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  1. Actually Facebook makes it very inconvenient for people without accounts to view Facebook content - its not ideal.
  2. The problem with that would be that you would only see silhouettes of your ships - all that detail would go to waste. If he really wants something close to that effect, he'd need to play in a room with painted black walls (to minimize bounce and ambient light), and have his only light source be a piece of terrain at board level....which would look cool, but suck to play in. That being said, the Vantablack would be great for the table itself.
  3. Less pressure (10 or less psi), more distance (10"-12"), Light coat (mist really), it will dry fast that way and you can very quickly build up complete coat (though complete opaque coverage is not absolutely necessary - don't overdo it). As a side note, be thorough in washing your models. Mold releases have surfactant qualities that will prevent primer adhesion and promote pooling. I use Vallejo primers through an airbrush exclusively for all my models, metal, plastic, and resin. I have yet to encounter any problems with anything, other than uncleaned and/or much handled models.
  4. I really love these Woods, and thanks so much for posting your results. I have been thinking of making some lately and it occurred to that it might be worth trying a variation on your approach. After the clumps have set up in the jig, might it be worth putting the trunks into the bottom of the clumps through the screen? Then the tree patches can just sit on the flocked and painted base, and be removable for placing models, leaving the base itself behind to mark the boundaries, instead of the paper silhouette. Thoughts?
  5. As someone who was so disgusted with the DW 2.0 book's readability to just quit playing DW all together, I'm really feelin' your words. In addition to looking forwards to fleet action possibly reviving my interest in DW, I also hope the land-crawlies get some love too.
  6. Which ones ar the artillery markers ;P
  7. Thanks. Last night when I checked the blog those were NOT there. Also the links in the newsletter still go to the store where the pictures have yet to be posted.
  8. You can't "apply common sense" to a rule if you don't have the rulebook. The rulebook specifically talks about arty using skydrop markers. What it does not talk about is skydropped units using artillery markers - or even mention artillery markers at all, for that matter. Its not a question of a "messy" rule so much as it is an omitted rule.
  9. This has been my big question all along. To me this seems like a classic case of the rules changing during playtesting, but leaving behind unresolved artifacts behind in the rules. At some point designers need to distinguish between a design document and a rulebook - the former is a living document, the later is not and needs to be written after all the designing is finished. In this case it appears they were either the same document or they were being written concurrently. I sense a 1.5 rulebook in the near future.
  10. Does it? If so, would it mean that the unit could also lower the value twice in one turn as well?
  11. The starting values just represent the accuracy of the given marker. There will be faction and unit variation in values of both, with overlap. Short of the theory about a "different colored die", which isnt talked about anywhere, there is no way to distiguish between the two, particularly once they strat getting designated and there values begin to change. And since the rules say skydrops and artillery use the markers, It seems like skydroping units in on the more accurate arty markers would be the order of the day, would it not? The board is going to get very cluttered with 20+ markers all over the table and now we are going to have to keep track of which is which - seems unlikely.
  12. I will likely make a quick 4-up mold of the ones that came with my Proteus box.
  13. Seems like they changed how they played, without changing how the book says to play - which I am noticing is a common occurence. It seems obvious the intention of the result was for the model to loose its next activation, so the mechanic actually works but encourages people to activate high value targets earlier in the turn, making it seem like an inordinate amount of time to wait for the marker to clear.
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