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    tibour reacted to Urial in Battle of Lianosino (KOB vs LoIS) in video !   
    Hi guys ! 
    I make a vidéo a little different. 
    This video as effect a old movie begin 20 century. 
    Good video !  
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    tibour reacted to Nazduruk_Bugzappa in New company...   
    @Grand-Stone the Chinese and Japanese fleets do play fairly similar. They both have fixed-channel "broadsides" their rockets are incendiary, and their flamethrowers are also corrosive. The only "real" differences are Chinese crews are mostly conscripted, Japanese ships have Sharp Turn, and the Primary weapons use different Ordnance  (concussive for China, incendiary for Japan)
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    tibour reacted to David in New company...   
    Well, as for the Latin alliance, I assume Prussia is a threat to France and Italy, as proximity and power goes (maybe I am wrong, I confess again being a newer initiate to the history of the era and area). As for Latin America's inclusion, I suppose that is weaker, but figured it might be more like them as colonies of France and Spain and the like, you know, as a source of further resources for the perpetration of their war with Prussia.
    As for the Celestial Empire, it is true currently that weakened China benefits Japan, but bear in mind that Japan is an island, and they have to import a lot of things in order to feed their populace/keep up with the world's industry. In our modern world, post-WWII led to a strong alliance between America and Japan, but in the Dystopian Era, perhaps China is Japan's greatest source of importing necessary materials/technology/foodstuffs. Just a possibility, and even in that case Japan might want China weaker so they can seize those goods before the import process, but who knows.
    I do agree with sentiments you and others have expressed in that I am interested in seeing differentiated national sub-lists (DW turtle ship sounds like it might be awesome) and I definitely think the Blazing Sun logo shouldn't be plastered on the more clearly non-Japanese vessels. Then, as you have said, players can build their national lists and fight it out or ally as they see fit.
    Since no one can tell me how to play at my actual table with my friend group, then I don't have a big problem with Warcradle's narrative choice being a Singular Asian Empire in their minute to midnight scenario, as I can always say that two minutes later the alliance evaporates for whatever realistically motivated reasons I want.
    I think you ask good and thought provoking questions, Mr. Fracas
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    tibour reacted to LoganVI in New company...   
    If I can just add in, for right now I dislike this idea of what they are doing with the faction. A 1000 year alliance? The oldest alliance in the world is the Portugese-British Alliance, and there are a few times the Portugese have not really stood up with their allies. It is poor and lazy writing. Grouping in every other Asian nation so all the nations are all friends together is a borderline racist treatment, not that I am accusing anyone of actually being racist. Considering that from 1000 to 1900 China was remade several times it also unnecessarily complicates the history, for Russian as well which largely absorbs and colonizes the former Mongolian Empire, thus the size of Russia. Also that is why Mongolia tends to have more to do with Russian politics than. I like the Blazing Sun thing, it is reminiscent of the actual Imperial Japanese thing, where all military weapons would have an Imperial Chrysanthemum stamp and navy vessels would have it on the prow of the vessel. However I can see why if you were not playing the Japanese you would really not like it that much, I would not like it if I was playing a Chinese or Korean fleet, who had their own navies and pride. 
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    tibour got a reaction from Elessar in Dreadnought Robot?   
    Please no more robot **** I know I am probably in the minority but this is supposed to be steampunk right? Robots are sci fi or did I miss something? I mean I get the walkers as they have crew and are just a different tech. To have robots you need computers and AI and such hence sci fi. If you can make a robot your primary guns are not going to have a problem hitting at range band 1 and such. In fact all of your mods for size and distance go right out of the door. Robots wreck the game IMHO.
    Alright I will get off of my soap box now I still like and play DW and target robots with extreme prejudice.
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    tibour got a reaction from Treganter in Thought on KS new units   
    I kind of like them. I really like the rounded look. The covered elevator would provide cover from overhead attack to a weak point. It all would be of benefit in rough seas. The only thing that I don't like is the bunting.
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    tibour got a reaction from Bigsquatch in Thought on KS new units   
    I kind of like them. I really like the rounded look. The covered elevator would provide cover from overhead attack to a weak point. It all would be of benefit in rough seas. The only thing that I don't like is the bunting.
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    tibour reacted to Veldrain in Thought on KS new units   
    All medium carriers so far are CV(4) so it's a safe bet.  The fun part will be adding an Apollo to this squadron.  Two full wings and two spotters.
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    tibour reacted to Merlin in Rules previewed for the Crimson League ships   
    Just like v1.1 did, until it completely spiraled out of control with new releases after it, new rules will be incorporated into the main rulebook. So I wouldn't worry too much.
    Hell, its not like they have a vast amount of new rules to add in.... what with the lack of releases in the past year to fill it up.
    As to the Mercenaries. I dont like them either, but others do. And Spartans' fluff has never been great. Passable, but never great.
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    tibour reacted to Cassaralla in Pledged - over to you...   
    /adds another vote for a EotBS Naval Fleet Carrier of some kind.
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    tibour reacted to Sailion in Pledged - over to you...   
    Well I drew this for fun, alternative to round hulls for Russian coalition was going for heavy frigate/destroyer/escort.
