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  1. Thanks you Xerkics, appreciate the words. I have ground to make up with you all and I intend to keep pushing hard with that. All the best, Neil
  2. Hi Meatshield, Thanks for the post. That would be a good thing for us to do. Leave it with me please and I'll get it up when I make it back to the office. All the best, Neil
  3. Hi Cernunnos, I remember those.... I will see if we can move those to resin. Will be back in touch and have a fabulous Gen Con. Spartan Neil
  4. Gotcha Cernunnos.... Saurian Battle Station is a tricky one as it is exclusive to the Kickstarter - doesn't mean we won't make different ones for retail. It is, however, available as an Add-On and folk can grab it easily at a great price. Dimensional Gate and Probe - they are literally going up on the KS as freebies Backers this week. Medusa is about to appear on the KS (see the Aquan Battle Force when it goes online). Civilian Ships are on the KS already. Have a look at the KS Add-ons later this week. You may be pleased. All the best, Neil
  5. Hi Xerkics, The Core Nation model images will be shown during the campaign. We did this for DW Core Nations and it worked well for us and I am happy with this method. If this doesn't suit all folk, I am sure they'll grab the models post KS in retail. We know what the Expansion models are and how they'll play out - but as I stated, they will be download stats and if you all think we got them wrong we can adjust. Given timings on the KS the rulebook will have time to be reviewed, finalised and printed for folk. We are already making amends to the rules based on the feedback we have additionally gathered. Our statistics are downloads, not printed, so are not date affected, and hence don't affect the KS. And with these community feedback is important. Timing - well we're in August already and we have a lot of things to do with FA. We're playing catch up with FA and DW, and whilst lots of things are underway we need to get it done. And doing things before the end of the year is important for me personally. Cheers, Neil
  6. Hi Guys, Just to be clear with this. 3.0 is not locked and we are evaluating your comments and some rules will be changed and your feedback embraced, be it Cloaks, Battle Shunt and so on. I have defined a number of changes in the rules and additions to the game I have requested. Not all are going to sit comfortably with all players, but while some of you think your comments are being ignored, I am telling you here that this is not the case. Additionally, I have already said that the full rules will be handed out for folk to play with before I print any books. There has been some good feedback and it has been clear that some of my rule changes have needed more consideration/tweaking with their impact. Cheers, Neil
  7. Hi Guys, Just seen this thread. Nice idea for discussion. Sniddy - agreed on the Medusa. We stopped that model because of manufacturing complexities, but it would be most cool to bring it back. I'd want to revisit the 'tendrils' and make sure we did a better job on them for folk. All the best, Spartan Neil
  8. Hi Maccabeus, I can ask for that to be done. I don't know the dimensions, but someone will! Regards, Neil
  9. Hi, Quick reply to this one: no to a Planetfall Kickstarter. That is not how we are going to handle expansions for that game. Cheers, Neil
  10. Hi Overread, They are resin, yes. New process with colour added at the point we mix it to saturate it all the way through. Core nation images will come out through the campaign. All the best, Neil
  11. Hi, The KS you are, I think, referring to is the Modular Terrain idea we had. We cancelled the project when we evaluated it and realise idea was not solid enough. So not outstanding, just cancelled before the campaign came to an end. I am happy for it to stay on the Kickstarter page. Regards, Neil
  12. Hi Iceman113, I found an image on my machine: All the best, Spartan Neil
  13. Doh.....ok, I thought I had shown that. Many apologies. Let me dig you an image out. Best, Neil
  14. Hi Iceman113, Are you talking about the DW Kickstarter model for Corinthian Club Members? Cheers, Spartan Neil
  15. Hi Guys, Many apologies for my continued delays with the Corinthian Club newsletter. I am working on it today and will be shipping it out as soon as I can. Part of the newsletter will be informing you all that we are extending your membership period as an apology for our delays and to make sure we make up for your quarterly gifts. All the best for now and I will post back when the newsletter goes out. All the best, Neil
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