, am disappointed that the 'new tech' of the broadside heat lance wasn't more interesting than a side mounted light heat lance. awesome large hunting ship though. the other french one is awesome, so much interesting firepower, and I like the hunting modes. I assume that it should be Hunter Submerged not Hunter deep/diving though?
  17. I think it's hard to use real life tactics on the table top as in the real life the ships would not be forced to deploy in an narrow fixed band a set distance from their enemies narrow fixed band. But saying that, trying to minimise incoming fire by positioning your ships accordingly I'd just good sense. Running my turret or broadside based ships through the lines of some Fore based enemies so i can get a double broadside on each ship for minimal return fire is a regular tactic
  18. there is no reason not to glue them unless it is a ship that can swap a turret out for something else (usually a generator). Their direction makes absolutely no different in game play.
  19. used the Fafnir for the first time, lovely ship, can definately see the potential, however I failed in their luck this games. rolled a 17+17 attack , got no damage on a FSA cruiser, next turn 15+15, single crit in the cruiser, then had my marines wiped out assaulting a separate cruiser
  20. I like to magnetise mine so I can spin them (I usually do the spinning as I am doing my sums so it doesn't waste time) magnetised means if I knock them or pick them up they don't fall about all over the place and waste time picking them up again. even with pointing my turrets I play faster than my opponents so it isn't an issue and it just feels better having them angled at the target
  21. just noticed these drop, some interesting changes http://www.spartangames.co.uk/wp/wp/wp-content/spartanimg/DW_First_4_Modular_Revised.pdf
  22. I would like to see a proper sky fortress for the Danes, to make them playable as an aerial core force, I don't think they need more carrier capacity, but maybe something tough to fly up the board with lots of turrets
  23. I love the la rochelle, so nasty against enemy massives and it's big bulk is a great place to hide my vulnerable little Cherbourg behind. they usually make a great team. last rochelle moves in, hits the enemy with a 14 and a 10, potentially getting a crit and a hit, a couple of fire tokens and some crit markers. the Cherbourg then pops out next activation and hits the same target for a 9/9/9 usually gets 3 more hull, 3 more fire and some more crit markers. with careful movement this partnership is really powerful
  24. the mk1 french ship with attached eucyer will make a really good anti air combo, with a weird line role being and anti-air/anti-sub assault ship
  25. Italians were an odd choice as they are one of the more fleshed out fleets, hopefully the more restricted (hoping for more aussies) fleets
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