    Mmm, Idk. ^^

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    tibour reacted to Nazduruk_Bugzappa in Pledged - over to you...   
    I've noticed that almost everyone suggested large/massive models.
    If I was able to afford to do this, I would look at mediums/smalls (even tinys) that could plug a hole in the fleet. (Either that, or make some "official" versions of some of the things that I have made over the years (for example, escort-flyers for the FSA, that aren't robots, as some players prefer the aesthetics of the airships)
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    tibour reacted to Lerriano in Pledged - over to you...   
    Okay, so here's a different take, because we know that the Core nations are getting more models out the bum-hole, how about use this golden opportunity to force the hand of SG to actually improve their alliance nations ahead of schedule? 
    Hellenic Kingdom are based between the corrosive turrets and fearsome broadsides of the Turks and the shield-y shooty buggers of the Italian pirate fleets. As such, they'd probably want something that helps them against such things but took advantage of both techs, as well as taking their own history into account.
    Alexandros Class Heavy Battleship - 230pts
    Large Naval Capital model
    Min Mv - 2", Turn Template - Large, Turn Limit - 0", Sqd Sze - 1
    DR - 7, CR - 11, Mv - 8", HP - 10
    AP - 7 (ELITE), AA - 5, CC - 4, IR - 10 (like a trireme, geddit?)
    MARs - Security posts (3) (phalanx on deck!), Ablative (1) (because everyone deserves a universal defense), Corrosion Redardant Armour (functions like flame retardant but for corrosive weapons, you turkish acid-monsters!), Combat coordinator (Fearless, 8")
    Gens - Internal Kinetic (dat ram rating tho), option to replace with a Disruption generator (those shields and weather gens are so incredibly 
    WEAPONS, other than that sexy trireme ram, of course...
    2x Front Turret, 270, 14,14,0,0 (Lethal, Incendiary) - that's right, kiddies, got some greek fire up in this!
    Flamethrower broadsides, 10 dice and Tertiary. more greek fire, baby.

    And it should look like a big sturginium trireme, probably minus the sails.
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    tibour reacted to Aralgmad in Pledged - over to you...   
    This is the thread I was waiting for so long:
    My proposal (working name: Le coutuer de beurre- the butter knife):
    Laguiole Class Monitor
    The concept of a French skiming Monitor class. The Laguiole is the top of the French heat lance and skimmer technology. This ship does not have a heat lance on it, it is a ship build around a heat lance. It was designed to fight the upcoming large ships and robots of other nations. The powerful heat lance can also be used to heat up the front of the ship which makes it possible to ram through ships like a heated knife through butter.
    Laguiole class skimming monitor 110P:
    DR5/CR7  7"MV   6HP 5AP 4 AA 4 CC IR 7
    Crew: Regular (update to stoic)

    Weapons: Heavy heat lance 14/14/7/7 - fixed channel
                     Broadsides 8/6/4/2
    Special rules: advanced engines 2''
                           Hull Breaker [Ramm Action +1+D3]
                           Retardant Armour 1
                           Internal Nullification generator (update to Fury Generator)
                           Combat Patrol
    From the looks, I would imagine a mix of the Marseille and the Magenta. The large heat lance is integrated in the bow of the ship. You have the typical engine and the citadell is lowered to give it a more streamlined look.
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    tibour reacted to Lord Nobody in Pledged - over to you...   
    For your consideration, EotBS ship Shinano. Fleet carrier 9 or 12 SAS. Trireme hull that can also be a surface skimmer.
    Pylons have fixed forward channel torpedoes 12/10 and mines 2X6. Channel guns 10/8/6/4 and 360 Rockets 0/8/12/14 on hull.
    External Guarding generator ( 3 12" protective 2 ). DR 6. CR 10. MV 6" 8" in skimmer mode. AP 8, AA 8, CC 6, IR 7, Crew Regular.
    Let you decide if it needs a turret or Node launcher. She could make us EotBS players proud!
    Forgot-  the fans are located between the pylons and hull.
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    tibour reacted to richomack88 in Pledged - over to you...   
    Fleet carrier for EOTBS is super attractive!
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    tibour reacted to Sebenko in Yokai Class Battleship   
    Maybe there'll be a rules update to reclassify the assault carrier as a fleet carrier at the same time.
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    tibour reacted to Safr in Please use metric...   
    Thats good plan!
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    tibour reacted to roadkizzle in Why did we get so many changes?   
    The same design is nothing more than a crutch and excuse for Spartan not to have to think about one faction.
    This picture has an example of two Medium options that would easily be able to fit within the FSA aesthetic and design options without succumbing to the trap that all of the official ships have.

    The FSA have "special weapons". They are Volley Guns, Rockets, and I'd say actually SAW because they started out as one of the ones most able to bring a carrier fleet.
    There is no need for the Battleships to be identical, and giving Aggressive crew to one of them really doesn't make it a good boarding unit. It's gotten a little better with the Augusta's having Sharpshooter and the Rockets having Piercing making them more likely to cripple ships without critting them.
