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  1. That does sum it up nicely. The only sad part is my frimary foe is probably already assembling a anti fighter force.
  2. A fleet based around CVs. I will have to have. Of course I won't surprise my primary oppenent at all.
  3. Going to have to have these, both sets for sure.
  4. www.corseceng.com/planet-kits/ Follow this link to IMHO the best planet kits for wargaming. This is also the home of Omni stands.
  5. Always wash resin! Usually everything else as well. I learned this lesson the hard way with some armourcast stuff. It only has to happen once(especially when it's a shadowsword) tostick with you forever.
  6. Having read the firestorm invasion rules I like the idea. I have not played it yet. Thierfore I voted needs for shantu. FA is fairly established and this would be a major change. The last thing I want to see is for Spartan to go the way of other companies and have perodic re-writes. Having said that I am not agaist change that is well tested and thought out. I am agaist change for changes sake
  7. As I am late to the party I missed the kickstarter. Are their plans for starter Boxes? Is this game going to be supported? I ask as I found it pretty much by accident. It looks interesting and I love FSA.
  8. Yes this is what got me playing starship games. I know the full series was put out by Voayager entertainment(as I have it). It is dubbed in English and comes in 3 season sets plus a movie set all on DVD. It is just a copy without the updating.
  9. 1- Space Battleship Yamoto 2-Battlestar Galactica(the original) 3-Colonial Viper(the original) 4-Star Destroyers all 5-Romulan Warbird from TOS
  10. Started out playing open. Of course we built around the starter boxes as they are a good deal. F-35B going to USMC replace/supplement AV8B and F18
  11. Also in Ocala, Play FSA have some Dystopian Wars and Uncharted Seas
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