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  1. Which faction cards in the beta test correspond to the Eclipse Company ships from Spartan?
  2. I don't understand why they keep doing this in releasing models without rules.
  3. Still no update to the rules....has there been any communication on this?
  4. Still no update on when the .pdf rules will be updated for these guys?
  5. The Terquai assault cruisers w/second assault and special forces or Veydreth destroyers w/ ambush are both solid medium capital ship units that provide capabilities a Pure Tarakian fleet doesn't have access to.
  6. These will be insta-buys for me. Did anyone ever see mention of the actual release date?
  7. It's only poor sportsmanship if you don't give your opponent a 'heads up' talk before the game starts.
  8. Maybe for an FLGS tournament, but that's kinda lame and elitist. Especially considering the cost expense of attending Adepticon for a game system that needs to attract more players.
  9. Your batreps are great! The only thing better would be to make videos of them and post to Youtube (this game really could really use some quality exposure there...might even draw more people in).
  10. Or just play all Black Wolf with that Nemesis as their update was actually decent. They are a slower fleet that throws a better punch compared to Ottomans. I will give my Ottomans a fair try, but I still don't see how they will take on my regular opponent's Blazing Sun or Prussians any better than they did before. Especially since I also play Black Wolf and HEC and their updates were really solid.
  11. Except that the Sadrazam wants to be RB2 and have multiple arcs (i.e. in the middle of a scrum) for its broadsides and volley guns to bring to bear in order to really contribute to the fight. At that range band, other armies are not going to find this a problem to glance it (or destroy it with 8HPs). If you're being defensive with it at RB3-4 then that's 175-90 that's not really contributing much except possibly points denial and are probably better off bringing 2 Sinops for approximately the same points to sit in those bands where they can actually do something meaningful.
  12. I'm thinking the mostly across the board increase in DR was a nod to "not getting your clouds in place in time" problem, but it's not really enough. The cloud gens are still an order of activation problem and even with the increased DR we are still not more survivable considering in the other updates the factions mostly received increases in AD. This makes us the same in terms of survival. And the dice pools needed more dice...we will still struggle to do anything to the factions with either high HP or high DR or both. The reduction in points is only enough to squeeze in some of the upgrades or SAWs and not enough to grab another squadron. So, list construction is a bit weird now. The other head scratcher is we still have so many options for Internal Mine Controller and also now a Commodore ability and yet there is only 1 minelayer unit. Instead of nerfing the speed on the Arci (now Avci) which now makes it harder to get into RB2 why not change the role and have it lob mines? Before the change this was one of the better smalls we had and now not so much.... What are Ottomans actually good at? It would seem we are meant to be this maneuverable (skimmers), low damage, cloud and mine laying board control type of play, but it's not showing in the mechanics. The Zuhaf and Mizraks are improved, but overall the lack of attack buffs and not fixing the cloud generators means we will probably play exactly the same as before which is disappointing.
  13. Updates? Did I miss an announcement?
  14. Just wondering... if in your area, has Halo cannibalized existing Firestorm players or potential FA players in your area? I'm finding that new players in my meta seem more attracted to the Halo game than Firestorm, however, existing Firestorm players do not seem interested in acquiring a Halo fleet. Sort of splitting the local player community. As a side note: X-Wing players around here do not seem interested in either system...any tips out there for generating interest in FA beyond the demo level?
  15. I have used pvc mats in the past and I found while cheaper they curl a lot more and the surface gets scratched very easily by the acrylic bases in Firestorm as well as the square plastic bases used in X-Wing. It's totally worth it to get a mat that has the mouse pad rubber with cloth top. I have the frontline gaming mat and it works great!
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