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  1. it always bothers me how few submarines can still attack from under the water, I know deck guns are popular, but I think all subs, even as a secondary weapon should have torps. there a a fair few, eg. the Boston can literally do NOTHING under water. so they a essentially equipped with a defensive system which reduces incoming damage by a little over 50% in exchange for reducing outgoing damage by 100%

  2. I also don't understand how it costs 6 co to refill a really damage base and rearm their bombs, but a brand new spanky wing is only 3? 

    I think 4 carrier points would be a good number at least, it means undamaged light carriers and medium carriers with no more than 2hp lost can rebuild 1 per turn, large carriers can rebuild 2 per turn as long as they have taken no more than 1 damage.


    at the bare minimum they need to arrive with an activation marker, the pilots have taxied, taken off, climbed to combat altitude and got into formation. surely that should count as their action for the turn

  3. I am in 2 minds about the new Commodore traits, firstly I dislike nationals flavour abilities being put into a general table, but secondly the idea of building a Commodore with personal abilities like a special character is very cool.

    so what do people thing they will do? there is the option to pick tables and roll, or just select traits as you like. both with the caveat that no more than 2 can come from a single table.

    I am strongly leaning toward picking, I can see the options for power gaming, but as everyone has the same access to the same tables, and is still limited to no more than 2 from any single table there is some level of balance. it also makes sense that, for example, if you came along with loads of ships built for boarding, the Commodore is likely to have been picked by command due to his better boarding traits.

    on the flip side, random traits means you could have a cool variety of Commodores as everyone is subject to the whims of the dice gods. But what is one player rolls exactly what they want and the other gets stuck with duff rolls. that '1' on the aggressive table (all friendly RB4 shooting at -1 to hit for first 2 turns) could cripple a long range fleet like the FSA or EIMC on a single dice roll.

    anyway, interested to hear which way the community is leaning?

  4. I never realised Madame liberty lost her cloud generator. seems harsh that the most expensive and also the weakest of the dread robot/mobile fort models got such a big nerf while staying so expensive. particularly when you compare her to the ice maiden for only 75pts more or the new russian super ship for significantly less

  5. I think they were already a bit of a no-brainer before, but I would argue that carriers will now have a diminishing return as a lot of their utility comes from the pool of dead wings, a single large carriers or support carrier squadron I suspect will become the norm and full carrier spam will be less of an issue

  6. I really dislike the fact that the national flavour abilities have been basically turned into a default setting on the warlord traits table. punishing gunnery was nasty but it was really flavourful, the FSA don't have all the tricks and toys that other nations have, we rely on barrages of massive artillery shells to do the job.

    here is a suggestion, I know it's an unusual one, but almost nobody uses sturginium ammo, only the covenant have access to it, and they usually swap out their guns for energy weapons.

    Maybe we could steal that as one of our flavours, everyone else is moving along technologically so seems fair that we do and the yanks in real life do like their sturginium (depleted uranium) shells, I wish this could be a thing @Spartan Mike

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes. certain fleets have received quite a buff with the new rules so there will definitely need to be some movement for the other fleets as well as currently fleets are basically the same as they were before, the FSA is identical in pretty much every way for example (it is French and FSA that I have looked at most closely)

    good luck with the changes and we await them excitedly :)

  8. 3 hours ago, roadkizzle said:

    I think the Mississippi Mk 2 is the one that really puts the Independence to shame

    the mk2 is awesome but I think the problem with the independence versus mk1 is that they are basically the same ship doing the same job but the Mississippi does it better for the same price.


    I have just realised that the Mississippi has gained barrage on its rockets!! that's cool, now let's spread that around to other ships :)


    also +1 for faster rockets mar




  9. well the new orbat has dropped and basically nothing changed at all for the FSA, this is a shame as it would have been a perfect time to do something with the independence which is even more obviously obsolete with it sharing the same document as the Mississippi mk1. 

    so, sounds like they want some feedback so going to throw my 2 cents in :)

    the providence - love the model, love the rules. the engine failure effect is a nice rider but situational. I like that it really feels like a heavy monitor instead of a battleship with a big gun. it's a shame that little plane catapult can't be a spotter for it though as that was clearly the intention, left field suggestion but putting it out there. drop the wing launcher and give it a rule that it can indirect fire without line of sight, to represnt it having it's own dedicated spotter plane. I don't thing it would be imbalanced as anyone who takes it will likely have spotters about anyway.


    calico light carrier - not a lot to say, does what it says on the tin. I like the volley gun broadsides as they synergise well with the defensive volley guns on some of the larger ships, and the rockets can also add a decent number of dice to a linked volley. am expecting these to pop up next to heavy warships instead of their own squadron. 17 ad rb3 torps on the enterprise looks nice.


    animus assault sub - I don't like these, great concept and renders, but they don't pack enough punch. I think they need 3 AP each and also need aquatic assault. otherwise they won't be able to really achieve much against anything that isn't crippled. with cr4 a defensive cc burst will likely kill one, then you have 6 AP to fight through ack ack and enemy AP. 

    concussive munitions doesn't seem useful as if they surface they are dead and they can't assault what they shoot so no point stripping AP. with their guns, sharp shooters would be a better fit for the purpose.


    all in all, the FSA list was always ok but not amazing, would have been nice to have a couple more toys, as the ships are all very similar just different sizes. a lot of our opponents are getting new gadgets to help them but not the FSA. i think the nerf to punishing gunnery is unfortunate and reduces the power of our gunline, so it's a shame we didn't get anything to compensate.


    also, not gonna happen but barrage instead of pinpoint on our rockets please :) we don't get any torps so miss out on that lovely shield ignoring fun.


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