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  1. I know what Biff is trying to say. The index is well... better than ever... but not really good at all. Trying to find different things via the index and failed every time. Sorry, it's not such a long time I wrote my studies exam, so it could be I'm a bit spoiled BUT the index could have been a bit more extensive. Nevertheless this is the only concern I have with the 2.0 rulebook. Contents are much more clearer structured and the cross references are awesome!
  2. This is what I do as well. +Tracking of damage and AP loss is quicker, due to not searching to matching marker any more.
  3. @althorin: It is the RR that's missing. So IR is the new RR? Crew seems to get some kind of rating there as well. It says it has "stoic Crew" .... probably... it's something like "Elite Crew"?!
  4. Its all the same with me, seen that pretty shiny rulebook and pre-ordered it at once at my LGS. Can't wait to get it in my hands.
  5. Druss contacted me these days and told my my image links are broken. That's due to an server change. I had only pics of my fortress on my pc so I could restore them. The one with the town I have to do again I think. As soon as I have made some new pics I will post them here. Sorry for that and thanks to Druss!
  6. I really like statistics, so I like this. Definitly a nice to have program.
  7. Quite nice harbor. Looks like much work, but it was worth it!
  8. Great idea. I would buy it too. Even if I would prefer a RTS version.
  9. Really nice painted models. Keep on your good work!
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