    The Independence is to vulnerable to damage reduction to be safe charging it into short range where their opponents are universally more powerful than the FSA. If the Independence had Volley Gun broadsides as they appear to be it would even make it more pleasing. The broadsides would even be worrisome to medium vessels before it took a lot of damage. I'd also change up the turrets a little if possible, but I don't know if I want to get into that right now.
    For the Medium vessels I showed, the idea is the slab-armored one has monitor level toughness, volley gun broadsides to go along with the fore/aft volley guns, and I like to think a Combat Coordinator such as Acrobatic Pilots for SAS within 8" (or if nothing else a Target Painter).
    The Light Carrier would be useful, but I'm not sure what should make it unique to the FSA. Based on some other forum members a long time ago I've been thinking of something like the Titan transport ship. High defensive AP with the Troop Reinforcement MAR.
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    tibour reacted to roadkizzle in Why did we get so many changes?   
    And hell my whining wasn't even about a lack of power. I had no doubt that the Liberty, Enterprise, Boston, Annapolis, and Georgetowns/Princeton's couldn't make for very effective fleets...
    I was only whining because of the sameness of everything made the development so limited and the new units were the same as the old ones just strictly better. Leading to the fleets just being underpowered if they didn't make use of the new stuff or dreadnought.
    I'm very appreciative of the Pinpoint because it helps make some fleet builds that are not just "get big gunnery pools" more viable.
    I still really think the FSA could use more support ships and more variety than just the same design cliche of big gun in turret and generators. That's why I made the couple of models found in the Homebrew thread in the General section... They hopefully show that the FSA aesthetic and design is a lot more varied than we have been led to believe.
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    tibour reacted to Bigsquatch in Why did we get so many changes?   
    I guess the topic pretty much sums it up. I have had a very good win loss ratio, having more draws than losses, and far more wins. In essence I was very satisfied with the FSA and how it played. Imagine my surprise when I saw all the goodies we got with the new ORBAT changes.
    A few things were needed and I pined for, the forward volley guns on the Lexington, 3 ships to a squadron for Princetons, and the Yale being overlooked for the Small Target MAR.
    But we got sooooooo much more. The Pinpoint Attack MAR was great boost, my past problem was hitting with rockets. Now with more Guilford squadrons and the B72 attachments this no longer a problem. Then my next favorite is the Sharpshooters MAR on the Augustas! And points reduction! Am I dreaming? Lower points for the Avion, love it! And finally getting attachments, but so did everyone else.
    The Diehard Attitude MAR is great, but why? With 3 D6 my squadrons passed more often than not. Now I don't see many instances where they will fail. This one I don't get.
    Other than Roadkizzle I have seen very little whining. And as stated before I have done very well. So why the overwhelming buffs?
    Oh yeah beware the 3 Lord Hood lists, I saw what they can do last night.
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    tibour got a reaction from BigB in Scope for a Dystopian Wars 3.0?   
    3.0 NOT needed new ruled book logically laid out wouldn't hurt.
    As to Spam
    I have to completely agree with Veldrain. The three most logical approach will involve changing rules that work just fine. The far simpler and in my opinion much more effective approach is to do away with the strategic values and add them to the point cost of the model. This increase in points will affect how the basic fleets are assemble from the beginning of fleet construction and throughout play. How often do strategic points really matter? Sure if you loose a ship they are added. If they were added from the beginning it would mean one less small ship or in some cases even a medium ship on the board  per carrier.. That would have a much greater direct impact on the game.
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    tibour reacted to Veldrain in Scope for a Dystopian Wars 3.0?   
    I would like SAS spam toned down but I don't think actually changing the SAS rules is going to do it. 
    Activating them with the carrier - Parent first:  To powerful.  A fleet carrier would be able to slam a target with weapons and then after it degrades the AA it can launch two separate dive bombing attacks.  Playtest this once with the Zhanmadoa with 12 SAS upgrade and see if you think it is workable. Activating them with the carrier - SAS first:  Still to powerful.  Take the medium carriers as a squadron.  They can drop 2-3 dive bombings on a squadron and follow it up with main guns and boarding.  Prussia, or again the Chinese, would love this. Separate SAS phase:  Negates the use of bombers at all.  This removes the tactical use of bombers as deterrent or board control since they activate all at once.  I can move into their threat range but have the entire turn before they can retaliate.  In that time every nearby squad will be whittling them down with popshots.  Complete lose of tactics. Spam is the problem and the easiest way may be to fix what makes it possible.  Every single carrier has Strategic Value and this mechanic is near useless.  Drop Strategic Value and add most of that value back into the model as straight point cost.  This would go a long way to leveling the playing field in competitive play *cough Ironclad *cough when you are fighting for Objectives and don't necessarily care about points killed.
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    tibour reacted to GreenOakSteve in Which of the new Dreadnaught robots do you like the most?   
    An airship with some cranes and it'll be easy   
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    tibour got a reaction from GreenOakSteve in BLOG DISCUSSION: Madame Liberté   
    Look at the bright side if our RoF player gets one you or I will end up painting the damn thing. I say make it a drag queen from Rockey Horror Picture Show
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