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  1. Time to stir the pot I was wondering if there was any chance of seeing two Australian forces again? One with the Crown of course. The other a free state maybe aligned with the Union This thought came from a discussion with my brother as we were figuring out the allies.
  2. The FSA/Union sets are up for pre-order! 1x Constitution Class Battleship 2x Yorktown Class Cruisers Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Intrepid, Lexington or Reliant Class 4x Farragut Class Frigates 2x Akron Observation Rotor The release also had some background info. The numbers of Constitutions made(12?) etc. This is the set that I have been waiting for. Not very well as I have picked up every release for this game now. The only faction that I didn't get was The Imperium. But as my brother picked them up I will be painting them as well. Overall I really like the models look. I am glad that they kept the paddlewheels. I really dig the stern wheels as well. I also like the height of the models. My biggest complaint with the Spartan models is how low they sat. The only thing that I am questioning is the look of the stern gun or the Farragut's main battery. I will reserve judgement until the models are in hand. I will be pre-ordering 2 boxes later today. Than their is the Akron, I am really digging this model. I have played several games with the .01 ORBAT. The new rules for Contra Rotation are much better than in previous editions IMHO. I like the modular look that WC is doing across the factions. It allows a little difference right out of the box. In closing I have a wish for WC. Please keep the old Princeton alive! Update to match the new line. This was my favorite. I really can't wait for the updated ORBAT!!!!!
  3. Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? WWX Union, Mythos Priory,Hidden, DW Union, Empire, Commonwealth, Covenant How long have you been playing these games? WWX maybe a year Mythos a year and a half DW since the very first Edition of the Spartan Games version Where do you play? Home Louisburg NC, USA or Game Theory in Raleigh NC, USA Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? DW -Union, Empire. Covenant and Commonwealth might add the Brits not sure yet. Mythos-The Priory and Hidden but intend to get them all WWX-Union What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Very hard Question, I really like the Covenant Cruisers, I am also looking forward to The Commonwealth Ekrano planes Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? Keep the DW goodness coming!!!! Looking for Players in the Raleigh NC USA area!!!!
  4. 3 Saratoga's, 3 San Francisco's and 4 sky Fortress Savannahs I think. I also have 4 Apollo's painted to match. My FSA fleet got a little out of hand. I kept finding minis at cons for good prices.
  5. Amazon for 95 with prime shipping. I had to wait as it wasn't available right away.
  6. Has anyone played the Union yet? The Yorktown has some very interesting option. Switch the guns for HvRockets and add an Akron observer. You will get 3 of them and the obs. for 304points. This will allow you to fire your rockets at 40 inches(extreme range). The volley's Dice pool, for undamaged ships, is F 15+10+10, 35 dice!!! P&S 15+10+10=35 again. With the guns you only get 26 dice at Long range. So do you want 26 dice at 30 inches or 35 dice at 40inches. I used an all rocket fleet against the Empire, using Japanese ships where possible. It was not even close to fair. Long live the Union! The downside to this if they cripple you, your firepower will go down a little quicker. If they get with 10 inches you can have a problem. Another point of note you don't have any aft firing weapons as the Rockets are no longer 360. The union Fleet was a Constitution w AO(akron observers) 275, 3 Yorktowns with AO 304, 3 Yorktowns with AO 304 and 5 Farraguts 94 for a total fleet of 998. All turrets using Hv Rockets. The Empire fleet varied each game. We played two games like this and the Union walked away both times. In a gun fleet we played one game and it took longer than both the previous ones. It was also a fairly even game.
  7. I do agree to this point. It is like the bunting on the later Spartan FSA/Union ships was horrible. Theses are things that should be left to the modelers.
  8. While I agree that the Battleships are not as imposing as before it is still early. Also don't forget the force composition rules. You still need battlegroups. You can play without the cruisers but not with out the Flagships. However the cruisers/gunboats have always been the strength of the fleets value wise. Judging from your comments your may be a Crown player. If so the Torps are your real strength and not just fluff wise as in the past. With multiple torp turrets and the generator that gives them homing. That will be a serious threat. It is also very thematic and makes for very different play. IMHO Think of your carriers not just as strike ships but as fleet buffs. Plus the rockets stay the same at all range bands.
  9. Many good points. The danger of keeping it to simple is that some will look and give it a pass. Others are still playing 2.0 and will not upgrade until their is some depth. Both of these could cause an early death to what is looking to be a very promising game. As to the SRS being under powered/under ranged. I agree but understand the reasoning. They are going for a early naval game not a carrier game. If they aren't careful the SRS will dominate. My club hated my FSA/Union tiny flier swarms as I had 10 carriers total in just that fleet. I am also ok with gun batteries being gun batteries and the flavor being in the upgrades.
  10. Trying to hide among the ice very cheeky Excellent paint jobs !!!
  11. Calling all FSA, I mean Union players :). Well what do you think? Yes it is bare bones, but it will grow with time. It is enough to get started with. I like the name changes. They just feel more accurate than the old ones did. Yes it will take a little time to get used to them, but we will adjust.
  12. As far as I remember, when ever a squadron fired at another squadron it was pretty much that way all along. At some point in the distant past they had "as long as the next model was a legal target". That got dropped somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5 if memory serves. We just house ruled it as it is reasonable. When ever you are rolling buckets of dice at units this is an inevitable compromise. As to range bands My 2.0 book was handy and I remember that as much as I love DW I hated Spartan rule books LMAO. We basically played from cheat sheets. We had a large sheet made for each phase and avoided the main rule book as much as possible, Having several other rule sets by Warcradle I am looking forward to a reasonable set of rules. I have been looking at the ORBATS and they look pretty solid. I actually like the Naming conventions of the Union a little better. Although I will probably screw it up for a couple of months I am sure :). As to SRS yes we just always referred to them as tiny fliers due to bases.
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