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  1. It is also a natural progression from the double deck of the Saratoga and Savannah.
  2. I kind of like them. I really like the rounded look. The covered elevator would provide cover from overhead attack to a weak point. It all would be of benefit in rough seas. The only thing that I don't like is the bunting.
  3. You could class it as an Ice breaker an even be legit
  4. Providence Class Bombard Monitor (Large) (Unit size 1) This really sounds good to me and hearken back to first edition when FSA was the master of indirect fire. I like the flavor of stealing the catapult recon fighters from the French as well. Calico Light Carrier (Medium) (Unit size 1-2) This also makes me happy. I have been using the Apollo support carriers in a similar role already. It kind of reminds of of the Princeton class CVLs of WW2. I hope that they have an air group of 4 Animas Class Attack Submarine (Small) (Unit size 2-4) This will provide some company for the Boston. It tends to get lonely.
  5. Robots, repair and still no Carrier 9 looks like I will be staying mostly FSA in this KS. The small is the most interesting thing for the EotBS from my point of view and I will get them eventually.
  6. Well I am in at the Captain level as I play two Fleets FSA and EotBS. The thing I hope to see most is an EotBS CV with a rating of 9. As to the Prussians and Russians they are just targets although I must admit I do really like the iceberg carrier.
  7. As I have 2 two of the other BBs I will probably grab two 2 of these as well. The modular bits will be magnetized of course. While I am also hoping for range band 3 I am kind of fearing a big volley gun with lots of dice in RB2 with the heavy Ack Ack MAR and the standard volley gun rules. While that might work for a support cruiser I don't think it would work for a Battleship but it is what I have been worried about. That is also why I was worried about the loss/substitution of all three main guns in the picture.
  8. This would work. The new one sharing the same hull as a battleship would make an assault carrier option feasible.
  9. They look interesting. I like the modular idea. I hope to see more of this going forward. Am I being dense or is the Heavy Volley Gun new?
  10. You forgot to mention the style or look. which I happen to like. Modular is a very good point in it's favor. BB never hurts to have another choice CV 6 not so much EotBS already has 2 we need a 9 or even a 4 not another 6 (of course 6 is an assumption at this point as it comes with 6 SAW pretty safe) As to it's use in the game we need a little more info, such as rules, first.
  11. I for one like the look of the model. I like the idea of it being modular. I like the support option. I would like to see a third option that is a little more middle of the road maybe keep on main gun and two of the heavy volley guns. Of course It would be nice to know what exactly a "Heavy" volley gun is?
  12. Not the River but the new FSA battleship that has shown up in the Spartan store: http://gnclv.fjgyd.servertrust.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWFS54 So while we don't have the rule as of yet we have a lovely picture.Thoughts?
  13. In general I really like this. The only change I would make is to your weapons load out. I would drop the bomb bay all together. Two reasons the CV would stay back to support the SAS not make a bomb run. Second the onboard storage would be maximized for rockets and SAS weapons.
  14. Feed back it is a robot. I am not getting it! I will say that the other Ed in our group did pick it up and it does look better than I expected. He did a nice job on it and even magnetized the arms and bases.
  15. I have to add my two cents to the inches forever side
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